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Variable Voltage Vs Variable Wattage

In the vaping community, particularly among “newbie” vapers, there exists quite a bit of confusion between variable voltage vs. variable wattage. In short, both of these are adjustable settings that control the power output delivered by the battery to a vaping device's heating element - for instance, an atomizer. Some prefer using one over the other whereas some will use a mixture of the two (or neither!) In most cases, it comes down to vaping “experience” and how much control a user wants over their device.

At the simplest level, variable voltage and variable wattage are simply a case of adjusting one or the other (or both---as we mentioned above) to get the flavour, throat hit, or amount of vapour, and thus cloud production, that you want.

But First, Resistance (Ohms)

Before we dive into looking at variable voltage vs variable wattage, it is important to understand resistance in vaping devices, also known as “ohms”.

An ohm is a unit of resistance. Simply put, the lower the resistance of a vaping device, the more electricity that will flow through it. Increase the resistance level and less electricity will flow through. So, when somebody uses a lower resistance atomiser and more electricity is flowing, the following will usually happen:

  • The coil generates more heat
  • The wick generates more vapour
  • A more intense flavour may be delivered
  • The battery will drain quicker
  • More e-liquid will be used
  • Coil life will be reduced (to as little as a few days)

When a device is a high resistance one, the opposite to the above will happen:

  • The coil generates less heat
  • Less vapour is produced
  • A less intense flavour is delivered
  • The battery will last longer
  • Less e-liquid will be used
  • Coils will last longer

Variable Voltage vs Variable Wattage Explained

While resistance plays a big role in the amount of vapour and flavour that are produced, the amount of power flowing through the device and its coil also has a big role to play.

As we have just seen, you can gain a more intense vaping experience by lowering your device’s resistance. However, the same can be achieved by upping the amount of power that is flowing through it. This can be done by controlling voltage and/or wattage with a battery that includes variable control switches---buttons that you push or press up/down on, or dials that you rotate.

So, What’s the Difference?

With variable voltage, you are manually controlling the amount of power that is going through your device from the battery. The amount of energy that is actually output will depend on the device’s resistance level. Essentially, you have a little control but not a whole lot.

In contrast, variable wattage lets you “tell” the device how much power (wattage) that you want it to output rather than “telling” the device how much power you want to flow through it. The variable wattage feature will then automatically adjust the amount of power going through the device (voltage) to end up with the amount of output (wattage) that you desire.

To put it in another way, wattage is how much power your vape is producing whereas voltage is how much power is flowing through the device. As you increase the wattage, the voltage also increases and as you increase the voltage, the wattage also increases.

Does mAh Matter?

Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Pod Vape The Viggo Series by Vaper Empire is powered by a 400 mAh variable voltage battery that lasts long and charges fast.

This is a question that is asked frequently. You have probably seen mAh used on a vape’s packaging. It is used to give an indication of how long a battery will last for. The higher the mAh level, the longer it will last when it is fully charged. How long exactly depends highly on how you use the device---if you are ploughing more power into it then the battery is going to need charging more often!

In the context of variable wattage and voltage, mAh does not matter so much. Generally speaking, vape batteries that feature variable wattage and voltage control will be higher quality and more advanced batteries that inherently feature higher mAh levels. Be sure to take a look at our new Viggo Series pod vape if you're looking for a high-powered pod system with variable voltage!

How to Use Variable Voltage and Wattage Features

As we mentioned above, using both variable voltage and variable wattage is as simple as turning a dial or pressing a button up/down.

Variable Voltage

  1. Install an e-liquid delivery device (e.g. an atomizer) on your battery.
  2. Find out the resistance level of the e-liquid delivery device.
  3. Cross-reference* this with voltage to achieve the desired wattage (output) level.
  4. Select the variable voltage control option and use the buttons or dial to adjust it up or down until you have achieved your desired taste and throat hit.

Variable Wattage

  1. Install an e-liquid delivery device (e.g. an atomizer) on your battery.
  2. Select the variable wattage option.
  3. Set the wattage on your device to the desired level.
  4. The device will automatically select the appropriate voltage.
  5. Adjust the wattage level up or down until you are satisfied with the taste and throat hit.

* You can use a vaping power chart to cross-reference resistance level with voltage. Plenty of these are available online and are standardized across different brands.

Buying a Variable Voltage Device

There are plenty of vendors on the market selling their own variable voltage and variable wattage batteries and devices, and ours, Vaper Empire, is one of them.

Variable voltage devices are the more popular of the two and at Vaper Empire, our V-Twist vape pen device features a 900 mAh adjustable voltage battery, powerful enough to satisfy the needs of newbies and advanced vapers alike. We also sell a huge range of other devices, hardware, and accessories, including our very own ranges of e-liquid, featuring classic and unique flavours blended in-house by our own mixologists.

To find out more, visit the Vaper Empire online store.

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