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Vaping's Popularity Rises While Smoking Rates Decline

Vaping Popularity
According to extensive research, vaping rates have been increasing for some time with no sign of stopping while smoking rates have dropped drastically. It makes sense as vaping was introduced as an alternative to smoking. It’s logical to assume that as more people vape, fewer will smoke.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine conducted a report that linked rising e-cig use among the youth to an increased likelihood of smoking. However, it also states that their studies show a strong link between the incline in vaping among youth and the decreasing rate of smoking in the same demographic.

Simply put, fewer kids are picking up cigarettes, seemingly due to the rising popularity of vaping. However, kids that do vape are supposedly more likely to smoke.

These may appear to be somewhat contradictory statements, but it’s really just evidence that the relationship between smoking and vaping isn’t quite as simple as anyone would like it to be. Everyone wants to know, “does vaping really increase someone’s likelihood of smoking?

We’ll answer this question to the best of our ability by breaking it down for you, but if you want to independently examine the research, check out this in-depth analysis.

Does Vaping Really Increase the Likelihood of Smoking?

According to the aforementioned findings, the answer is, technically, no. This study states that youth who vape are more likely to smoke. It does not state that vaping increases the likelihood of smoking. The two may sound similar, but there’s a huge difference.

The same study states that most of the vaping youth exist within a demographic that is predisposed to a high likelihood of smoking. Therefore, kids that vape are inherently more likely to smoke. It’s important to remember that this part of the study utilized short-term data analysis. The long-term analysis shows an inverse relationship between vaping and smoking among youth and adults.

In other words, when you look at the big picture, e-cigs typically replace cigarettes as opposed to promoting them.

According to this demographic research, it probably isn’t that vaping causes youth to smoke. Due to the demographical overlap between youth that vape and youth that would be exposed to cigarettes, it’s likely that these individuals would have smoked had vaping never existed. Given the rising popularity of vaping worldwide, a demographic that is likely to smoke will be as likely to vape, and the drastic decrease in smoking among youth actually indicates that vaping decreases the likelihood of smoking.


It is obviously very important to keep in mind that underage vaping and smoking is illegal, and we don’t condone it. That being said, according to the entirety of the report from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine vaping (among both youth and adults) is likely not a gateway to smoking.

In light of the long-term data analysis, e-cigs serve their purpose by offering an alternative to smoking, and they’ve actually resulted in a drastic decrease in smoking among youth.

Vaping among youth is a problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That being said, according to a related study, vaping is a great example of harm-reduction. We aren’t seeing the same negative results in vapers that are almost immediately apparent in smokers. While e-cigs should only be used by adults, rebellious youth that would typically smoke appear to be more often vaping instead.

Vaping among youth may be a problem, but according to Public Health England's latest independent e-cigarette evidence review, it's likely much less harmful than the alternative that is smoking. From a bird’s eye perspective, it is possible that vaping doesn't cause societal harm but, rather, reduces it. Vaping as a concept may not be at fault. It is possible that the solution involves the proper implementation of measures that keep e-cigs out of the hands of kids.

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3 January 2019

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