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V-Twist Series Coils and Clearomisers

The clearomiser is a crucial component of your V-Twist Vapour Pipe, as is the coil that heats the e liquid to produce the vape. For this reason, maintaining the quality of each component is the best way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience in the long term. We recommend replacing the coil of your V-Twist as per the guidelines below, and having a spare clearomiser on hand is a great way to add more flexibility with your e-Liquids. With a second clearomiser, you can switch to a different flavour without needing to finish an entire tank first.

How often should I replace the coils in my V-Twist device?

At Vaper Empire, we manufacture our heating coils with highly durable materials and under strict quality control procedures. However, the vaping process causes natural degradation over time, which may affect the quality of your vaping experience. Overuse does not mean the device will stop functioning, but it can make the vapour more difficult to inhale and even significantly decrease the flavour of the e liquid.

Because we focus on producing quality components, each coil has a lifetime of around 3-4 2-3 weeks depending on how much you vape. This means that a spare 5-pack in the drawer is giving you roughly 2-3 months of uninterrupted V-Twist usage, provided you keep your e-Liquids well stocked. This is a general recommendation based on average use, so be sure to tailor your approach as per your circumstances.

It’s easy to get the most out of your vaping device

With our V-Twist clearomisers and coils available as individual items or in our Starter Packs, you always have access to the equipment you need for full enjoyment of your electronic cigarette. Place your order online and our team will dispatch it as soon as possible – remember, we deliver anywhere in Australia.

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