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What Is Iced Vape Juice?

Iced Vape Juice

Wondering what iced vape juice is? We'll tell you exactly what it is, and what it's not. To better your understanding, here's everything you need to know about ice vape juice.

What Iced Vape Juice Is

When a vape juice is iced, what this means is that it contains menthol. The menthol can be extracted from the mint oils derived from various strains of mint, such as peppermint, corn mint, and spearmint. Alternatively, this widely used organic compound can be made synthetically.

Menthol is well known for its fresh taste, soothing, and cooling effects. All of these characteristics transfer seamlessly into the vapour that's created by menthol vape juice. By combining menthol with other e-liquid flavours, iced vape juices are born.

The Best Iced Vape Juice At Vaper Empire

At Vaper Empire, we offer a wide range of premium e-juices, including iced flavours such as new Watermelon Mints pods for our Viggo Series pod vape system. For a blast of fresh mint and juicy watermelon, take a look at our Watermelon Mints Viggo Pods today!

Here are some of our other top iced vape juice flavours:

  • Spring In Siberia - A blend of menthol and mint that's so cold you will feel like it's winter in the middle of summer. This is one of our most popular iced flavours to date.
  • Berry Chill - Blackberries and blackcurrants come together with a cool icy backing to create this dark fruit blend that's as delectable as it is refreshing.
  • Sweet Menthol - Classic menthol with a candy-coated twist. This sweet and refreshing blend is one of our top-selling menthol e-liquids.
  • Berry Crush - Freshly ripened berries with a cool blast of menthol to tingle your taste buds. This wildly popular flavour is a hit with our customers and one to definitely try if you're a fan of iced berry e-juice.
  • Orange Crush - Fizzy, zesty. This iced e-juice combines a hint of cool menthol with the juiciest plump orange, creating a soda flavoured vape juice that's as sweet and fizzy as it is cool and refreshing.

You can find our top 5 best menthol e-liquid flavours here.

How To Make Your Own Iced E-Juice Flavours

If you want to make your own iced e-liquid, you can do so easily using any of our menthol e-liquids, such as Classic Menthol, Sweet Menthol, or Spring In Siberia. Here's how you do it:

  1. Take the e-liquid flavour that you want to ice, such as Apple or Strawberry, and add it to an empty e-liquid bottle or drop it straight into the vape tank that you're going to use.
  2. Add a drop or two of menthol e-liquid to it, shake it up, and then vape it.
  3. If it's not strong enough, try adding a little more menthol vape juice to it until it's just right!

That's right vapers, you can ice just about any vape juice flavour by simply adding some menthol e-liquid to it. We have a number of menthol e-liquids here at Vaper Empire that work very well for icing vape juices. If icing your ordinary e-juice flavours sounds appealing to you, give it a try using our Classic Menthol, Sweet Menthol, or Spring In Siberia flavours! For a sweeter, less icy approach, try our Spearmint E-Liquid.

Iced E-Liquid & Vapers Tongue

Beyond their fresh taste and soothing effect, iced e-liquids also find use in preventing and treating vaper's tongue. For those who don't know what vaper's tongue is, it's categorised by a lack of taste and smell for a particular flavour. After you've been vaping the same flavour of e-liquid for too long, you basically overload your tastebuds and begin to taste less and less of the flavour. The scientific term for this is olfactory fatigue and one possible remedy is iced e-liquid, as the menthol contained within iced e-liquids has been known to help remedy vaper's tongue.

Premium E-Liquid From Vaper Empire

At Vaper Empire, we are dedicated to providing our customers across New Zealand and Australia with only the finest vaping products and we make no exception when it comes to our e-liquid. We go above and beyond to manufacture all of our e-liquids in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that our vape juices are manufactured to EU standards inside of cleanrooms using high-quality ingredients.

We offer a wide range of vape juice flavours across our various lines, which include bottled e-liquids from our Classic and Artisan ranges, as well as prefilled e-cigarette cartomisers for our V-Pack II e-cig kits and prefilled vape pods for our Viggo Series pod vape kits.

Recognising that our customers have varying needs, we offer all of our e-liquids in multiple nicotine strengths. Take a look at our guide to choosing the right e-juice nicotine strength to learn more about what strength e-liquid is right for you.

30 May 2021

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