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Vaping Could Save 6.6 Million American Smokers

A recent study that has come out of Georgetown University in the United States has found that the potential benefit of switching to vaping could mean a total of 86.7 million extra years to the lifespans of 6.6 million people.

The findings of the research will allegedly “help the (United States) Surgeon General and the public health community develop a strategy to reach the ‘endgame’ for cigarette smoking,” the scientists said, according to

“Old policies need to be supplemented with policies that encourage substituting e-cigarettes for the far more deadly cigarettes,” said David Levy of Georgetown University Medical Center.

The research projected possible outcomes, and in the best case scenario, the study projected that 6.6 million cigarette smokers could avoid premature death by switching to vaping.  Additionally, even in the worst case scenario, a huge 1.6 million people could avoid premature death by quitting smoking and vaping instead.

“In addition (to lives saved), there would be tremendous health benefits including reduced disease disability to smokers, reduced pain and suffering, and reduced exposure to second-hand smoke,” Levy said.

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