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The 10 Worst Holiday Destinations For Vapers

The 10 Worst Holiday Destinations For Vapers
So there are many places that restrict vaping use. Whether they confiscate vape equipment on arrival, dish out fines or their usage results in jail time, it's so important to know the vaping laws of whichever country you are visiting when you're on holiday.

Here are 10 countries that ban vaping:

  1. Thailand: Unfortunately, the beautiful, beachy location has some of the worsts strictest vaping laws, with penalties up to 10 years!
  2. Singapore: Singapore is a small yet incredible country with amazing food! Unfortunately, like gum, vaping is illegal in Singapore.
  3. Egypt: You may want to see the pyramids, but you, unfortunately, can't take your vape pen with you.
  4. Columbia: Columbia also won't allow vaping, unfortunately, with most of South America joining in on having bans on vaping.
  5. Mexico: Mexico doesn't allow vaping either, so best to stick to the rest of North America if you're planning on bringing your favourite device with you on holiday.
  6. Indonesia: Vaping is banned here too. Exercise caution.
  7. United Arab Emirates: E-cigs have been banned since 2009 in the UAE, and any vaping gear is seized at the airport if you attempt to bring it into the UAE.
  8. Turkey: Allegedly, the sale of vaping products and eliquids is banned here, so it's a bit of a grey area. Do your own research and exercise caution.
  9. Brazil: Tourists in Brazil are warned against smoking e-cigarettes. The country banned them back in 2014 and will fine you for having vaping products.
  10. Belgium: Technically vaping friendly but their laws are quite tough. Do your research and proceed with caution.

Countries where vaping is allowed:

You're safe to vape in England. In fact, it's encouraged by the government in the UK. Here are a few more great holiday destinations for vapers:

North America
Czech Republic
South Korea
New Zealand
28 July 2018

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