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Will MEP's See Sense On The Future Of E-Cigs

The decision regarding the future of E-Cigarettes is impending and the European Commission are meeting soon to decide how E-Cigs will be regulated. Many Members of the European Parliament see the huge public health benefits that E-Cigs and Vaping devices potentially offer.

The danger is that the product could be regulated as a medicine, which could result in firmer controls and people will no longer be able to use their trusted vaping devices (only those that meet strict criteria). This, in turn, could drive people back to conventional smoking. The upside, on the other hand, would be standardized quality control over the nicotine that some e-cigs and e-liquids use as an ingredient.

Many feel that e-cigs should not be regulated as a medicine nor tobacco product but as a third entity on its own merits. What do you think?

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