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Two Biggest Vaping Myths Busted

If you're new to the vaping industry - you might already have swallowed up some of the misinformation out there. You're not alone. As a relatively new technology, it's natural for there to be a few myths floating around, and if you haven't really looked into vaping much already - you might already believe some of them. In this article, we're going to look at two of the biggest myths about vaping, so you can separate fact from fiction.

"Vaping and E-cigarettes are the same"

This simply isn't the case. While they obviously occupy a similar section of the tech market, they're actually aimed at completely different types of people. E-cigarettes are made to look like traditional cigarettes and are aimed specifically at the "quitting smoking" niche.

While the jury is still out on exactly how much healthier they are, it's generally accepted by most that they're a less dangerous way to ease yourself off of traditional tobacco. After all, they don't have any tobacco but they do have nicotine in them if you choose to vape with anything above 0MG.

Alternatively, vaping has almost created a market by itself. While they might have originally started in a similar area as e-cigarettes (for quitting smoking) - there are now large modding communities that take vaping very seriously and will continue to do so. There are all sorts of different flavours and ways to modify different units. People create videos and share the different contraptions that they've put together. Some of it is high tech, and impressive - and it's far fly from those "basic" e-cigarette units.

"They're expensive"

Here's another big myth. People see the up-front cost of some vaping units and don't think any deeper about it. Yes - the up-front cost of most vape pens is higher than a pack of cigarettes (although this is starting to change as tobacco becomes more expensive).

The important thing to remember is that they're highly re-usable. Once you've finished with a pack of cigarettes, you're done - but not with vape units. These can be re-filled and re-used for years, meaning you actually save a ton compared to traditional cigarettes over the long-run. Even that vape unit could quickly pay for itself compared to buying a pack of cigarettes every day. When you look at it like this, you'll realise how cheap vaping is in comparison.

Hopefully, we've now busted two of the key myths in the vaping industry.

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