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Vape Battery Safety

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When it comes to vaping, there are a few things that you absolutely need to have. You’ll need e-liquid, a tank or an atomizer of some kind, and you’ll need a vape battery. All of these things require some level of upkeep, but keeping your battery in safe working condition is especially important.

You’ve likely heard reports of exploding vape batteries. Tragic circumstances like this are rare, and they’re almost always preventable. There are battery safety procedures that you can follow to keep yourself and those around you safe. Here, we’ll be discussing a few things that you can do to keep vaping as safe as possible. Read on to find out why vape batteries explode and how to keep yours in tip-top shape.

Why Do Vape Batteries Explode?

Vape batteries explode because of something called a “short circuit.” Batteries have a positive side and a negative side. The positive side gives off an electrical current while the negative side is made to receive the current. Electricity travels from the positive side of the battery, through the electrical components of the vaporizer, and back to the negative side of the battery.

If there's unintended contact between two components that carry current inside the vaporizer, the electrons can use that point of contact as a shortcut, bypassing part of its intended path, resulting in a shorter current. Short circuits can occur in the battery or within the components of the vaporizer itself. Regardless of where the circuit occurs, it can cause the battery to overheat. Because the electrolyte inside a battery is extremely flammable, the extra heat can sometimes cause it to explode.

Avoid Vape Battery Explosions

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. There have been irregular instances of vape batteries exploding, sometimes leaving their users hospitalized. There are a few simple precautions that you can take to help prevent vape battery explosions. Remember these vape battery safety tips to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Use a Regulated Vaporizer

Regulated vaporizers have built-in safety features that will keep your battery from short-circuiting. If a regulated vape detects a short-circuit, it’ll lock your vaporizer, and it’ll usually let you know that there’s something wrong with your battery. Unregulated vaporizers don’t have features like this, and if your battery short-circuits, there’s no safeguard to prevent it from exploding.

Take Care of Your Vape

Never let your vaporizer come into contact with water. Water is a conductor, so it can easily result in a short circuit. When refilling your tank, be careful and try not to get e-liquid on your vaporizer. Don’t leave your vaporizer in places that are hotter than usual. Avoid leaving your vaporizer outside in the sun or near an open flame. Unusually high temperatures can cause the electrical components of your vaporizer and battery to degrade, resulting in a short circuit.

Don’t leave your vaporizer in places with unusually high levels of humidity. As stated previously, water is a conductor that has the potential to cause a short circuit. Humidity can be detrimental to electronic devices, including vaporizers and vape batteries. Don’t leave your vaporizer on the bathroom sink when you take a hot shower, and never leave it on a wet surface.

Only charge your vape with the charger that came with it. Other chargers may supply the wrong amount of power to your vaporizer’s battery, causing it to overheat. The extra heat can break down the inside components of your battery, increasing the likelihood of a short circuit.

Vape Battery Safety

Avoiding a vape-related explosion is usually as simple as using a good, regulated vaporizer and taking care of it. Don’t get it wet, keep it away from heat and humidity, and don’t charge it with anything but the vaporizer’s included charger. For more vape battery safety tips, we recommend you take a look at the FDA's tips on how to avoid vape battery explosions.

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26 March 2019

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