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Product Maintenance & Tips

Which Product is right for you? 

Here is some advice for choosing the right product for you. Below is an overview of our range and the advantages.

The Vantage – Great for New Vapers.

The Vantage is certainly the most popular product in our range, especially with people who are new to vaping. It has a good battery life at 650mAh and should last around 2 days before it requires additional charge. It is compact, lightweight and easy to carry around and the model is compatible with our full range of E-Liquid flavours.

The Viva – Fashionable, Practical & Discrete

The Viva Titanium is much smaller than the Vantage and V-Twist and is very discrete. It is arguably the most attractive product in our range with its ovoid shape and slender lines. Although is small it has an impressive 360mAh battery life which gives a full day worth of vaping before needing to be recharged. The Viva is the easiest model to use with its customised clearomisers and it is compatible with all our E-Liquid flavours.

The V-Twist – Ultimate control

The V-Twist looks relatively similar to the Vantage but has 2 distinct differences. Firstly, it has a larger battery capacity (900mAh) which means that it requires less frequent charging. Secondly the V-Twist allows the user to adjust the voltage at which the model operates. This is an advantage because it means the amount of vapour released can be tailored to your needs. The V-Twist is more expensive and has custom Clearomisers but still works with all our E-Liquid flavours.

The V-Pack II – The more traditional experience

The V-Pack is a completely different design to our other products and looks like a typical e-cig. The V-Pack uses custom disposable cartomisers that typically contain around 300 puffs.

A standard smoker should expect to use a single refill a day. Although this is our most expensive product in terms of refills it still only works out at $3 dollars a day which compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes is an enormous saving.

The Venture – Vaping Distinction

The Venture is the latest addition to our range and has the largest battery life at 1500mAH. The venture is a beautifully made piece of technology and very unique in its design. It supplies the user with a beautifully consistent vape and looks incredible. The model only needs to be charged twice a week allowing for a more care free vape and the coils in the clearomisers are easy to replace. The Venture is also compatible with all Vaper Empire E-Liquids.

Getting the best use of your Venture:

The Venture Series is recommended for the slightly more advanced vaper looking for a strong “throat hit” and increased vapour production. This product is not recommended for beginners. The Venture employs a new top-coil, dual wicking design, where the coil and wicks are set nearer the top of the tank and mouthpiece rather than the bottom. This provides an increased temperature of the vapour being emitted, which many find to be a closer representation of the heat provided by the smoke from a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Best Practices:

  • • Hold horizontally or up at a 45-degree angle while vaping to aid wicking.
  • • Swirl or tilt for 2 or 3 seconds prior to use, fully saturating the wicks and avoiding dry hits.
  • • Never let the tank run dry during use, keeping the tank nearer to half-full


  • • Stronger “throat hit” and warmer Vape, similar to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • • Increased vapour production, as the eliquid is warmed closer to the mouthpiece and vapour has a shorter distance to travel
  • • Dual wicking system provides higher eliquid saturation, reducing the risk of burnt hits
  • • Easy to keep clean, with longer lasting coils as they are not constantly immersed in the eliquid
  • • More efficient vaping, with short powerful pulls working best versus the longer and softer pulls required by a bottom-coil tank
  • • Top-coil design ensures flooding is far less likely as the e-liquid is wicked up to the coil from the tank, as opposed to being submerged in the e-liquid with a bottom-coil.
  • • No leaking or gurgling as is prone to occur with bottom-coils

How often should you change your Clearomisers and Coils? 

Clearomiser wicks and coils begin to degrade over time and although they will continue to work they will not vape as effectively. Overuse leads to difficulty in inhaling and is often associated with a burning taste. General replacement times are dependent on the usage volume of the individual and will vary based on vaping frequency. Here is an approximate guide, based on average vaping volume, on how often you should change your clearomisers or coils depending on which Vaping Device you are using.

Vantage Clearomisers

  • • V4 Disposable Clearomiser - Change every 3 - 4 weeks for optimal use
  • • Vantage V5 Clearomiser Coils – Change every 3 - 4 weeks for optimal use

The Viva Titanium Clearomisers

  • • Change every 4 – 5 weeks for optimal use

V-Twist Clearomiser Coils

  • • Change every 3 - 4 weeks for optimal use

Venture Clearomiser Coils

  • • Change every 3 - 4 weeks

Note – The V-Pack uses a cartomisers that contain 300 puffs and are then disposed once they are exhausted.

How many Clearomisers/Coils or Cartomisers should I order?

Due to the current restrictions in Australia Vaper Empire is based overseas so it can supply nicotine legally. However, the downside of this is that our delivery costs are inevitably higher than domestic delivery. Therefore, it makes sense to order more rather than less to avoid having to pay repeatedly for delivery. We suggest making an order once every 3 months or as little as possible to give you extra value for money.


How much E-Liquid should I order?

As mentioned above we feel it is much wiser to order more rather than less. However, we have a limit of 12 bottles of E-Liquid per individual as current restrictions in Australia only allow customers to order a maximum or 3 month’s supply. Our e-liquid comes in 10ml bottles and we suggest a single bottle should last 5- 7 days.

Over a 3 month period we believe the following should suffice:


  • • Vantage - 12 Bottles of E-Liquid, 4 x V5 Coils (or alternatively 4 x Disposable V4 Clearomisers)
  • • Viva - 12 Bottles of E-Liquid, 3 Viva Clearomisers
  • • V- Twist - 12 Bottles of E-Liquid, 4 x V-Twist Coils • Venture - 12 Bottles of E-Liquid, 4 x Venture Coils
  • • V-Pack - 16 x 5 Cartomisers

After your initial order you'll be able to work out the exact quantities that'll you'll need next time.

I want to reduce my Nicotine content. How do I do this? 

Most of our customers Vape because they enjoy it and have no desire to change this. However, the beauty of vaping is that it can be used to adjust Nicotine content, reducing dependency.

Vaper Empire has 4 different concentrations of E-Liquid (6mg, 12mg, 18mg & 24mg). It is therefore possible to decrease concentration over time and even mix E-Liquids. For example, if you vape 18mg E-Liquid but would like to reduce this slightly then you could mix a bottle of 18mg with 12mg bottle to bring down the nicotine content until you eventually only vape 12mg. Then you could begin mixing 12mg E-liquid with 6mg to bring it down further.

We plan to place a mixing bottle on the website for this purpose. If you can’t see it send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll pop one in the post.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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