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Sweet Menthol E-Liquid

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Lightly Sweetened Menthol Candies

If you’re a fan of the cool tradition of classic Menthol and have a little bit of a sweet tooth, then this could be your new guilty pleasure. Our Sweet Menthol blend delivers a candy-coated twist to the refreshing menthol taste you know and love.

1 x 10ml Bottle of 'Sweet Menthol' E-Liquid
Delivering a sweet, fresh blast with every cool draw, Vaper Empire’s Sweet Menthol blend offers what you expect from classic menthol with a delicious candied finish. Lovers of Menthol with take their affair to the next level with our sweet menthol blend. Adding a delectable lolly laced tinge on top of the invigorating, crispness of menthol is sure to keep you cool, calm and collected throughout the day. Every time you indulge in a waft of Sweet Menthol you’ll be taking warm pleasure in the notion that you’re enjoying an e-liquid of the most discerning standards. Bottled in our state-of-the-art laboratory environment, using only the most carefully selected quality ingredients, there is no compromise in providing top-shelf quality to our valuable customers. From our distinctive flavour selections to our pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, long-lasting satisfaction is our hallmark. Our Artisan Collection e-liquid is a testimonial to our commitment to high standard. Pick up a bottle of Sweet Menthol or consider an Artisan Collection value pack today.
[E-Liquid Contents] Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavouring and Nicotine (Optional)
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