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So which e-juice is the best choice for you? Take a look...

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Vape Juice Flavours

The quality of the e-liquid you vape with is just as important as the device itself. Even if you have the best e-cigarette on the market, you’re not using it to its full potential if you vape with a cheap and diluted e-juice. That’s exactly why we have curated our own range, one from which you can choose your favourite vape flavours with full confidence that you are topping up your e-cig with nothing but the finest eCigarette liquid.

The Vaper Empire range includes two main series – Classic and Artisan – plus a selection of pre-filled cartomisers for the V-Pack II and pre-filled vape pods for the Viggo. Browse through the flavours we have available and remove the hassle by ordering online – remember, we deliver all over Australasia and more.

The Artisan E-Liquid Range

Introduce yourself to our Artisan selection and explore a world of superior flavours. These top-of-the-range handcrafted recipes are formulated and produced in-house by our very own expert team of mixologists. Each e liquid has a unique flavour combination specially crafted to please even the most sophisticated palate. Our Artisan flavours include:

The Classic E-Liquid Range

Sometimes you just can’t go past the classics. We’ve compiled a selection of the most time-honoured flavours enjoyed by vapers young and old, from fruitier blends to coffee, tobacco, and more. Our traditional flavours, known as our Classic Range, are produced using state-of-the-art facilities to ensure their quality. Enjoy these time-honoured essentials and know that you’re vaping with premium e cig liquid.

No matter your preference, you’ll find the perfect e-juice in our Classic range. Available flavours include:

The V-Pack II Cartomisers

If you use Vaper Empire’s V-Pack II Series e-cigarette, you can refill your device with fresh e-liquid by using a new cartomiser. When you order a 5-pack of replacements, your chosen e cig juice is already filled into each of the 0.6ml tanks contained within the cartomisers. Just attach a fresh one to your battery stem, vape until depleted, dispose and repeat with a new cartomiser. Choose from a diverse selection of flavours:

The Viggo Vape Pods

If you use Vaper Empire's Viggo Series pod vape, you can refill your pod system with fresh eLiquid by using a new vape pod. When you order a 3-pack of replacements, your chosen eJuice is already filled into each of the 1.8ml pods. Simply attach a fresh one to your pod vape battery, vape until depleted, dispose and repeat with a fresh new pod. Choose from a diverse selection of pod flavours:

How To Choose Your Nicotine Strength

All our cartomisers and bottled e-liquids come with your choice of nicotine concentration from five different strengths: Zero (0mg), Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg), Very High (24mg). Our vape pods use nicotine salts and are available in two different strengths: Zero (0%) and Regular (3%).

It’s important to know which e juice nicotine level is right for you to ensure you enjoy your e-cigarette as much as possible. While you may require a small amount of trial and error to find the strength that best suits your individual preferences, the following is a general guide to refer to when ordering your first batch:

0mg (No Nicotine)  - For those who want to avoid the nic altogether, while still satisfying the physical habit. Not recommended for current smokers to start here, rather slowly work your way down from using some nicotine to none, as you no longer crave the nicotine.

6mg (Low Strength) - Ideal for social smokers and people who smoke occasionally. Gives a mild, pleasant nicotine hit.

12mg (Medium Strength) - This is easily our most popular nicotine strength as it provides a robust throat hit but doesn’t overshadow the taste of our flavours at all. Suitable for those smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.

18mg (High Strength) - Ideal for smokers who are closer to a pack of cigarettes a day. The throat hit is pretty strong here so only recommended for relatively heavy smokers.

24mg (Very High Strength) - Suitable for long-term heavy smokers who are smoking more than a pack a day frequently. Regular smokers will find this strength overpowering so unless you’re in this category this strength definitely isn’t for you.

Usually, the ideal strength for you does take a little experimentation and if you're new to vaping then it won't take long to establish what works for you. When you get the right mix you can always order 2 different strengths of the same vape liquid and mix your perfect balance of nicotine. This is really simple and can also be used to reduce vape juice nicotine levels.

Order online or speak to our dedicated team

Aside from the quality of our vaping devices and premium e-Liquids, our major point of difference is our commitment to customer service. If you have a specific question about a product or just need help choosing the device that’s right for you, contact our support team on 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377) or email [email protected]ire.com.au and we’ll address your enquiries in as much detail as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription to buy nicotine e-liquid?

As of 1 October 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) requires all vapers in Australia to maintain a valid nicotine prescription in order to legally purchase any vaping products that contain nicotine. Click here to learn how you can obtain your vaping prescription online. Prescriptions are not required for adult vapers in all other countries, from the UK to NZ.

How much nicotine e-juice can I order?

Vaper Empire does not currently limit the amount of nicotine e-juice you can order. Most countries, including the UK and NZ do not have limits, however in Australia, the TGA's Personal Importation Scheme allows adult vapers in Australia to order up to 3 months' supply of nicotine e-liquid at one time and up to 15 months' supply over the course of any 12-month period.