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USB Wall Adapter (2.0 Amp)

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Need a spare plug adapter for your Vibe device to keep handy? Or just lose your other one? Don’t you hate that! This 5 Volt 2.0Amp Vaper Empire USB Plug Adapter is designed specifically for your Vibe device for fast, safe & reliable charging so don’t look anywhere else to get powered up and on your way!
1 x USB Wall Adapter [2.0 Amp] (Type I - Australia / New Zealand)
Vaper Empire Accessories provides only the best quality devices, components & accessories for our customers. This is no exception for our 2.0 Amp / 5 Volt USB AU/NZ Plug Adapter. Designed and recommended specifically to power your Vibe device, you can be assured of fast, safe & reliable charging well into the future.
1 x 5 Volt 2.0 Amp USB Wall adapter - Suitable for Vaper Empire Vibe device only.
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