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Spring In Siberia E-Liquid

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A Blend of Menthol & Mint are a Blast of Siberian Spring.

When the ice begins to melt over the frozen tundra, pastures of early buds push up through the snow and break open, creating a speckled rainbow on a glistening sheet of white. Rivulets of pristine water run down from the mountains and pool in the valley below. This blend of menthol and mint is a blast of Siberian Spring for those who crave a sensation that's totally refreshing.

1 x 10ml Bottle of 'Spring In Siberia' E-Liquid

With a cool, crisp and refreshing character, Spring in Siberia is a blast of fresh air when you need it most. A well-balanced e-liquid with revitalising aroma and taste.

Spring in Siberia is a wonderfully versatile e-liquid that will please the most discerning vaper. Its characteristic blend of menthol and mint makes it ideal as an all day vape, a palate cleanser or anything in between, with a robust flavour that isn’t overpowering.

Each time you pull a crisp cloud of vapour from the Spring in Siberia pooled within your e-cig, you’ll welcome the reminder that this e-liquid is bottled in a state-of-the-art environment using the finest ingredients and pharmaceutical-class nicotine. Our multi-million dollar facility produces every blend with uncompromising batch control and strict manufacturing standards, ensuring you can savour ever puff without concern. 

It’s always been our commitment to supply you with premium products, and our Artisan e-liquid is no exception. Pick up a single bottle of Spring in Siberia or add it to an Artisan value pack today.

[E-Liquid Contents] Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavouring and Nicotine (Optional)
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