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Why Is My Vape Not Producing A Lot Of Smoke?

Why Is My Vape Not Producing A Lot Of Smoke?
For some people, vaping is all about being able to quit smoking. For others, however, vaping is all about playing vaping games and producing the biggest, thickest clouds of 'vape smoke' possible.

If you fall into the latter group and your vape pen, e-cig, or vape mod isn't producing the amount of smoke you want, carry on reading!

What is Vape Smoke?

First off, though, we want to clarify something---'vape smoke' does not exist. The substance that is produced by a vape is not smoke; it is an aerosol commonly referred to as vapour.

Since it looks like cigarette smoke, though, people have taken to calling it 'vape smoke' when in fact the two couldn't be any more different from one another. Just about the only thing that the two have in common is their appearance.

Smoke vs Vapour

By definition, smoke requires the burning or combustion of a substance for it to be produced. This is because the definition of "smoke" is "a visible suspension of carbon or other particles in the air, typically one emitted from a burning substance."

In contrast, vapour does not involve any burning or combustion; it is "a substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid or solid."

The primary difference between smoke and vapour that you should know is that smoke contains thousands of different chemicals and by-products as a result of combustion, not to mention tar. Vapour, on the other hand, has the same elements present as the liquid substance vaporised and does include tar.

When cigarettes are burned, they produce thousands of harmful chemicals, some of which are cancer-causing, such as arsenic, methanol, and cadmium.

When e-liquids are vaporised, a vapour is produced. The vapour produced is the direct result of heating the flavourings, PG, VG, and nicotine that the e-liquid contains. In some cases, nicotine is not present, as some e-liquids contain no nicotine. For that matter, there are e-liquids that contain no flavourings as well, and some e-liquids contain either PG or VG, not both -- although, many e-liquids today contain all of these ingredients.

Tips for Producing More Vapour

If you are struggling to get any decent vape clouds out of your device, there are a few tips and tricks you can try to make it play ball.

1. Use An E-Liquid with More VG

As you are likely aware, e-liquids often contain both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in a ratio. These ratios can be 50/50, 40/60, 30/70 and so on… it depends on the e-liquid and the manufacturer. You can also get 100% PG and 100% VG e-liquids, too.

E-liquids that have a higher amount of VG will produce bigger and denser clouds of vapour. Check how much VG your current e-liquids have and if it is quite low, consider swapping it out for an e-liquid with more VG that will meet your cloud chasing goals.

2. Try a More Advanced Vaping Device

No matter how hard you try and what e-liquid you use, a small, basic e-cig is unlikely to produce as much vapour as a more advanced device such as a vape pen or box mod. That being said, some vape pens are also quite basic and won't be cut out for the task, either.

If you want to produce the biggest clouds possible, you are going to have to upgrade your device to an advanced vaping pen or vape mod. These contain superior atomisers and adjustable settings that can be used to manipulate vapour production.

We will cover this in more detail later in this guide.

3. Adjust Voltage and Airflow

If you have a device with adjustable voltage and/or airflow like our V-Twist Series vape pen, playing around with these can aid vapour production.

With voltage, dial it up--- the power supplied by your device to its coil is directly proportional to the amount of vapour that will be produced. You will also get a massively improved depth of flavour, too. Just be careful not to overdo this and damage your vape's coil. This is very much a skill that comes over time.

As for airflow, increasing it can also help produce bigger, thicker clouds of vapour.

If your current device does not have adjustable airflow or power settings then you will need to invest in one that does.

Two Great Vaping Devices for High Vapour Production

At Vaper Empire, we have two fantastic devices, the V-Twist and Vibe, that are designed to produce thick vapour clouds.

Let's look at both of these in turn!

The V-Twist

Vaper Empire V-Twist Series Vape Pen The V-Twist Series by Vaper Empire.
The V-Twist has been discontinued. Shop our latest selection of vape pens here.

Containing a 900mAh battery, this vape pen has adjustable voltage and airflow settings to allow for control of cloud production.

Simply twist the dial on the bottom of the vape pen to adjust the voltage between 3.2V and 4.8V. Airflow can be controlled by opening and closing the vent located between the e-liquid tank and the power button. To get the densest clouds possible, turn up the voltage and slightly close off the air vents before taking a long drag from the device.

Ready to use right out of the box, our elegant yet discreet answer to high-power vape pens is available to purchase as part of a Deluxe Starter Kit that gives you everything you need to get going:

  • One rechargeable battery at 900mAh
  • Two adjustable airflow clearomiser tanks
  • One USB power cable and Australian power adapter
  • Three bottles of 10ml Classic Vaper Empire e-liquid
  • One bottle of 10ml Artisan Vaper Empire e-liquid
  • One Vaper Empire leather-bound pouch

The Vibe

Vaper Empire Vibe Series The Vibe Series by Vaper Empire.
If you want maximum cloud production, our Vibe vape is the best product for you.

Whilst the V-Twist is great with its 900mAh battery, the Vibe contains a beastly 2000mAh battery alongside an e-liquid tank volume of 4.5ml and a 1.5ohm coil. These together make for a high-performing device that will have you creating thick vape clouds for hours.

With the Vibe, there is no set-up required and no settings need to be adjusted, either. It is ready to go right out of the box---just add your chosen e-liquid and off you go.

Just like the V-Twist, the Vibe can be purchased as part of a Deluxe Starter Kit that includes:

  • 1 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • 1 4.5ml VIBE tank with a dual-coil atomiser
  • 1 spare dual-coil atomiser
  • 1 USB power cable
  • 1 spare 'O' ring pack
  • 2 alternative drip-tip mouthpieces
  • 1 Australian power adapter
  • 3 bottles of 10ml Classic e-liquid
  • 1 bottle of 10ml Artisan e-liquid
  • 1 leather-bound carry pouch

Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store for More

If you like the look of these products and want to see what else is in our line-up, the best place to go is our online store. We stock everything from vaping devices to accessories and e-liquids to replacement parts---whatever you need, we have.
9 September 2019

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