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Vape Force One: Cory Bernadi's Vaping Law Protest

The government is under more pressure to change the laws banning retailers to supply nicotine for vaping devices, following a stunt by senator Cory Bernardi today.

Bernardi took a stand on the vaping law issue, spending his Valentine's Day (also appropriately known as V-day) protesting the current laws by taking a van called "Vape Force One" on a lap around parliament house in Canberra. The stunt has definitely raised a few eyebrows, but hopefully, it's put pressure on the government to move in the right direction.

“Vaping is a much safer way for people to satisfy their nicotine addiction and cravings.” Stated Senator Bernadi today. “The Government’s position is illogical".

Image by Patrick Griffiths, via AAP.

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