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Top 5 Best Menthol E-Liquid Flavours

Best Menthol E Liquid
When it comes to e-liquids, menthol flavours are among some of the most popular and sought-after. After tobacco cigarettes, menthol cigarettes are by far the best selling variety, and the same can be said when it comes to e-liquids where menthol flavours are just as, if not more, popular. This is because mint and menthol are familiar flavours to everyone and they can be easily integrated and combined with other ingredients and flavour profiles, as we will see in this article.

Because menthol flavours are so popular, however, there is an irritating problem that vapers new and old face --- finding the best menthol e-liquid to use. This is where Vaper Empire comes in.

In this guide, we are going to look at five of the best menthol e-liquid options that are available on the market right now and tell you where you can buy them.

What is Menthol?

Menthol is an organic compound that can either be made synthetically or obtained from the oils of mints such as peppermint and corn mint. When added to e-liquid, the vapour produced is often described by vapers as cool, refreshing, and having enhanced throat hit. For some former smokers, it is this added throat hit sensation derived from the addition of menthol that makes menthol-infused e-liquids that much more appealing than non-menthol e-liquids.

Why Does Menthol Feel Cold?

Just like mint, menthol creates an unmistakable ‘cold’ feeling when it is inhaled. This cold feeling that hits your throat when you take a drag on a menthol e-liquid is caused by your sensory neurons reacting to menthol by increasing calcium production at the application site. It is the same reason VapoRub and similar products make your skin feel cold. It is the increase in calcium production that causes the familiar cooling sensation.

Top 5 Best Menthol E-Liquid Flavours in 2020

Below are five excellent menthol e-liquid options that we offer here at Vaper Empire. These menthol e-liquid flavours have been carefully developed by our team of expert mixologists in order to ensure that the menthol elevates, and does not overpower, the other ingredients. The results are balanced and smooth flavours that deliver the all-important cooling menthol kick while remaining refined and allowing the other ingredients to shine through.

All the e-liquids below have a high flavour quality, deliver high vapour production when used with the right vape, and a satisfying throat hit. All Vaper Empire premium e-liquid is made to work perfectly with our own brand of vaping devices. If you're in need of a vape that works well with our e-liquid, take a look at our available vape kits.

1. Berry Chill Menthol E-Liquid

Taking the number one spot is Berry Chill, a chilling menthol e-liquid with a dark fruit berry blend. If you are a fan of menthol products, then this is an e-liquid that you simply cannot look past. A perfectly balanced combination of blackberries and blackcurrants is the dominant flavour profile here, with menthol providing a hint of chill. The result is a cool, dark fruit blend with a deep and refreshing flavour profile.

Every draw of your vapour device, paired with the refined combination of Berry Chill, will be a welcomed reminder that this e-liquid, along with each and every Vaper Empire blend, is a product of unsurpassed excellence.

2. Spring in Siberia Menthol E-Liquid

Coming in second is Spring in Siberia, a blend of menthol and mint designed to deliver a blast of flavour reminiscent of Siberian spring for vapers looking for a flavour sensation that is refreshing beyond imagination.

This is a hugely versatile e-liquid that will please the most discerning and difficult-to-please vaper. Its characteristic blend of menthol and mint makes it ideal as an all-day vape, a palate cleanser, and anything else in between, with a robust flavour that isn’t too overpowering. The flavour profile is a delicate mint backed up by an icy blast that hits the back of the throat without causing you to wince.

3. Classic Menthol E-Liquid

Some people prefer to just stick with the classics, and that’s why we also offer a standard Classic Menthol e-liquid. Unlike many menthol e-liquids, though, ours has been made from the highest-quality natural ingredients and carefully balanced to ensure a menthol flavour profile that, whilst cooling, is not too harsh on the throat.

Vaper Empire’s Menthol E-liquid perfectly captures the essence of menthol, delivering a cleansing, soothing and refreshing burst with each pull. If you enjoy a classic approach to menthol vape juice, this is the one for you, as it provides you with a taste that’ll exceed your expectations every time.

4. Sweet Menthol E-Liquid

Sweet Menthol is perfect for those of you who prefer the taste and traditional ‘cool’ of classic menthol flavours but also have a little bit of a sweet tooth. Our Sweet Menthol e-liquid is part of the Artisan Collection of e-liquids and delivers a candy-coated twist to the classic menthol taste you are familiar with.

Menthol lovers will take their affair to the next level with this sweet menthol blend that can be paired with a huge variety of our other e-liquid products. Adding a delectable lolly laced tinge on top of the invigorating, crispness of menthol is sure to keep you cool, calm and collected throughout the day.

5. Sweet & Classic Menthol E-Liquid Pairings

Haven’t seen a menthol flavour that appeals yet? Not to worry! You can combine our Sweet Menthol and Classic Menthol e-liquid with any of our non-menthol e-liquids from both the Artisan and Classic Collections to create a variety of concoctions.

We recommend pairing our menthol e-liquids with any of our fruit-based flavours, however, you are completely free to let your creativity run wild. You could even combine it with our tobacco flavour e-liquids if you want the same sensation that menthol cigarettes deliver.

Some potential combinations could include Menthol and Apple, Menthol and Blueberry, and Menthol and Strawberry.

Vaper Empire Menthol E-Liquids

At Vaper Empire, our TPG approved e-liquids are produced to ensure every puff of our premium e-liquid is savoured with peace-of-mind. We only use the highest quality of pharmaceutical-class nicotine and ingredients.

Get Full Value with Vaper Empire E-Liquid Packs

Choose some of our most popular menthol e-liquid options alongside some of the most popular e-liquids from the wider Artisan Collection by trying out one of our E-Liquid Value Packs. With them, you get six bottles of our premium Artisan Collection e-liquid for the price of five. 

The Vaper Empire Artisan Collection is a range of high-quality e-liquid formulas that have been handcrafted by specialist mixologists in a variety of unique and superior blends that have been refined over many years. Whether you prefer the familiarity of a tobacco-based flavour or enjoy experimenting with some more diverse blends, you’ll find what you need with the Vaper Empire Artisan Collection.

How to Choose the Best Menthol Vape Juice

The huge number of menthol vape juices currently available on the market is a testament to its vast popularity. However, a common complaint we see among vapers is that menthol vape juices sometimes feel too synthetic and medicinal; flavours are unimaginative and are quickly thrown together and bottled up in an attempt to cash-in on the menthol hype.

People with these complaints are not wrong. Oftentimes, e-liquid manufacturers will batch make menthol compounds as cheaply as possible, and the result is a synthetic-tasting e-liquid with little-to-no flavour profile.

When you are looking around for a menthol vape juice, try following these tips:

  • Only buy from a reputable brand with plenty of good, genuine reviews
  • Check the label to see which ingredients are used
  • Ensure the manufacturer uses organic, all-natural menthol ingredients
  • Opt for blended flavours (e.g. fruity menthol e-liquid) instead of plain ones
Don’t just simply buy the first menthol e-liquid that you see; they are not all the same.

Our Final Thoughts on Menthol E-Liquid

For those of you that find bold and unmistakable tastes attractive, menthol will hold a high appeal. It is a substance known for its cool and crisp flavour profile, quite the opposite of tobacco cigarettes and many e-liquid flavours currently available on the market. It is a hugely versatile ingredient that blends well with many other flavours to create truly unique e-liquids.

When menthol is used properly --- i.e. not thrown into e-liquids without restraint, leading to an overpowering and off-putting taste --- and integrated appropriately with other ingredients, it can make e-liquids fuller and more refined. Therefore, it is essential to find a menthol e-liquid where the balance has been struck right between the menthol and other ingredients.

If you are a fan of menthol e-liquids and/or want to try some that conform to the above, we recommend starting with our own range of high-quality options.

Buy Your Menthol E-Liquid Today

Check out the full range of menthol e-liquids and other e-liquids today by visiting the Vaper Empire online store. We are Australia’s favourite retailer of premium vaping products, producing our very own bespoke line of vaping devices and hardware, accessories, add-ons, e-liquids, starter kits, and more. Order online for fast, express shipping to mainland Australia.

You can also check out our Vaper Empire online blog for news, tips, resources, guides that cover everything you could ever want or need to know about vaping.
1 March 2020

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