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How to use the V-Pack II

Keen on getting the Vaper Empire V-Pack II? Then take a look at this instructional video about the V-Pack II and all of its functionality.

When seeking the more traditional experience, look towards the striking profile and the loyal performance of the V-Pack II. To open your V-Pack II charging case, simply slide the front of the V-Pack unit down until the top of the case pops open.

Once you have fully assembled your starter kit, the V-Pack II will hold one complete e-cigarette, one spare battery stem, and three additional re-fill cartomizers.

There are many refill options for flavoured e-cig cartomisers for your V-Pack II, including the deliciously sweet apple and the classic menthol.

To see flavours available now for V-Pack II and all related products, click here.

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