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V-Twist Series Battery in Black

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After a new black battery for your V-Twist? Vaper Empire’s stylish and slender battery replacements are guaranteed to provide the continual vaping satisfaction that you’ve come to expect from our collection of premium products. Order what you need and we’ll ship it straight to you!
1 x Variable Voltage Rechargeable Battery in Black (900 mAh)

Vaper Empire presents the V-Twist Series Battery in black, the workhorse of the V-Twist e-cigarette with a unique variable voltage function.

Part of what makes the V-Twist such a popular device is the added features it offers the user while they vape. One of these two key features is integrated into the design of the battery itself: a control dial at its base which allows for adjustment of voltage settings between five levels from 3.2V to 4.8V.

This function gives you full control over your vape by allowing you to keep a constant voltage setting or continually adjust as per your preference. By altering the output of the battery, you can modify the throat hit of each puff and gain more control over the vapour clouds produced when you exhale.

The battery is suitably powerful with an impressive 900mAh capacity, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your device and less time worrying about when you need to charge it. If you have a spare fully-charged battery on hand, you can attach it to your device when the first battery needs charging and enjoy a completely uninterrupted vaping experience. How easy is that?

[Battery] size: 14 x 120mm | capacity: 900mah | thread: M7-0.5mm | weight: 42.5g | adjustable voltage: 3.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4, 4.8V | expected life: approx. 300 ‘charges’

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