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    V-Pack II Series Deluxe Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 20 Cartomisers
  2. HOT
    V-Pack II Series Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 5 Cartomisers
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Whether you are new to vaping and want something small, stylish and convenient or are looking to quit or cut down on tobacco cigarettes, the V-Pack II will not disappoint. Vaper Empire’s Starter Kits are designed to make life easier for first-time buyers by packing all the essentials into one set. This is the best way to pick up your own V-Pack II Series device and offers much higher value than ordering components separately.

Which Starter Kit is for me?

Starter Kit

Our first Starter Kit is an excellent package complete with a 1200mAh portable charging case, two 170mAh battery stems, a 5-pack of cartomisers with your preferred flavour of e-liquid, a power adapter and a mini USB cable. The case itself stores a full e-cigarette, an extra battery stem and 3 spare cartomisers.

Deluxe Starter Kit

No need to feel overwhelmed, because the Deluxe Starter Kit is a similar set that offers even more value for money. This kit comes with all the inclusions of the standard Starter Kit plus an extra 3 5-cartomiser packs – that’s 15 more in total. Remember to choose your preferred e-liquid flavour and nicotine concentration before confirming your order.

An excellent vaping experience reminiscent of traditional cigarettes

The V-Pack II is a popular device for vapers of all kinds, but it is particularly suitable for those who want an experience not dissimilar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. The e-cig itself is assembled by attaching the battery stem to a cartomiser, and it looks and feels extremely similar to a traditional cigarette. Plus, the portable charging case is of similar size to a pack.

The added advantage of the V-Pack II Series is how easy it is to use. The components can be attached and detached in seconds, and each cartomiser is fully disposable once depleted. The case contains a larger 1200mAh battery, allowing you to recharge each battery stem and continue vaping wherever you may be.