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Vaping Without Nicotine

One of the most important things about vaping---that is, if you are a smoker who is trying to quit---is being able to control the amount of nicotine, if any, that you are taking in. In contrast to smoking, the only way to reduce the amount of nicotine you are getting is to, of course, smoke fewer cigarettes.

But, what about vaping without nicotine? What's the point? Is it harmful? If so, is it as harmful as vaping with nicotine?

These are some of the questions that we are going to cover in this article.

As the popularity of vaping grows, so does the number of people interested in nicotine-free vaping and the number of nicotine-free vape juice products available on the market.

No Nicotine Vaping

Vaping is vaping. It doesn't matter whether you are doing it with a vape juice that includes nicotine or without; the process is the same. You fill up an atomiser or cartomiser with your favourite vape juice, heat it up, take a drag, and then exhale the residual vapour.

However, because you can buy vape juices in varying nicotine concentrations, you are completely in control of the amount of this addictive substance enters your bloodstream.

Want to vape a lot but only want the same amount of nicotine that you would get from regular smoking? You can choose a vape juice with a low nicotine concentration.

Want to only vape when necessary to satisfy your nicotine cravings? You can choose a vape juice with a higher nicotine concentration to deliver a large amount over a shorter time period.

Are you a non-smoker who likes the idea, look, and feel of vaping but doesn't want to get addicted to nicotine? You can choose a vape juice that has no nicotine in it whatsoever.

With vaping, including nicotine-free vaping, the ball is in your court.

Although nicotine-free vaping is not as big as "regular" vaping, it is still very popular. The vast majority of vapers, however, tend to use nicotine vape juices---this is demonstrated by sales figures and statistics.

Who Vapes Without Nicotine? What's the Point?

A lot of people, actually. Some of these people include:

  • Ex-smokers who have successfully quit smoking by vaping;
  • People who vape for the fun of it;
  • People who vape because they like the flavour and taste;
  • People who enjoy the social or "community" element of vaping; and
  • People who are trying to kick their nicotine cravings.

The truth is that vaping without nicotine is, for many people, an enjoyable social experience. With so many tricks that can be done using an e-cigarette or vape and all the various flavours and concoctions available, many people vape as a hobby.

How Does Zero-Nicotine Vape Juice Work?

Many people incorrectly believe that all vape juices contain nicotine. As you may have just discovered, this is simply not the case. Just because vaping is often used as a means to quit smoking does not mean that all vapers are vaping with nicotine-containing vape juices.

If you are somebody who has managed to successfully quit smoking by vaping and no longer has nicotine cravings, you may want to switch to a nicotine-free vape juice.

These vape juices look, taste, and perform similar to their nicotine-containing counterparts. Nicotine-free vape juices do not need any special equipment, any modifications, or a different cartomiser to use---simply load up your favourite vape tank with the nicotine-free juice and off you go.

The only difference is that they contain 0% nicotine---that's it. Period.

There is no need to buy an additional vape or swap out your existing one if you have used it with nicotine-containing vape juice.

Is No Nicotine Vaping Safer than Regular Vaping?

In short, we don't know (yet).

This is because science and medicine have not yet provided an answer to the general question of whether vaping has any long-term health effects. The latest consensus from Public Health England, which periodically conducts a government-mandated e-cigarette evidence review, is that vaping is likely at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

When it comes to smoking, it is all the carcinogenic side products of tobacco and tobacco burning that are harmful.

In fact, if you have never touched a cigarette or had exposure to nicotine before, nicotine-free vaping is likely the better choice for you. This is because, by not exposing yourself to a nicotine-containing product, you have no chance of developing an addiction to nicotine.

Which Should I Go For?

The decision is entirely your choice.

As a general rule, we recommend nicotine-free vape juices to:

  • People who have never smoked before or used nicotine-containing vape juice.
  • People who have successfully quit smoking through vaping.
  • People who want to vape for enjoyment or for the social aspect.

We recommend nicotine-containing vape juice to:

  • People who are current smokers and want to quit.
  • People who enjoy the "buzz" of nicotine and want to get it without smoking.

At Vaper Empire, we sell both. Whether you're in the market for nicotine-free vape juice or vape juice with nicotine, we carry it all. For the nicotine preferred, we carry a range of strengths to choose from.

Choose the Best Products for No Nicotine Vaping

If you have successfully quit smoking and you are looking for an alternative to your favourite vape juices, look no further than the Vaper Empire online store.

We are Australia's premier online vaping retailer with several ranges of renowned, high-quality products that have been the recipients of rave reviews online. Why not take a look at our collection of classic and artisanal vape juices to find out more?

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