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V-Pack II Accessories for a Smooth Vape

So, you’ve picked up a Starter Kit and have been enjoying the excellent design of the V-Pack II electronic cigarette. But what if you need to stock up on any extras? Well, we wouldn’t want you to have difficulty finding what you need. That’s why we have a selection of accessories available online so you can resupply whenever required. Just choose what you want, add it to your cart, proceed through the checkout and confirm your order – we’ll ship all your goodies to you as soon as possible.

Battery stems

Can’t find one or both of your original stems? Think you could use some extras for more flexibility? Vaper Empire’s 2-packs of spare V-Pack II batteries are an economical way to restock your collection. Each battery lasts on average approximately 300 puffs on a full charge, which is similar to the lifespan of each individual cartomiser. When your first battery runs flat, insert it into the charging slot in the V-Pack II case and take advantage of your second battery while the first charges. You can expect to get around 5 battery stem charges from the case until you’ll need to charge the case itself. Use the handy LCD panel to keep track of your usage and you’ll never run dry!


What could be worse than a flat battery and no charger to give it some juice? While your portable charging case can take care of about 5 battery stem recharges, pick up a mini USB cable and power adapter and ensure you can always power it back up and prepare for another day with your V-Pack II e-cigarette. Plug the cable’s USB connection into the adapter and plug the mini USB connection into the charging case: the LCD display will show the current charge status for 8 seconds before switching off, and a real-time indicator will flash until charging is complete.

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