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Artisan Collection - 6 x E-Liquid Value Pack

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Customize Artisan Collection - 6 x E-Liquid Value Pack

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    Save some dollars with our 6 x Value Pack (6 for the price of 5). Our E-liquid is produced in partnership with the world's largest producer of E-liquid which will assure you of ongoing, consistent quality. With full, wholesome flavour with a healthy hit, don't go past the Premium E-liquid you can trust!
    6 x 10ml Bottles of Artisan Collection E-Liquid (Choice of 6 Flavours)
    Vaper Empire provides customers with the very best Premium E-Liquids. All our flavours are created in a multi-million dollar clinical facility with strict guidelines. Our E-liquids : Only use the best quality pharmaceutical-grade Nicotine Are made from the highest quality ingredients Are rigorously batch controlled, providing quality and accountability is achieved with every bottle Are suitable for all popular brands of vapourisers
    [E-Liquid Contents] Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavouring and Nicotine (Optional)
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