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Our Top 10 Most Popular E-Juice Flavours

Vaper Empire Menthol E-Juice
If you have an e-cig, chances are you bought e-liquid when you bought your vape. After all, an e-cig is basically useless without vape juice. Whether you’re looking for e-liquid without nicotine or e-liquid with a whopping 24mg of nicotine, Vaper Empire has you covered. We sell the best premium e-liquids available. You can browse our wide selection of flavours by visiting the e-liquid section of our online store.

Every flavour is absolutely delectable, and our long line of e-liquids has expertly crafted flavours for everyone. They’re always made from ingredients of the highest quality and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine in our sophisticated manufacturing facility. With quality control like that, you get consistent, high-quality e-liquid every time. Fruit-lovers, dessert-addicts, candy-cravers, and classic tobacco aficionados will all find a flavour they’re crazy about.

All of our e-liquids have long lists of adoring fans, but there are a few that transcend the rest. They’re all great, but these select few just sell like crazy. They’ve found their way into the hearts of our beloved customers, and that gives these e-liquids an especially legendary status. These are our top ten most popular e-liquid flavours.

10. Red Energy

Red Energy from our Classic Collection is one of our biggest crowd-pleasers. It’s been meticulously crafted and fine-tuned to bare an uncanny resemblance to the flavour of everyone’s favourite energy drink. Our flavour mixers really outdid themselves with this one. It doesn’t contain any caffeine, but Red Energy’s delicious flavour will give you wings on the first hit.

9. Watermelon

Don’t reserve one of the best fruit flavours for summer. With our Watermelon e-juice from our Classic Collection, your favourite melon is no longer seasonal. Vape this e-liquid whenever you need a sweet, juicy pick-me-up, or vape it all year! The choice is yours. If you’re a watermelon fan, this e-liquid is a must-try.

8. Old Port Royal

Old Port Royal is an e-liquid from our Artisan Collection, and it’s one of our most popular e-liquids. Specifically, Old Port Royal is a hit among former-smokers due to its well-balanced tobacco flavour. If you’re trying to stop smoking but miss the authentic flavour of premium tobacco, you have to try Old Port Royal.

Experience aged, sweet tobacco in a way that’s far more flavorful and satisfying than smoke could ever be. When you vape tobacco e-liquids, the flavour kind of resembles the smell of fresh tobacco. It’s like tasting a well-baked cookie after chewing on hard, charred cookies your entire life. You didn’t know that tobacco could taste like this, and it truly puts smoke to shame. If you’re a former smoker, you should give this vape juice a world.

7. Vanilla

If you use the word “vanilla” to describe something that’s plain or boring, you clearly haven’t tried our Vanilla e-liquid. From the Classic Collection, our Vanilla flavour is a beautifully intricate yet subtle experience. It carries all the flavour you’d expect from a scoop of ice cream or a milkshake, but it isn’t at all overwhelming. It’s just as gentle as a vanilla-flavoured e-liquid should be and still loaded with that classic flavour you’ve come to love. Experience sweet, smooth, flavourful vapour with our Vanilla e-liquid. The accuracy of this flavour will leave you speechless.

6. Coffee

Almost everyone knows how satisfying that first cup of coffee is right after rolling out of bed, especially those that aren’t “morning people.” Now you can get that delicious, classic coffee flavour in the form of vapour. Vape Coffee e-liquid from our Classic Collection with dessert, breakfast, or even a cup of real coffee. This e-liquid is decaf, but you can still get it in a variety of nicotine strengths. Experience the bold, robust flavour of coffee anywhere with our Coffee vape juice. If you prefer your coffee with sugar and cream, grab a bottle of vanilla vape juice too. Add the Vanilla e-liquid to your Coffee e-liquid sparingly until the flavour is to your liking.

5. Blueberry

The sheer availability of blueberries year-round is all the evidence we need in order to know that people love them. This is a seasonal berry, and when they stop growing locally, we just get them from a part of the world where they’re in season. Sure, a lot of fruits are imported when they’re out of season, but only crowd-favourite perishables get that kind of treatment.

Further proof that people are crazy about blueberries: Blueberry e-liquid from our Classic Collection is our fifth highest selling e-liquid. It’s due in part to society's hysterical obsession with this berry, but it’s also due in large part to our talented flavour mixers. They painstakingly and meticulously tweaked the recipe until it became what it is today: the most accurate and flavorful blueberry vape juice around.

4. Apple

Apple e-liquid from the Classic Collection is one of our favourites! This isn’t your typical, overly-sweet apple e-liquid. Our apple e-liquid tastes just like an authentic apple. The sweet, fruity flavour is followed almost instantly by a hint of tartness, just like a freshly picked apple. It wasn’t easy, but after a lot of trial and error, we managed to bring a true apple flavour to this e-liquid. It’s our fourth most popular e-liquid, so it seems our worked paid off. We’re just glad that our customers enjoy it as much as we do.

3. Menthol

Vaper Empire’s take on classic Menthol is something that every menthol lover should try. It isn’t too sweet or too intense like menthol e-liquids often are. It’s a perfectly balanced mixture. The pleasantly strong and minty fresh vapour that you get from this vape juice is truly in a league of its own. There are a lot of menthol e-liquids on the market, but they lack properly balanced flavours. Furthermore, they just can’t compare to Vaper Empire’s Menthol flavour. If you’ve been looking for a premium Menthol e-liquid, this is the vape juice you need.

2. Tobacco Ry4

Tobacco RY4 is a complex e-liquid that’s become a crowd favourite for customers of Vaper Empire. It combines smooth tobacco, rich caramel, and just a little sweet vanilla. Tobacco doesn’t accompany all dessert-flavoured e-liquids well, but these flavours were specifically chosen and perfected to compliment the classic taste of tobacco. It tastes great, and all the flavours come through noticeably. The tobacco is front and centre, while the vanilla and caramel act more as accent flavours. It still manages to be quite sweet, but it’s not overwhelming. Overall, this is a delicious, premium e-liquid that we’d recommend to any tobacco aficionado.

1. Tobacco

Our Tobacco e-liquid from our Classic Collection was meticulously crafted by our expert mixers. This isn’t your typical, weak, unauthentic tobacco-flavoured e-liquid. In fact, it was specifically made to exemplify rich, dark tobacco. It’s extremely flavourful, and its resemblance to real tobacco is uncanny. You don’t taste smoke like you would with a cigarette. Rather, the flavour of this premium tobacco e-liquid is comparable to the smell of fresh tobacco. You can’t really understand the sensational flavour behind this Tobacco e-liquid until you’ve tried it. Nothing is quite like vaping tobacco e-liquid, and no tobacco e-liquid can compare Vaper Empire’s premium Tobacco e-liquid. It’s truly a one of a kind delicacy.

Chosen by each and every unknowing customer that voted with their dollar, this is Vaper Empire’s top ten most popular e-liquids. Check out our full list of Vaper Empire e-liquids by visiting our online store! We have even more e-liquid flavours, all of which were carefully and patiently crafted by our flavour-mixing experts.

If you don’t have an e-cig, we have you covered there too! Vaper Empire offers a line of top quality e-cigs. Our e-cig line ranges from devices that are roughly the size and shape of a cigarette to devices that are much larger and considerably more powerful. Whether you want portability, power, or something in between, Vape Empire has an e-cig for you.
4 March 2019

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