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V-NIX Series Clearomiser Tank in Black

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The V-NIX Series is renowned for its impressively sleek design, and much of this aesthetic appeal is owing to the intelligent design of the V-NIX Series Clearomiser Tank. The Stylish, Matte Black-Finish clearomiser is lightweight with 4 clear glass windows that provide instant visibility of your vape juice levels. The V-NIX tank Includes Low Resistance 1.5 ohm Coils for an exceptional vaping experience. The clearomiser is equipped to handle the increased voltage provided by the battery to produce Impressive Vapour volume, and the addition of the battery's adjustable air intake valve provides complete control over each puff.

1 x Refillable V-NIX Tank [2.0ml] with Advanced Dual Atomizer Coil
1 x Spare Dual Atomizer Coil


Vaper Empire products are designed of the finest quality materials, the latest technology and an undeniably beautiful aesthetic. The V-NIX Tank is no exception.

The V-NIX Tank has a beautiful smooth cylindrical design that fits with bespoke precision onto the V-NIX Battery unit, producing a truly seamless result. The 2.0ml tank is both long-lasting and easy to use. You do not even have to remove the tank from the battery to refill. All that is required is to unscrew the top of the tank along with the mouthpiece. Simply hold the device at a 45-degree angle and fill the tank by 2/3rds. Reattach the top of the tank and resume vaping. The mouthpiece cap is magnetically secured in place to protect your device when not in use and can be attached to the bottom of the battery during use to prevent losing it. Having an additional V-NIX Tank at hand is a great idea. Firstly, you can easily change your flavour profile by having 2 different e-liquids in each of your tanks. Secondly, if you ever drop your tank and damage the internal chamber you will have a new tank close by to continue vaping.

V-NIX Tank features:
Low resistance: 1.5ohm
Thread: M7*0.5mm
Bottom Coil
Tank Volume: 2.0 ml

V-NIX Tank e-liquid capacity:
2.0ml Equivalent to approximately 20 typical tobacco cigarettes

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