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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

If you're reading this because you are worried that your vape might taste burnt, it probably isn't… believe us, you will know when it is.

Think of the distinct taste of a charred pile of old newspapers---it's not a nice thought, is it? Well, that's exactly what a 'burnt' vape tastes like. It races to the back of your throat and assaults your senses, temporarily paralysing them and leaving you retching out of pure disgust… it has even been known to make some people throw up.

If this sounds like something you have experienced recently, stop vaping right now because there's a major problem with your vape that needs to be fixed.

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

That's a good question. First of all, if your vape does taste burnt then don't worry. It is something that happens to all vapers every now and again and there is a very easy fix for it.

The reason your vape has a disgusting 'burnt' taste sensation is that your vape's wick, located inside your vape's coil, has dried out and burnt up from the heat delivered by the metal coil.

A wick is a component in a vape that soaks up vape juice from your tank or cartridge and holds on to it until it is turned into vapour. If your wick is not fully saturated with vape juice and you try to use your device, it will start to burn and result in a foul taste. The more your wick burns and chars, the worse the flavour.

This is known as a 'dry hit' and being able to spot it early-on can avoid you burning out your wick and having to suffer from taking a hit of the 'burnt' taste.

How Long Should My Coil Last?

Your vape's coil and wick do not last forever---they all fail eventually. However, different people go through them at different rates. Some heavy vapers, for example, may change their coil every week whereas more passive vapers could go months without having to change it. Other factors such as which device you are using can also have an impact on coil lifespan.

As a general rule for a general vaper who uses their device in a general way, the coil should last around two-to-three weeks. After this point, you may notice a gradual 'burnt' taste. At this point, there is very little you can do other than replace your coil. If you keep using it, the 'burnt' taste will progress to become worse and more pungent over time.

There are three activities that can lead to a coil burning out more quickly, though:

1. Chain vaping

Chain vaping is where you take puff after puff without having a break in between. This is particularly problematic in new coils that haven't had any use on them yet---throwing them in at the deep end with strenuous vaping activity will cause them to burn out.

2. Not priming a new coil

If you don't 'prime' your fresh new coil then you will almost certainly notice a burnt taste after only the first few hits. Priming your coil is fancy speak for preparing it and getting the wick saturated prior to proper use. If you don't prime your coil then your wick will be dry, and this can lead to instant burnout.

3. High power vaping

If you're using an extremely powerful device then your coils won't last as long, it's that simple. Whilst vape mods and powerful vape pens are great, you need to understand that you will go through coils a lot quicker than most other people. This is because high power vapes deliver more power to the coil which generates a lot more heat.

How to Avoid Burning Out Coils

Aside from doing the opposite of the three common causes above, there are a few steps you can take to avoid your coils from burning out.

1. Keep your vape tank topped up

Remember, your coil and wick will burn out if the wick is not kept saturated. A full vape tank means that the wick, if your vape is not faulty, will remain suitably saturated and will not be burnt out by the heat produced by the coil. If your tank begins to run on empty then your wick may not be getting enough vape juice to it and could burn out.

We recommend keeping your vape tank at least above one-quarter full at all times. If you want to change to a different vape juice, we recommend trying to time the natural expiration of your coil with when you want to make the swap.

2. Use a vape juice with more PG

PG is a lot thinner than VG and this means that vape juices with a higher concentration of PG can be absorbed by the wick more easily. If your vape juice is super thick and doesn't soak into the quick as quickly, you are far more likely to end up with dry puffs that subsequently burn out your wick.

If you see a vape juice with a VG content of 70% or more, it is perhaps best to avoid it unless you know for sure that your vape can handle it.

3. Use a vape juice with less sweetener

Sweetener is packed full of sugar and sugar can quite easily block up your coils with gunk. Over time, this gunk will crystallise into a solid and completely obliterate your coil. A wick that is covered in gunk and crystallised sugar won't be able to absorb vape juice as easily and, you guessed it, this will burn it out.

If you must use vape juice with high sugar content, be prepared to replace your coil a lot more frequently.

Need Replacement Coils?

If you've burnt out your coil and you need a quick replacement coil for your vape, head on over to the Vaper Empire online store.

We are Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of vaping goods including best-in-class hardware, accessories, replacement parts, and an entire library of high-quality vape juice.

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