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V-Pack II - 6 Week Kit: 40 Cartomisers

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    If you’re in need of some extra cartomisers to keep enjoying your V-Pack II Series e-cig, buying in bulk is the best way to save. These 8 x 5-packs give you a total of 40 cartomisers, which will last the average vaper around 6 weeks before needing to resupply.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: V-Pack II Series Device sold separately, available for purchase here or upgrade to a Starter Kit here.


    40 x V-Pack II Cartomisers (8 x 5-Packs) - Choice of 2 Flavours

    1 Cartomiser = Equivalent of approx 200 puffs
    '6 week' duration is estimated based on average 12 to 15/p day smoker


    Enjoy 6-weeks of your choice of V-Pack II cartomisers to help you finally make the switch to vaping.

    Our e-liquid cartomisers work beautifully in the V-Pack II e cigarette device. Each ecig cartomiser contains 0.8ml of e-liquid and is ready for immediate use – just connect with a V-Pack II battery stem and enjoy the wonderful flavour hit.

    Based on average smokers who get through a pack of cigarettes per day, each cartomiser offers up to a full day of use with around 200 puffs’ worth of e-liquid. This 40 cartomiser kit will ensure you can continue enjoying your V-Pack II for another 6 weeks, while we also offer an 80 cartomiser kit for up to 3 months’ supply.

    These cartomisers are just like those included in our Starter Kits: once empty, they are simply replaced. We recommend recycling the old one.

    [E-Liquid Contents] Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavouring and Nicotine (Optional)
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