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V-Pack II Series Deluxe Starter Kit in Black

The V-Pack II Series e-cigarette is one of Vaper Empire’s most unique products and is perfect for first-time vapers who have recently made the switch from tobacco cigarettes. With the ‘cig-a-like’ design of each device and a portable charging case that resembles a traditional pack of cigarettes, there’s no better way to transition to the flavour, experience and cost-savings of vaping.
1 x V Pack II Portable Charging Case in Black (1200 mAh)
2 x V-Pack II Battery Stem in Black (170mAh)
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x Vaper Empire Australian USB Wall Adapter
1 x User Manual (English Language)
4 x V-Pack II - Cartomiser 5-Pack
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Enjoy the first-class performance of the V-Pack II and take comfort in the familiarity of its beautiful design. A Deluxe Starter Kit is an excellent way to pick up your first device.

The V-Pack II Deluxe Starter Kit is a convenient, value-packed package for first-time buyers that’s extremely cost-effective when compared with traditional cigarettes. The e-cig itself comprises a battery stem and a disposable cartomiser, which screw together with a slim, lightweight profile. This is complemented by a portable charging case finished in black and gunmetal grey, which contains a 1200mAh battery for charging your battery stem on the go. It also has enough room to house your e-cig, a spare battery stem on charge and three cartomisers pre-filled with eliquid.

With a Deluxe Starter Kit, you are getting exceptional value for money. The package includes two battery stems, a portable charging case, 4 x cartomiser 5-packs (20 in total) plus a mini USB cable and power outlet adapter for charging the case.

The charging case will be able to give you up to 5 battery stem recharges, ensuring you have plenty of power for vaping wherever and whenever you need it. 

Additional Information

  • Size of PCC (Portable Charging Case):
  • 110mm x 64mm x 16mm
  • V-Pack II general features:
  • Weight of PCC: Approx 76g
  • Battery Capacity of PCC: 1200mAh
  • Rated Battery Voltage: 3.7V
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Output Voltage: 4.7V
  • Charging time: Approx 4 hours
  • Size of 1 cigarette: 8.5mm x 100mm
  • Weight of 1 cigarette: 8.7g
  • E-liquid of each cartridges: 0.8ml - E-liquid of each cartridge equals approximately 40pcs typical tobacco cigarettes
  • Puffs: Approx 400 x 'puffs'
  • Content of battery: 170mAh
  • Input Voltage: 4.7V
  • Charging time: Approx 2 hours
  • Expected Shelf Life of battery: Over 300-cycle recharge test
  • Indicator LED light: White
  • Customer Reviews

    The best ever Review by Peter
    Got my kit today and I must say this is the best offering available. Have tried the USA versions of disposables and the flavours are gross! Vaper Empire flavours and tastes are amazing not look anywhere else if you are in Australia! Best value best flavours best service! I'm totally smoke free this is the way to go ! (Posted on 5/07/2017)
    Head Turning Style with an effortless transition from Cigarette Smoking. Review by Jerome
    To be really honest I had already made my mind up about the V-Pack II series before I had even received my Deluxe Starter Pack. The V-Pack II series is the perfect blend of Style a Flawless and Consistent Vapour Delivery System and Convenience that makes this product stand alone in a market that is beginning to evolve. The design of this product has produced the perfect Transition from Cigarette Smoking to E Cigarette Vaping by melding both worlds together. By basing the design around how cigarettes are currently consumed, as a user it feels natural and like there has been no change to your routine at all. But the slim, sexy, and sleek black with silver motifs screams style on another level that leaves users of other massive vaping machines pondering negatively about there gear. I mean, seriously, how can carrying around massive machines and vials of liquids and changing coils etc, do anything other than take away from the experience of enjoyment that comes with ingesting nicotine. Yes it is more expensive than other products, but premium products with premium performance always are. You will not find a product that help you to move away from Cigarette Smoking with as little effort as the V-Pack II series I promise you. The only thing that could make it better would be a Cherry Favour. You will never turn back. (Posted on 25/02/2017)
    1 week on Review by Paul
    Great quality ecig, this is the first time in many many years that I actually can have a couple of beers without the need for a cigarette. If you are trying to quit smoking, then try this, it is great. (Posted on 22/02/2017)
    Amazing!! Review by Kirsten
    If you are an ex smoker like me GET THIS!!!!!!! This is damn amazing. Trying to quit smoking I started with the normal vapers, but after getting this, I'm totally sold on this and hooked! I have been smoke free now for nearly 2 weeks. The package is so stylish and ultra cool looking, plus its so small and compact. You get 2 cig like vapers, that you can charge alternatively so your never without a smoke, which is totally helpful. The packed that it comes with is awesome to you can charge your e-cig where ever you go and lasts all day charging them! Plus your able to store the cartridges with you as well so you will never run out and its all so convenient in a cigarette like container. The coffee flavour is to die for as well, my new fav flavour. All I can say is invest in this if you are an ex smoker you will be 100% glad you did like I am. (Posted on 19/02/2017)
    Save $$$ Review by Mick
    I am a 40+ a day smoker and at $40 a pack, it's VERY expensive. Have been vaping for some time now and am saving around $11000 a year on traditional Cigarettes. The V-Pack 2 and the earlier V-Pack is satisfying and is always by my side. A fantastic way to save a fortune without those dreaded cravings. Vaper Empire is by a long shot the best E-Vaping store I've seen. Always friendly and quick delivery :D (Posted on 30/01/2017)
    Brilliant! Review by Lani
    For anyone who wants to quit smoking this is for you. (Posted on 9/01/2017)
    Great product. A real alternative Review by Mike
    Bought my V Pack ll series pack just b4 Xmas, seriously quick. Got in 3 days, one week out from Xmas so convenient. My wife prefers it over tobacco says there's no smell. No. Butts no ash trays. (Posted on 3/01/2017)
    thanks Review by daniel
    I have smoked cigarettes for thirty years, and thanks to my v pack I have finally quit!
    I can't thank you enough. I have venture series as well and that's all I need to stay smoke free! (Posted on 12/12/2016)
    AWESOME Review by Jacob
    Wow just got my starter kit today and I must say this is the best e-cig I ever used! Very stylish, flavours are amazing and got the express post option and was so fast!
    Thanks Vape empire you have won a very loyal customer!!! (Posted on 29/11/2016)

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