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Red Lemonade

This has all the amazing features of a classic, cloudy lemonade but with a special hit of extra fruitiness. This has a naturally sweet strawberry backing but with a hint of grapefruit which brings a little extra tanginess to this citrus blast.
1 x 10ml Bottle of ‘Red Lemonade’ Eliquid
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Vaper Empire's Red Lemonade e juice is sure to be a summertime favourite with its refreshing blend of sweet strawberry and a hint of citrusy grapefruit tang. VE prides itself with only supplying the highest standard of premium e-liquids, which are meticulously developed to provide all our valued customers with the most enjoyable vaping experience. Every bottle of Red Lemonade vape juice is manufactured in multi-million dollar facilities in partnership with a world leader in the manufacture of eliquid, and we apply the strictest protocols and batch control methods to be absolutely sure it aligns with the standards all our products are held to. Using only pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and the best ingredients with all our e-liquid, you’re assured of the utmost in quality and safety. Our rigorous methods ensure every one of our e-liquids can be consistently enjoyed from your first bottle and throughout your vaping journey, with full confidence. Each flavour is developed with the close consultation of experienced vapers and offers a diversified selection, from blends that are a staple go-to, to the more usual flavour sensation for a special treat If you want to optimise your spending power, look at our Artisan value pack consisting of 6 e-liquids for the price of 5. Pack it full of your favourite flavour or mix it up for maximum variety.

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Specifications E-Liquid Contents: - Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin 50 / 50 - Flavouring – Nicotine

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Customer Reviews

"Love it in small doses" Review by Tim
Love the flavour but only occasionally as it is very sweet an too much overpowers the taste buds and is just like lemonade. Found mixing it with ry4 at 50/50 is a great combination (Posted on 6/04/2019)
"Great flavour" Review by yvonne
The best flavour I have had... It's sweet and really does taste like lemonade (Posted on 25/11/2018)
"Perhaps I should have known better" Review by JH
I am an ex cigarette smoker, which may influence my preferences, but a friend of mine suggested to try different things because vaping is different; so I did! Some experiments (maybe surprisingly) work; this didn't. I found it difficult to persevere through the full 10ml (which I only did because I hate waste more than I disliked this).
I found the overall flavour to be overpoweringly artificial, and the citrus overtones were just too much for me. I don't see this as a good partner for any beverage other than, maybe, a soft drink. I'm glad I tried it, but it's not for me and I suspect it's appeal maybe limited to a discerning few who are looking for that citrus sourness. (I had a similar response to Amazonian). (Posted on 14/04/2018)
"Taste just like real strawberry lemonade!" Review by Jacob
Wasnt sure Id like this one, but I was suprised how much it tastes like real lemonade. Its now my go to juice. Only problem is I wish I could have abigger bottle of it. (Posted on 3/04/2018)

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