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VIGGO - Whole Leaf Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)

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The Original Taste of Tobacco

If you’re looking for the most reminiscent blend of real tobacco and a traditional cigarette, look no further! Our Whole Leaf Tobacco mimics that smoky burn of real tobacco and delivers the familiar throat hit. Each pack comes with 3 x 1.8ml Pods, that equates to over 7 packs of cigarettes. Start saving today!


1 x Whole Leaf Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)

1 Pod = Equivalent of approx 600 puffs

Want a throat hit that satisfies you like no other eliquid? Great, you’re in the right place! The Whole Leaf Tobacco VIGGOpods are an ideal choice when starting your vaping journey, or if you’re looking for the newest, most innovative product. Vapers who like smoking but want an alternative will fall in love with the Whole Leaf Tobacco VIGGOpods.

The VIGGO Whole Leaf Tobacco Pods will satisfy both beginners and advanced vape users. The e-liquid salt recipe has been expertly crafted to mimic the taste of traditional cigarettes, and it really does. Already available in our popular V-pack II Series cartridges and e-liquid, Whole Leaf Tobacco is a favourite among Vaper Empire fans, so we’re launching it in our VIGGOpods too. Providing a huge 1.8ml of liquid in each Pod, you’ll be vaping all day long without needing to replace Pods.

E-Liquid Contents: - Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin - Flavouring - Nicotine Salt (Optional)
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