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Why Does My Vape Crackle?

If you're new to vaping and are hearing crackling and popping sounds coming from your vape, it is understandable that you may be alarmed… but don't worry! In most cases, these sounds coming from your vape are a completely normal occurrence. You should pay close attention to these noises though because a sudden change in what you are hearing could be an indicator of other problems with your device.

In this short guide, we are going to run you through the different noises you may hear coming from your vape, what they mean, why they happen, and if they are a cause for concern.

What Causes Vape Crackling and Popping?

First up, though---what causes these sounds?

A light crackling or popping noise is a completely regular and benign occurrence. It is simply your vape juice being heated up by your e-cig or vape's coil and turned into vapour. If you can hear this sound it simply means that your vape is working as it should.

The noise happens because cold or room temperature vape juice comes into contact with a very hot coil and reacts to it. In terms of how much noise you hear or how loud it is, that depends entirely on what sort of device you are using, how powerful the device is, and how much e-liquid is present and its type.

Vape Power Levels

A sub-ohm vaping device is the primary cause of an instantaneous crackle. This will cause more vape juice to condensate and less to turn into vapour, meaning there is an excess of liquid that is available to make the noise.

You may also hear this noise on adjustable voltage vapes if your wattage is too low. This will end up flooding your atomiser and cause vape juice to spill out of the device and into your mouth.

E-Liquid Density

A thinner vape juice can cause a coil to become flooded, leading to more crackling and popping whereas a thicker vape juice leads to more vapour.

However, most vape juices contain sugar which also contains cellulose. When cellulose breaks down during the burning process, the gases vapourise and make a popping sound.

Coil Design

Braided and twisted coils, especially those found in vape mods, have a larger surface area. This larger surface area means more vapour is produced and thus extra popping and cracking sounds are made.

The Many Sounds of Vaping

Knowing what a good and bad sound is can be difficult, especially as a newbie vaper. Whilst this is not a complete list (and is not a sure-fire symptom of any problems), you can use it in your diagnostic efforts as an indicator.

'Good' Sounds

A steady crackling and popping sound, usually accompanied by a soft hiss, is a good one. These are typically more prominent after you have just changed your atomiser (or cartomiser or clearomiser) or if the vape device you are using is brand new.

When increasing nicotine levels you may notice that the sound changes slightly. This is also normal and occurs because increased nicotine content creates more vapour and thus the crackle and popping sounds are louder.

'Bad' Sounds

Although you are always going to notice a crackling sound, you need to know when it stops being a 'normal' crackling sound has turned into a problematic one.

If your popping and crackling sounds begin to get louder, pay close attention to flavour. If you notice an unusual taste such as bitterness, it is a sign your device is getting clogged up and needs to be cleaned. Noises get louder in this case because vapourised particles build up over time and these cause a popping sound when the heat increases.

If you notice a louder pop or crackle that is accompanied by an unpleasant and prolonged spitting sound then your device may be getting flooded with vape juice. Check to make sure that your tank isn't too full and that everything has been set up properly.

Hearing nothing is bad news, too. You should always be able to hear a slight crackling and popping noise. If you hear zero noise when you activate your vape then there may be any number of problems, however, the most common one is that the device is simply clogged up and needs a clean.

How To Avoid Loud Popping, Crackling, and Spitting Sounds

You can take steps to avoid the above problems by properly looking after your vape and being aware of what can cause them.

1. Avoid prolonged inhales

If you take ultra-long inhales then this can cause the device to take in more vape juice than it can handle. This can damage the device and cause vape juice to leak into your mouth. Many devices have timeout functions, but some don't, so be sure to only inhale for a few seconds at most.

2. Don't over-prime your coil

Again, this floods the coil and causes spitting and popping noises. Don't drip too much liquid onto your wick---wet it but don't flood it---and don't prime too much with the button on a vape pen.

3. Replace your drip tip

You can buy drip tips that are angled and prevent spit back from being fired up into your mouth. These work by preventing vape juice from going back up. You can also get your hands on rotatable drip tips that have specialist components that also prevent spit back. Finally, you can try using a longer drip tip so even if vape juice does spit back, it won't reach your mouth.

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