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How Vape Airflow Impacts Your Vaping Experience

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Have you ever wondered what the adjustable airflow feature on a vaping device is used for? You're certainly not the only one, which is why we put together this comprehensive guide on how airflow impacts your vaping experience and why it's a desirable feature.

What Does Airflow On A Vape Do?

Vaper Empire's V-Nix Series Vape PenVaper Empire's V-Nix Series vape pen incorporates an airflow collar for quickly adjusting the airflow.

Airflow on a vape is determined by the amount of fresh air that is allowed to enter the vaping device when the fire button is pressed. All vapes allow some air to enter, however, not all vapes have an adjustable airflow collar that allows users to control the amount of air that is allowed to enter like our V-Nix Series vape pen.

With more air entering the device, the vapour is cooler, thinner (less dense), and less flavourful. This can make for a more comfortable vaping experience, especially with the direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping method in which vapers inhale vapour directly into their lungs rather than drawing it into their mouth first and then inhaling later.

When there is less air entering the device, the vapour is warmer, thicker (denser), and the flavour is more intense. As a result, reduced airflow is often preferred by vapers who use the mouth-to-lung (MTL) method of vaping and those who prefer a strong throat hit sensation or simply want thicker vape smoke.

Do Vapes Need Airflow?

A certain amount of airflow is necessary for vaping devices to function properly. As we noted above, the amount of airflow determines important aspects of the vapour produced, including:

  • Flavour intensity
  • Vapour temperature
  • Vapour density

While the amount of airflow does alter the intensity of the vapour's flavour, its temperature, and its density, its impact on the vaping experience does not simply end there.

Does Less Airflow Use More Juice?

Increasing the airflow can actually reduce the amount of e-juice used when vaping because more of the vape liquid remains on the coils. Subsequently, vapers looking to maximise their e-juice by using it as efficiently as possible may consider increasing the amount of airflow on their device.

If your vape appears to be using more liquid than it should or if you're wondering why you're going through so much vape juice, there's a chance that your tank might actually be damaged. Make sure to check your vape for leaks and to replace any components that are damaged.

Does Airflow Affect Nicotine?

The amount of airflow can have an impact on the amount of nicotine that you get. The more vapour you inhale, the more nicotine you will receive. With this in mind, adjusting your vape's airflow to increase vapour production can result in increased nicotine delivery when vaping.

Does More Airflow Mean Bigger Clouds?

For cloud chasers, increasing the airflow is a must as doing so allows for large clouds of vapour to be inhaled and exhaled. While the sight of big clouds being exhaled may be impressive to some, the sight comes at the expense of diminished flavour.

What's The Best Airflow On A Vape?

If you're wondering how you should have your airflow set on your vape, the answer depends on the type of device that you're using, the voltage or wattage your device is operating at, the type of e-liquid that you're using, and what style of vaping you prefer.

  • Cloud chasers should open their airflow all the way up or close to, allowing for plenty of air to enter their vape. This will provide large clouds with slow, long, and loose inhales when the fire button is engaged.
  • Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers should restrict their airflow, as this will produce thick, warm vapour with an intense flavour. If the airflow is reduced too much, the vapour may become so warm and thick that it is uncomfortable to inhale. The more the airflow is reduced, the harsher the sensation of the throat hit becomes.
  • Direct-to-lung (DTL) vapers should increase their airflow until they find the sweet spot at which the vapour is tasty and comfortable to inhale.

For the most part, we recommend starting with the airflow setting somewhere in the middle, partway open and partway closed. From there, we recommend increasing or decreasing the amount of air that passes through the vape in order to find the setting that works best for you and your e-liquid.

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20 July 2022