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The ultimate vaping glossary:

If you're new around here, here is the ultimate vaping glossary to get you started. If you're a veteran vaper and have any terms to add, please leave a comment for us!

:  Refers to an 'All Day Vape’, an e-liquid that a vaper is happy to vape for a long period of time.

AFS: An auto feed system.

Aerosol: Vapour produced by an e-cigarette.

APV: Advanced personal vaporiser.

Atomiser:  A component of an e-cigarette, that converts the e-Liquid to vapour.

Atty:  Slang for Atomiser.

Automatic: A type of vaping device that works when inhaled rather than pressing a button.

Auto Shut Off: When a device is able to automatically turn off if it's overheating. Also known as Battery Cut Off.

Battery: The battery powers the atomiser. Sometimes rechargeable.

Batt: Slang for Battery.

Base Liquid: Basic e-liquid made from vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.

Base Mix: Basic e-liquid with nicotine added.

Blanks: Empty cartridges for a vaper to fill with e-liquid.

Box Mod: A boxy, square APV.

Bridge: Also known as an Atomiser Wick.

Cartridge: The catridge holds the e-liquid.

Cart: Short for Cartridge. Also known as Carto.

Cartomiser/Cartomizer: A combined atomiser and cartridge in one device.

Clouds: The effect when vapour is exhaled by the user.

Cloud Chaser: See blog post here. 

Coil: The coil heats the e-liquid.

Cig-a-Like: A type of vaping device that looks like a traditional cigarette.  See our V-Pack II. 

Draw: The vaping equivalent of the ‘Drag’ with traditional cigarettes.

Dry Burn: The process of drawing on your e-cigarette when there is no e-Liquid in the cartridge.

E-Cig: Electronic cigarette. Also known as E-Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette.

E-Juice: E-liquid, also known simply as 'Juice' 'Smoke Juice' and 'Liquid'.

E-Liquid: The liquid vapourised in a vaping device.

E-Smoking: General term for vaping.

Flooding: Flooding can occur in your device if too much liquid reaches the atomiser.

French Hit: Vaping out of the lungs, and then re-inhaling it into the nose.

Hybrid:  A vaping device with the atomiser and battery in one unit.

Kick: Used to describe the hit at the back of the throat when vaping.

Li-on: Lithium-ion batteries.

LED:  A light at the end of an e-cigarette that omits a glow like a traditional cigarette.

MAH: Battery power rating.

Manual: A device that works when a button is pushed, rather than an Automatic.

MG: Milligram strength per millilitre of nicotine in the E-liquid.

Menthol: A fresh tasting e-liquid flavour, derived from peppermint.

Mod:  Also known as a modified vaping device.

Nicotine: Found in natural tobacco, but also added to e-liquids. We have from 0mg to 24mg. 

Nic: Short for Nicotine.

Nic Juice: E-Liquid that contains Nicotine.

OHM: A measure of electrical resistance.

Pen Style: One of many types of e-cigarettes. They resemble a pen and are relatively small and thin.

PEG: Polyethylene Glycol. Also known as PG.

Starter Kits: Everything you need to get started on your vaping journey. Shop ours here. 

Tank: The clear chamber that holds the e-Liquid.

Vaper: A user of vaping products.

Vapour: The cloud or aerosol produced by an e-cig.

Vegetable Glycerol /Glycerine (VG): One of the two primary base substances used to create e-Liquids.

Wick: The wick helps the liquid to flow to the atomiser. Made from silica.

Zero-Nic: A nicotine free e-liquid.

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