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Australian USB Wall Adapter (2.0 Amp)

Product Information
Need a spare plug adapter for your Vibe device to keep handy? Or just lose your other one? Don’t you hate that! This 5Volt 2.0Amp Vaper Empire USB Australian Plug Adapter is designed specifically for your Vibe device for fast, safe & reliable charging so don’t look anywhere else to get powered up and on your way!
1 x Vaper Empire 2.0 Amp / 5 Volt Australian USB Wall Adapter
Vaper Empire Accessories provides only the best quality devices, components & accessories for our customers. This is no exception for our 2.0 Amp / 5 Volt USB Australian Plug Adapter. Designed and recommended specifically to power your Vibe device, you can be assured of fast, safe & reliable charging well into the future.
1 x 5 Volt 2.0 Amp USB Wall adapter - Suitable for Vaper Empire Vibe device only.
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