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Vaping In Australia: Complete Guide To Laws, Safety, Regulation, & More

Vaper Empire's Complete Guide To Vaping In Australia

Whether you’re new to vaping or simply want to learn more about it, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of vaping, explain how e-cigarettes came into being, the benefits you’ll experience when switching from smoking to vaping, how to choose the right vaping device or the right e-cigarette and much, much more.

Before we delve in any further, let’s start from the beginning.

History of Vaping

Vaping and e-cigarettes have come a long way, especially in recent years.

The First Idea

The first idea about an electronic vaporizer was created by Joseph Robinson in 1927. He even filed for a patent, which he got, but unfortunately, his product never reached the mass market. Nevertheless, his creation is very important when talking about the history of vaping devices since this is the first time someone had the idea about creating a vaping device that resembles the modern-day e-cigarette that we know today.

The First Prototype

A couple of decades later, or more specifically in 1965, a man named Herbert A. Gilbert created his so-called “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. His goal was to create an alternative to smoking cigarettes, since, according to him, it was foolish to inhale burnt tobacco. His invention served as an example for the modern-day e-cigarette since the main parts of his design are very much alike to those that are being used today.

While it’s not known whether Joseph Robinson created a prototype for his vaping device in 1927, we know with certainty that Herbert Gilbert not only received a patent for his product but also created a few prototypes that look almost identical to the e-cigarette we have today. However, his product was never mass-produced, mostly due to three reasons.

The first reason was the fact that the manufacturers he showed his product to decided to wait until his patent expired so they could manufacture the product themselves. The second reason was that the tobacco companies saw this alternative to smoking as a threat to cigarettes, which is why they tried to prevent its development. The third and maybe the most important reason for Herbert’s product’s failure was, simply put, bad timing. In the 60s, cigarette ads were everywhere and people were not yet aware of cigarette tobacco’s negative consequences, so the need for an alternative to smoking wasn’t strong enough.

That being said, Herbert was obviously ahead of his time since his “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” served as an example for the e-cigarette that we use today.

The First Commercial E-Cigarette

Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit Meet the V-Pack II e-cigarette starter kit from Vaper Empire, an advanced electronic cigarette starter kit that builds upon the concepts established by the first e-cigarette prototypes.

We move on to the early 2000s when a Chinese pharmacist and inventor, called Hon Lik, wanted a healthier alternative to smoking. He was an avid smoker, just like his father who died of lung cancer, and using patches didn’t really give him any satisfaction. Due to this reason, as well as his awareness of the harmful consequences cigarettes had, he wanted to quit smoking but desired an alternative, which is how the idea about creating an e-cigarette came into being.

After creating the design, due to a dream he had about drowning in water which then turned into vapour, he received his patent in 2003. Three years later, his e-cigarette was released to the international public, making progress in Asia, Europe, and the United States as well. However, even though Hon Lik’s e-cigarette started to slowly gain popularity, it wasn’t really convenient to use due to the ultrasonic atomizer and the many moving parts of the design, hence the invention of the cartomizer (an easier to use,  single unit, that combined all moving parts into one and easily screws on to the battery.)The Evolution of the E-Cigarette

Almost all e-cigarettes that are currently on the market have cartomizers instead of ultrasonic atomizers, thanks to the brothers called Umer and Tariq Sheikh. After the invention of the cartomizer, e-cigarettes suddenly became more user-friendly and were more convenient for commercial use, which is when their popularity really started to grow.

The first vaping devices were called cig-a-likes, while the improved e-cigarettes that were more efficient with better performance powers were known as vape pens. But wait, there’s more. After vape pens came into existence, even more powerful vaping devices were created, called mods, which were much larger and had more features like longer battery life, temperature control and so on. This provided users with a more personalized vaping experience, which made mods popular with some vaping enthusiasts.

Vaping and Regulation

The regulation of e-cigarettes differs from country to country. In many countries, e-cigarettes are a welcome alternative to smoking and completely legal to buy and use without restriction, whereas in others they are still misunderstood and not yet as readily available. After 2008, when e-cigarettes started to make their way into the mainstream, the FDA originally banned their importation into the USA but soon after repealed the ban. Nowadays, the FDA has categorized e-cigarettes as a tobacco product effectively making them illegal to minors, and has incorporated other forms of regulation when it comes to sale and production. In Europe, there are also regulations when it comes to e-cigarette production, passed by the European Parliament in 2014. While vaping is mostly legal throughout Europe, some countries also made it illegal for minors and limited the use of e-cigarettes in places where regular cigarettes are also prohibited.

There are some countries, however, where vaping is even more regulated, especially if the e-cigarette contains nicotine. At the time of writing this, in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and even Australia, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is still highly regulated, even though the European Union, the UK, the USA, Scotland, and many other countries have long become much more open to and even advocate for vaping.

Why is this so? Let’s take a look.

When it comes to vaping, the laws and regulations in places like Australia are complex, to say the least, and current regulations vary from state-to-state, with no single agreed-upon set of regulations across the entirety of Australia.  Currently, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) does provide some guidance for the sale of e cigarettes and e liquid for shops on the ground in Australia, limiting the sale of nicotine as a therapeutic good in Australia. The use and supply of nicotine and vaping equipment is regulated separately in every country. Any person who is interested in purchasing vaping liquid or equipment is responsible for complying with the relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.  

TIt’s important consumers review local, state and federal laws and regulations in Australia and elsewhere when purchasing a vaping device. Vaping regulations in Australia and elsewhere are always evolving so do keep up to date with the latest legislation changes.  

Personal Safety

There are a couple of reasons why e-cigarettes are banned in Australia; the most commonly used argument against selling and using vaping devices in Australia is that we still don’t know the long-term effects of vaping. Most public health experts there agree with this statement, even the Minister for Health and Sport, Greg Hunt, has said that he’ll never lift the ban on e-cigarettes due to this reason.

While not much is known about the long-term effects of vaping, some studies show that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than regular cigarettes, considering both the short-term and long-term effects of vaping.

According to a research paper published in the European Addiction Research in 2014, e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes. The results were also supported by Public Health England and Royal College of Physicians through their own separate studies.  

When it comes to the short-term effects, a research paper published by the non-profit organization Cochrane Library includes analysis of over 40 different studies and over 1700 records on vaping. The researchers concluded that vaping has no serious short-term dangers whatsoever.

What about the long-term effects? Well, in 2017, a study investigating the effects of vaping over 3.5 years was published by Riccardo Polosa et al. Researchers found no significant changes in the participants’ health after this period of time, even in heavy vapers.

Does this mean that vaping is completely safe and the Australian government doesn’t know what it’s doing? Of course not, since studying the short-term and long-term effects of vaping is relatively a new thing. However, scientific studies and research thus far show that vaping could be a safer option than smoking, especially since there’s no inhalation of burnt tobacco which is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world.

Another big reason why the Australian government continues the ban on e-cigarettes is that making vaping legal would allegedly “re-normalize” smoking. However, e-cigarettes are mostly used as a smoking cessation aid, so vaping actually helps people to stop smoking cigarettes rather than making them smoke. Therefore, if you’re a smoker, vaping is an alternative that could be safer than smoking according to many studies. Vaping and e-cigarettes are not registered as therapeutic goods in Australia, so cannot be marketed as a smoking cessation. Vape devices are being recommended by public health bodies in Europe and elsewhere.      

Public Perception

The majority of vapers or e-cigarette users are either current or former smokers who use these vaping devices to either reduce the consumption of cigarettes or stop smoking altogether. It is not yet scientifically proven whether or not e-cigarettes are viable smoking cessation aids, however, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. Millions of people use vaping as a  replacement for smoking, so the public perception when it comes to e-cigarettes and other vaping devices is that vaping is a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking.

Even though some studies suggest there are significantly fewer toxins in e-cigarettes as well as no combustion and inhalation or burnt tobacco, further long-term studies are required to back up current evidence.  

Vape in Australia and elsewhere is commonly compared to smoking, but the two are very different. No tobacco exists in vaping devices and therefore the laws governing the products are not similar.  

The comparison between cigarettes, which have been proven to be extremely dangerous for one’s health, and vaping devices is seen by many people as unfair, as many countries promote the use of vape products, to reduce dependency on smoking cigarettes.

Dr Colin Mendelsohn, a tobacco treatment practitioner and Associate Professor from the University of NSW’s School of Public Health and Medicine, claims that vaping is much safer than smoking and can significantly aid in smoking cessation. He’s been helping people to stop smoking for over thirty years and has seen how electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit their addiction. He challenges the negative perception e-cigarettes have, by educating the public as well as actively helping hundreds of smokers by introducing vaping as an alternative. Dr. Mendelsohn urges the Australian government to see the positive impact e-cigarettes have as smoking cessation aids and to listen to organizations such as ‘Cancer Research UK’ which recommends vaping as a less harmful alternative.

Another public opinion, which is also induced by the government, is that vaping could cause young people to start smoking. This fear of vaping being the gateway to smoking is mostly due to vaping becoming a “trend” and the different flavours being popular and interesting to the younger population. However, as mentioned earlier, countless studies show that the negative consequences of both activities are incomparable, and there are no known studies which prove that vaping is the gateway to smoking. Also,  in many countries studies suggest millions of smokers have been helped to quit the habit using vaping devices vaping. In order for the public perception to shift, more people like Dr Mendelsohn are likely to speak openly about the benefits vaping and e-cigarettes have, especially when it comes to quitting smoking.

Vape Australia - why the confusion?

It’s 2018 and despite the countless studies which show that vaping could be a safer option than smoking, e-cigarettes in Australia face an uncertain future. But why does the unpopular opinion persist?  

The first reason is that many public health experts, as well as the Australian Cancer Council, National Health, and Medical Research Council, argue that there is not enough evidence which confirms that there are no potential long-term risks when it comes to vaping. However, there is existing evidence in the form of studies and research papers, which do suggest that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. These are regularly cited by public health bodies in other countries.

Another reason is the fear that people who never smoked, especially those from the younger population, will start smoking after becoming dependent on nicotine by using vaping devices. This fear stems from Australia as a country experiencing a significant drop in their smoking rates in recent years and having low smoking rates in general. Many public health experts, as well as many MPs, argue that there is no need to introduce another form of inducing nicotine since the smoking rates are lower each year anyway. But does this ignore the potential benefits for existing smokers who may use vaping as an alternative? Many MPs in Australia prefer the status quo - Australia’s Health Minister himself has said that he won’t lift the ban in his lifetime. Nevertheless, there are many experts as well as MPs that have opposing views. They believe that if the ban continues, many Australians will not have the chance to use vaping as a smoking cessation aid in order to successfully quit smoking cigarettes. They urge the Australian government to take a look at the evidence and create appropriate regulations which promote the use of e-liquids which contain nicotine.  

Many countries like England, Scotland, the USA, New Zealand, even the European Union not only allow for e-cigarettes with nicotine to be used and sold, but also endorse their usage when it comes to smokers. They’ve realized the effectiveness vaping has when trying to quit smoking, which is why they support people who want to make the switch.

When will Australia follow? Only time will tell, but if more people speak out and more long-term studies confirm the absence of potential risks, it’s likely to happen soon.

Why People are Giving Up Smoking and Picking Up Vaping

Vaping With Vaper Empire Vape Pen This is what it looks like to vape with a Vaper Empire vape pen. Adult smokers across Australia have switched to vaping with Vaper Empire brand e-cigarettes and e-liquids, is it time you made the switch?

In the past couple of decades, many people became aware of the dangerous consequences smoking has. Heart disease, cancer, and emphysema are some of the health risks that can be experienced when inhaling burnt tobacco and other toxins cigarettes have. Because of the technology and the internet that we have today, information is easily accessible, so after becoming aware of the negative and harmful, even fatal effects of smoking, more and more people are looking for ways to stop this habit.

While some people quit cold turkey, for others this is an impossible task. Smoking cigarettes is, after all, an addiction. This is why other alternatives have been developed, including vape. But why is vape so popular now? ,  

Not only can you still inhale nicotine (or not if you choose nicotine-free e-liquids), so this tends to help with the addiction aspect. Also, the habit of holding something in your hand and inhaling the vape from e-liquids which can contain nicotine will remain the same. The only difference is that you won’t be inhaling burnt tobacco alongside other toxins that can harm your lungs and your overall health.  

The Big Issue With Smoking

Smoking has many dangers and negative side-effects, so let’s go over some of them.

Stained teeth, bad breath, and smelling like cigarettes

Smoking a few cigarettes early in the day can have an impact throughout the whole day. Your clothes will smell like cigarettes, which may have a negative effect on those around you, especially if you're having a meeting or working closely with someone. It’s the same with your breath.

After smoking a cigarette, the smell stays with you for a while and the chemicals remain in your mouth which has a bad effect on your breath.

Smoking also causes yellow discolouration on your teeth. The tar in tobacco is mainly responsible for staining your teeth, which is absorbed by the pores, so you’ll have to visit your dentist more often.

Loss of sense of smell and taste

The chemicals in the tobacco decrease the ability of your taste buds to recognize tastes that are salty, bitter, sour, and sweet. The heat that comes with the smoke can also damage and burn your taste buds which will additionally diminish your ability to use your sense of taste.

Smoking also impairs your sense of smell. The longer you smoke, the more you’ll damage your olfactory nerves which are to be found on the rear part of your nose. After a couple of days of not smoking, your nerves start to repair and you’ll slowly begin to recover your senses, but the more you smoke, the more you’ll lose the sense of smell and taste.


Smoking is the leading preventable cause of cancer by a big margin. One-third of the cancer cases worldwide are linked to the smoke of tobacco, which is harmful to both smokers and non-smokers who inhale second-hand smoke. There are 69 types of cancer that the chemicals from the tobacco smoke can be responsible for, out of which lung cancer is the riskiest. 70% of lung cancer cases are from smoking, and that specific type of cancer has one of the lowest chances of survival out of all cancer types.

But there is some good news. Most of the diseases are preventable if you stop smoking and the chances of getting cancer fall significantly if you quit your smoking habit completely.

Premature aging and wrinkles

You may have heard the phrase “smoker’s face”. Research has found that smoking causes premature wrinkles and early aging. There are chemicals in the tobacco smoke which damage the tissues and prevent the standard chemical processes of the healthy tissues.

Smoking is responsible for lower circulation of the skin and degradation of collagen. It reduces the thickness of the skin, which decreases skin elasticity. There are many studies on the effects of smoking on your skin and body, and some say that the average smoker looks at least 1-2 years older than it should be.

Weakens your heart and lungs

Smoking has many effects on your lungs. Not only it causes lung cancer, but it also causes breathing problems and weakens the functions of your lungs. It causes diseases that may be fatal, like emphysema and pneumonia.

Smokers are more susceptible to heart attacks as well. The more you smoke, the bigger the chances of having heart disease. Smoking is directly responsible for around 20% of all heart diseases. Smoking, in fact, gets you higher blood pressure and a condition where plaque builds inside your coronary arteries.

Not only is smoking bad for you, but it’s also bad for those around you since second-hand smoke also causes lung and heart diseases.

Impact on physical activity

If you like playing sports, want to have longer exercises, or achieve peak performance, cigarettes are your biggest enemies. In order to be healthy and for your body to function properly, your organs such as heart and lungs, as well as your muscles need blood that is rich with oxygen. The smoke from tobacco does exactly the opposite. It reduces the oxygen which has a negative impact on your overall physical performance and endurance.

While smoking, there are more odds for you to experience shortness of breath, less flexibility and muscular strength, and to get injured. There are four times more chances for smokers to say that they feel tired or unrested after a night’s sleep than nonsmokers, and experience disturbed sleep patterns, so take this into consideration.

Increased levels of stress

There are many physical health risks that come with smoking cigarettes, and with that said it’s important to know that there are mental health risks associated with tobacco as well. Many smokers may say that smoking cigarettes relaxes them and relieves stress. But what researchers actually revealed is that smoking is responsible for higher anxiety levels and increased tension. Although smoking relaxes you and temporarily reduces stress, it actually just decreases the symptoms of anxiety, and it doesn’t really help you with reducing the level of anxiety. Instead, you become addicted to nicotine and try to self-medicate yourself when you feel stressed or anxious.

If you smoke, the chances to be depressed are two times higher, since nicotine prompts the release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain directly associated with happiness or positive feelings. Because of that, the natural release of dopamine is decreased for smokers. They then depend on their cigarettes to release more dopamine, which is why nicotine is so addictive and creates a feeling of relieving stress.

One way to stop those mental effects that nicotine has is to quit smoking. If you don’t feel like quitting, then you can try vaping with e-juices without nicotine or slowly try to lower the level of nicotine of your e-liquid.

Impotence and lower libido

Smoking can result in poor blood flow in your body because tobacco smoke damages the blood vessels. Since it has a negative impact on the circulation of your blood, it also has a negative impact on the flow of blood to the male sexual organ. This can cause erectile dysfunction or impotence. Research shows that impotence is more likely to happen if you smoke than if you don’t, and if you are a young man, smoking can have an even larger impact for a potential erectile dysfunction.

Men's performance in bed can only be lowered when smoking heavily. If your performance is lowered, then it’s logical that your libido will also suffer. Smoking can also damage the smooth muscle inside the organ that is responsible for erectile function. If you stop smoking, after a couple of weeks your performance will be back to normal (as it should have been) and the frequency of intimate relations, as well as satisfaction, may only grow.

Fertility and pregnancy risks

Smoking can have serious negative effects on becoming pregnant. It can also be the cause of not having a healthy baby. For women who smoke, the chances of getting pregnant are lower, and getting pregnant takes more time. This is the case not only with active, or heavy smokers, but also with those who inhale second-hand smoke.

Risks in pregnancy and birth defects also grow larger if you’re a smoker. If you smoke while you are pregnant the chances of miscarriage also increase. Smoking also impairs and negatively affects the reproductive process, but if you quit smoking before pregnancy, the chances of birth defects are almost the same as with non-smokers and quitting will normalize your fertility in only one year.


The cost of smoking may be the most obvious issue. The price of a pack of cigarettes grows larger every day. Buying cigarettes from day to day may not look too costly, but if you calculate the amount you are spending every year, you might be surprised. For those that smoke a pack a day, and their pack of cigarettes is 20 dollars, they spend more than 7000 Australia dollars every year. And that is only the monetary costs. As we said before, smoking also costs us our physical health, mental health, looks, etc.

Making the Commitment

While most smokers are aware that smoking cigarettes is a dangerous activity since it has so many negative consequences, it’s still hard to make the commitment to stop. As we already said, smoking is an addiction which is why it’s very difficult to quit. Therefore, if you are a smoker, it’s important to be fully aware that you have a nicotine addiction and start from there.

Vaping, as you’re probably aware at this point, is suggested as a good alternative to smoking. You’ll still be holding a cigarette “look-a-like” in your hand and receive your nicotine dosage at the same time. However, before committing to vaping, it’s crucial that you make the commitment to quit cigarettes altogether.

Why is this very important? When smoking a cigarette, you’re receiving a certain amount of nicotine. Some people are used to receiving a larger amount, which is why they smoke up to a couple of packs every day, while others are used to a lesser amount which is why they have one or a couple of cigarettes daily. After finishing a cigarette, smokers feel as if they have received the amount of nicotine they needed for that particular moment, which is why most of the time they won’t light another one immediately after.

Vaping doesn’t have this, let’s call it a “regular dosage” of nicotine. Instead, you fill up the tank with the e-liquid of your choosing and can vape as much as you want, anytime you want. If filled with an e-liquid that can have nicotine, one tank can have enough nicotine for one day. The e-liquid can last from days, up to weeks, depending on the dosage and how frequently a person vapes. The problem for most is the uncertainty of whether or not they’ve received the amount of nicotine their body is used to. Now we come to the part of why making the commitment to quit smoking altogether is of extreme importance when starting to vape.

If you vape and smoke at the same time, and don’t regulate your nicotine intake, you could get a nicotine overdose. When putting too much nicotine in your system, you might experience nausea, you might vomit, your head might start hurting, and you may often experience such other unpleasant side-effects. After feeling bad for a certain amount of time while both smoking and vaping, you might quit vaping, stick to cigarettes, and go back to the bad habit you wanted to quit in the first place. So take it easy to start with.

Another thing is that most people start vaping in order to quit the nicotine addiction entirely. A smart way to do that would be to start with e-liquids that have a higher amount of nicotine and gradually over time switch to e-liquids that have a lesser amount of nicotine. By doing this, you won’t shock your system which is used to receive a certain amount of nicotine every day, but will slowly decrease the need for nicotine. This way, you’ll get used to a smaller amount of nicotine, and eventually start using e-liquids that don’t contain any nicotine whatsoever. Once the nicotine cravings are gone, you’ll finally be free from the dependency and either continue vaping nicotine-free e-liquids, or if you don’t feel the need for nicotine any longer you could stop vaping completely.

So, nicotine overdose and the desire to quit your nicotine dependency are the two most important reasons why you shouldn’t smoke and vape at the same time. Therefore, before even thinking about the idea to start vaping, first, think about making the commitment to stop smoking.

Why You’ll Save Money Vaping

Australian Currency Australian smokers who switch to vaping with Vaper Empire vaping products could stand to save hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars a year.

Every year cigarettes are becoming more and more expensive. This is happening throughout the world, but Australia and New Zealand are leading with the highest price per pack of cigarettes, and that’s not where the Australian government stops. They made a commitment to raise the price up to 40 dollars until 2020, which will double the price that we have in 2018.

If you are new to vaping, in the beginning, you may spend more than you expected. Buying a vape, extra parts, different liquids, and so on, may cost you more than a few packs of cigarettes. What you also need to know is that in the long run, vaping can save you a significant amount of money. It all depends on how much cigarettes you smoke daily or how much you spend on one pack.

To get more precise information about the savings you may get, you can use the calculator on our website. If you scroll and get to the middle of our homepage, you will find the tool that will give you the amount of dollars you will be saving if switching from smoking to vaping. The section is called “how much will you save” and you'll need to input the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, the cost you have per pack, and how much cigarettes there are in one pack.

What you’ll get in return is the amount you spend on cigarettes per month, how much will the e-liquid cost you, your monthly savings, and also yearly savings. If you smoke two packs per day and your pack of cigarettes costs you 20 dollars, then you'll be saving 1200 dollars per month, or almost 13000 dollars every single year. That sounds unbelievable but based on you using a Vaper Empire 'Classic Collection' E-Liquid, that amount is not only possible but entirely plausible.

So, with that said, not only you will protect your health by quitting smoking, but you will save a good amount of money if you quit.  Nowadays smoking is not only terrible for your health, but also for your pocket, so making the switch will only do you good in the long run.

Will vaping save you money? Most definitely, yes it will.

Choosing the Right Vape for You

Whether you’re new to the world of vaping or you just want to familiarize yourself better with different vaping devices, with so many different products sometimes it’s hard to choose the right one. For that reason, here are the three most common vaping devices so that you make the right choice when choosing your first (or next) one.


When vaping started to gain popularity, almost all vaping devices on the market looked like real cigarettes, which is why they were called cigalikes. These small-sized electronic cigarettes are light, can easily fit in any pocket, and are perfect for both new and casual vapers. Out of all vaping devices on the market today, cigalikes are the ones that most resemble traditional cigarettes which explains their appeal to those trying to quit smoking.

There are two types of cigalikes: refillable and disposable. The former ones require refilling a cartomizer with the e-liquid of your choosing and charging the battery, while the latter ones serve you no more once the e-liquid is gone and the battery is run out.

While cigalikes look like the perfect replacement for traditional cigarettes, there are some drawbacks. Out of all vaping devices on the market, cigalikes are the ones whose batteries’ lives are shortest and whose cartomizers are the smallest. This means that cigalikes require that you charge the battery more often than you would with other devices and refill the cartomizer more frequently with e-liquids as well.

All in all, if you’re new to vaping and want to try it out at a smaller price, cigalikes may be the right e-cigarettes for you.

Vape Pens

Nowadays, vape pens are the most popular type of e-cigarettes and no wonder! They have larger cartomizers or tanks, meaning that they store a larger amount of e-liquids, and have a longer battery life also. Vape pens can be as small as cigalikes, or longer and more stylish, so you have more varieties to choose from. Remember, the bigger the battery, the longer it lasts, so have this in mind before purchasing.

Most vape pens have adjustable voltage functions, so you can dial your desired vaping voltage and customize your vaping experience. Vape pens can be used both by newbies and experienced vapers, so if you want something more powerful than cigalikes, then vape pens are the right e-cigarettes for you.


Now we come to the newest vaping devices on the market called mods. Mods are e-cigarettes, just like cigalikes and vape pens, but modified even further to include more features, hence the name.

Being the most advanced e-cigarettes on the market today, mods are most popular among the more experienced vapers who are looking for something more. But what’s so special about mods?

Mods are bigger than the other types of vaping devices, meaning they have a much longer battery life and a bigger tank for storing the e-liquid. They can be found in different shapes and sizes, and due to being technologically most advanced, mods offer more customization options than vape pens and oftentimes have an electronic display so you can more easily adjust the settings.

So, if cigalikes and vape pens are not enough for you, or you simply want to move on to a stronger and better vaping device, mods may be just the thing you need.

Find the Perfect Vape Liquid

The quality of the e-liquids is as important as the quality of the e-cigarettes if you want to have the best vaping experience, so let’s mention the two most important things you should consider when it comes to e-liquids.


Flavour is the first thing you should think of when purchasing your first e-liquid. Do you want it to resemble the tobacco found in traditional cigarettes or you want something new and exciting like fruity blends? Maybe menthol is the flavour you prefer or something resembling coffee?

At Vaper Empire, we offer classic flavours like tobacco, blueberry, menthol, coffee, cola, vanilla, and many more, as well as artisan selection with formulated flavours from expert mixologists for even the most sophisticated palates.

Check these flavours out and choose your favourite ones. Feel free to experiment and choose those you think will appeal your taste buds the best.

Nicotine Concentration

After choosing the flavour, the next step is to choose the nicotine concentration of your preference. This depends on whether you vape to quit smoking or you simply vape for the pleasure of vaping. Therefore, if you’re a heavy smoker who wants to start vaping in order to quit this habit, you might want to start with e-liquids that have a higher concentration of nicotine and over time choose the ones with lower concentration. On the other hand, if you are a non-smoker that vapes for the pleasure of vaping, you don’t need any nicotine so you’d want to choose those e-liquids that don’t have any nicotine whatsoever.

At Vaper Empire, we offer the following nicotine strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg, so think about what you need before choosing. You can view our complete line of e-juices here.

Starter Kits

Vaper Empire Vibe Series With the Vibe Series by Vaper Empire, vaping couldn't be any easier. With its powerful battery and large tank, it's capable of providing hours of use at a time.

As you begin your vaping journey, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with different vaping devices, as well as their features, parts, e-liquids, and so on. But wait, there is an easier way to start your vaping journey, and that’s choosing a vaping starter kit that will include all the information and all the components you need so you don’t buy them separately. Not sure which vape starter kit is the right one for you? Let’s help you out.


If you’re looking for an e-cigarette that closely resembles the traditional cigarette, look no further since the V-PACK II offers everything that you need. Not only is the design incredible and really stylish, but the ‘cigalike’ is disposable, meaning that you won’t have to refill the cartridge manually. The starter kit includes one ‘cigalike’ e-cigarette, 3 pre-filled cartridges, and space for charging your battery, all neatly packed in an all-in-one portable charging case. You can choose from 8 delicious flavours, and when there’s no more e-liquid in the cartridge, simply replace it with another one and you’re good to go.

The V-TWIST, the VANTAGE, and the VIVA

Refillable tanks, vape pen-like e-cigarettes, and longer battery life than the previous e-cigarettes, the V-TWIST, the VANTAGE starter kits offer everything you need. You’ll receive all the main components required for the ultimate vaping experience, as well as e-liquids of your choice. You can adjust the voltage function for a more customized vaping experience, so check out these starter kits and choose the one you like the best.


The VIBE starter kit includes a mod with an extremely powerful battery and customizable features, so if you’re an experienced vaper you might want to check it out. That being said, even if you’re new to vaping this might be a good starting kit since it’s very easy to use and comes with a user manual that will answer all of your questions. All you need are some e-liquids and you can start vaping!

Things to Consider When Vaping for your First Time

Learning the lingo

In the beginning, you may be confused by the lingo vapers use. There are a couple of words and meanings you might want to know, so here are the most widely used ones when it comes to the topic of vaping and e-cigarettes.

Atomizer: Part of the vape that creates vapour from the liquid. It contains the coil and the wick.

Cartridge: Place where you put the e-Liquid or e-Juice.

Coil: Element inside the atomizer that heats the liquid and converts it into vapour.

Dripping: Type of vaping. Instead of adding a couple of mL liquid into the cartridge, you add only a few drops directly inside the atomizer.

e-Juice (or e-Liquid): Fluid-like substance that you add to the atomizer. Can have different flavours and can be with or without nicotine.

Millilitres (mL): Amount of e-Juice the cartridge/tank contains.

Mod: Abbreviation of modify/modification. It usually means a vaping device that is not like a regular cigarette (or pen).

Tank: Similar to a cartridge, but usually keeps more liquid inside.

Wick: Element inside the atomizer that soaks the liquid. Can be made from different materials, like cotton or silica cord.


It’s recommended that every new user starts with reading the manual of the vaping device it bought because every vape mod is in some way different from others. There will be instructions inside the box, and the manual can contain some tips for using the vape mod. With them in mind, you should minimize the chance of potentially making a mistake.

Learning how to clean it and doing that regularly should keep your vape mod in great shape. That way you will prolong its life and keep the quality as it was when you used it for the first time.

Following directions is extremely important, especially when it comes to things like setting the temperature or carrying extra batteries. Your batteries should be in good condition and kept in a case while caring them in pocket or purse, while following directions for the temperature should make your hits smoother and bigger.


Is Vaping Dangerous?

As vaping becomes more and more popular, people are questioning the health effects of this new alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is the most asked question for those interested in vaping, and for a good reason. There are all kinds of stories and articles that e-cigarette liquid contains toxic materials, that the battery can explode, or some other danger related to vaping.

If we do a comparison with smoking a regular cigarette, everyone will understand the difference between these two things. There are more than 7000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, out of which 69 cause cancer, while vaping produces only vapour, which doesn't contain smoke. We also know that, in many cases, smoking is responsible for lung cancer.

Actually, around 80% of people with lung cancer are smokers. The combustion process of tobacco while smoking cigarettes is mainly responsible for the harmful effects on your lungs. While the tobacco burns, we inhale the smoke that contains hundreds of different chemicals E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco at all. There is a study published in the journal European Addiction Research that says vaping can be mostly 1/20 (no more than 5%) harmful as smoking tobacco. The study's authors are even encouraging smokers to switch to vaping due to this reason.

There are some chemicals that may sound strange in the liquid of the e-cigarettes, but they are in much smaller quantities than in the chemically processed tobacco from cigarettes. The level of those chemicals is so minimal that in most cases it is only trace amounts.  To avoid the potential dangers of those chemicals while vaping, make sure that you choose high-quality e-cigarettes and e-liquid. Vaping is a relatively new technology and many research papers suggest it could be safer than smoking. Since many people who vape are former or current cigarette smokers, switching to e-cigarettes could help reduce health risks (according to the papers cited in this article).

What is "Popcorn Lung"?

Popcorn lung is a serious lung condition that can do irreversible harm. This condition causes lung damage that can only be stopped with a lung transplant. But how is popcorn lung (or bronchiolitis obliterans) caused and should you be worried if you vape?

Prolonged exposure to diacetyl causes popcorn lung. Diacetyl is an artificial flavouring that is used in many products to give them a buttery taste. There is one example that you may have heard of that caused lung damage to several workers in a factory for microwaved popcorns. They got this condition from long exposure to diacetyl in the 1990s while working with this chemical. The effects of this condition are degradation in lung function, shortness of breath, and wheezing.

But people that vape are really in no danger from this dangerous lung condition. Our e-liquids do not contain diacetyl. Cigarettes, however, contain diacetyl and other cancer-causing ingredients.  

Vape users should check the e-liquid ingredients they use and ensure quality.

What's All this Chat about Exploding Batteries?

There are many videos on the internet where you can see an exploding battery, and in some of those cases, it’s a battery from an e-cigarette. Because the thought of a battery exploding in your pocket (or in your mouth) is scary, those videos are even more popularized in the media as well as on social media. But what you don’t get to see in many cases is why the batteries are exploding, and how you can prevent that from happening to you.

The first thing we need to know is that batteries from e-cigarettes are not exploding any more often than any other similar batteries that power other devices. Most of the issues that can happen to a battery are in fact caused by the people who use them, and it’s very rare that a battery explodes only because it had some defects.

Also, many cheap brands may not give the proper instructions to the users or won’t supply you with warnings. For example, you can make the mistakes of carrying extra batteries in your pocket which will induce a short circuit that will rapidly overheat the battery. What is important to know is that almost all cases of an exploding battery can be prevented since they were created by improper handling of the battery (or e-cigarettes) in the first place.

The plastic wrapper on the battery can help you avoid a battery short-circuit. If it’s damaged, consider changing the battery or carefully wrapping it yourself. It’s important not to carry the battery in a pocket or a purse alongside coins or some other conductive material. This is most often the reason, and while you may see news articles with the title “e-cigarette explodes in a pocket”, rarely that’s the case. Instead, the two poles of the extra battery are accidentally connected by some metal material which will make it overheat and explode. Best way to make sure this doesn't happen is to put the battery in some plastic or silicone case while you carry it around with you. Our batteries are made in the top manufacturers who use the best component parts to produce every product.

Why do Some People Call it "Modding"?

The word modding is slang for the word modifying, and it’s used in different areas to indicate modifying hardware, software, or some other thing that is changed from its original state. In the case of vaping, modding is used to describe the process of getting a vape to your liking by tailoring the different components it contains.

Modding can be artistic or technical and is one of the things that made vaping popular. It was born on the vaping forums, while vape users shared their ideas for improving the cartridges or changing parts of the atomizers. Trying to make it better and improve some functions of the vape, the name modding was associated with vaping. Nowadays, most vaporizers are created and sold with interchangeable parts, so the technical modding by the users is not needed as much as before, but the name modding is still used by the vaping community today.

What is a "Mod Vape"?

Mod vape is a type of vaporizer that has extra functionalities and is more customizable than a regular vape pen. It is specially designed so that many parts are interchangeable and users are more flexible to test different batteries, tanks, etc.

This types of vapes are popular, as they produce more vapour and have larger and more powerful power sources. These additional improvements are responsible for the greater flavour of the juice that the mod vapes use. Users feel more throat hit as there is more vapour and enhanced flavour as well.

More experienced vapers prefer using mod vapes. There are different types of mod vapes, but almost all contain the same parts. One of the components is the battery mod which powers the vape, and a mod vape can even contain up to three batteries. The temperature, voltage, and wattage can be controlled in some of the more advanced mod vapes, so you’ll have a more personalized vaping experience. Another main component of the mod vape is the tank which holds the juice. There are different sizes of the tank, but most often you will find them to hold from a few mL up to 10 mL of e-liquid.

Wicks are to be found inside the tank and they hold (absorb) the juice. In many cases, they are made from cotton and are being used so that you’ll get a better taste when the juice is heated. The coil is an element in the tank of the mod vape that is responsible for heating the juice, which can be replaceable, as most of the elements in the mod vapes are. The last part of the vape is the mouthpiece, also called the drip tip. This part of the mod vape is the element you smoke from and can be made from different kinds of material, like glass, plastic, or steel.

How Do I Set the Temperature Controls?

Many hobbyist vape users use mod vapes which have temperature control. Our range does not include these products as they can be very complicated.  When you try to learn about these features for the first time, it may seem complicated. In fact, there are only a couple of things you need to know before you get yourself into that field of modding and controlling the temperature of your vaporizer.

One of the things you must learn is the watts on your mod vape. In order to control the temperature, you need to set the wattage on your vape device. If the watts are higher, then there will be more vapour, since the coil inside the atomizer will get hotter. The most commonly used setting is around 4-6 watts or even 7-9 watts for some users. If it's too hot, then the vapour that you inhale can burn you a little, so be careful.

But how do you control the wattage of your vaping device? This is the tricky part. To set the wattage on the mod vape you need to know about voltage and ohms because they are elements/units responsible for controlling the wattage. This part may require some simple math.

Ohms indicate the resistance of the coil, while the voltage is the pressure from the power source. To control the power which is measured in watts, you need to adjust both the volts and the resistance (ohms).

For example, you can set both the resistance and the volts to 4 to get 4 watts of power. If you change the resistance from 4 to 2, and the volts stay on 4, you’ll get 8 watts of power. There are vaping power charts on the internet so you’ll get the right power without calculating the outcome yourself. Too hot can be risky since it can burn out the coil or fry some juices, while too cool can produce little to no vapour.

What are Clearomizers, and Cartos, and Tanks?

Every e-cigarette has an element that stores the liquid, which is then heated by the coil so that it can be converted into a vapour. The element that contains the coil, the tank (cartridge) and the wick can be a clearomizer or cartomizer.


Clearomizers are the most popular option, and they are also the newest invention from those three. The difference between cartomizers and clearomizers is minimal, and in some cases, they only differ in the transparency of the tank. Clearomizers allow you to see the liquid inside the tank and they don’t contain polyfill materials.

They have a large capacity for e-juice, long life-cycle, and some come with a replaceable coil. There are plastic and glass options, whereas the latter is considered to be much better for serious users and much easier to clean.

Cartos or cartomisers

Cartos are made from a metallic or plastic cylinder and polyfill material wrapped around the coil. They are very hard to clean, but the good thing is that they are cheap to replace. Cartos are everywhere and a lot of vape users use them, but they are not as popular as they were before. There are different types of cartos, some made for one-time use, or more often they can be reused and refilled with juice.


Tanks are used so that mod vape users can store some extra liquid in their clearomizers or cartomizers. There are many types of tanks that come in different sizes, materials, and shapes. Usually, they can contain up to 10 mL of e-juice inside, which can give you a couple of hours of vaping.

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