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'Vaping', A Journalists Perspective

A Business Insider Australia article chronicling an E-Cig user who has been 'vaping' for 1 year and 4 months. The column written by Chris C Anderson gives his personal experience on moving away from cigarettes and embracing its electronic counterpart. It is a fair discussion on the benefits and teething issues that still mar e-cigs as a new technology. He waxes lyrical about some of the life changing impacts that he feels vaping has added to his life. He talks about no longer feeling guilty about smoking around people and the escaping the stigma. He also mentions the improvement to his health and the reduced staining to his teeth. However it appears his most satisfying change is that he now receives more kisses from his wife and no longer smells out his house whilst smoking. If you're contemplating moving away from smoking take a read of this very frank article.


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