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UK MP Claims that Pregnant Women Should Be Given Free E-Cigs

An MP in Colchester, UK, has stated that women who are struggling to quit should be given free e-cigarettes in order to aid them in quitting cigarettes for good. 

MP Will Quince stated that vaping and e-cigarettes were "a great transition off smoking and nicotine entirely". This issue will be debated in their next budget. The MP suggested a levy.

Will Quince said smoking was linked to a huge amount of problems during pregnancy. He added that "these products must surely be better than smoking, especially for pregnant women." His vested interest in the subject comes after he presented to parliament a campaign on baby loss.

"We do know, the evidence is out there, that it (vaping) is a great transition off smoking". We here at Vaper Empire wholeheartedly agree, with the majority of our customers reporting that their use of e-cigarettes has started through a desire to quit smoking.

What do you think of the UK's progressive stance on vaping? Leave a comment below.

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