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Tips To Keep Vape Pods From Leaking

Viggo Vape Pod

You have probably dealt with a leaking vape tank before, but what about a leaking vape pod? Just like tanks, pods can be prone to leaking, and this can lead to a messy and frustrating experience. As tempting as it may be to blame the pod, this is not always the case. Sometimes, it’s down to you and how you are handling the pod. Knowing how to fix a leaking vape pod (or even better, prevent it altogether) is a good idea if you are going to be using vape pods a lot.

Don’t Ignore Leaks

Pod systems are extremely portable, convenient, and easy to use. However, one of the most common complaints when it comes to pod-based vaping is leaks. A pod that is leaking is not just a massive pain, it is a complete waste of money. What’s more, it can damage your pod system over time as the vape juice seeps into the system’s components and crystallises into a sticky resin or hard mass. If this gets into your battery connections and other components, it can cause malfunctions and worse yet, it has the potential to eventually break the device entirely.

A leak also has the potential to damage more than your vape pod. If e-liquid leaks onto your clothes, into your bag, or on any of your other possessions, it will turn them into a sticky oily mess, causing potentially irreparable damage to more delicate items.

So, it goes without saying that if your device is leaking then you should definitely be looking to fix it as soon as possible (and looking for ways to prevent it from happening again!)

What Causes a Vape Pod Leak

The first thing that you need to do is figure out what is causing your pod to leak. There are lots of common causes of this, with these being some of the most common:

Mishandling the Pod

While pods may appear to be sturdy, they're not impervious to damage caused by mishandling. Squeezing a pod the wrong way can cause it to leak. The same is true for biting it while it's in your mouth. Actions such as these, which are tantamount to user error, can result in structural damage that in turn causes pods to leak. This is why you should always exercise caution when handling your pods.

Using a Cartridge for Too Long

If you are not changing your cartridge often, it may start leaking. This is because the fibres found in the wick will start to fray and lose their ability to hold on to e-liquid. When this happens, the e-liquid simply seeps through it over time and has nowhere to go other than directly out of your device.

A Low Battery

A low battery can actually cause your e-liquid to leak out of your pod because if the battery isn’t strong enough, it cannot turn your e-liquid into vapour. With a low battery, each draw will pull e-liquid through your mouthpiece rather than vapour because it is simply not being vapourised.

Defective Hardware

In some cases, defective hardware is to blame. Pods themselves can be defective upon arrival, and not just pods but device batteries as well. For instance, if the opening on your device where the pod is inserted is too tight, it can squeeze the pod when it's inserted, causing it to leak.

Excessive Vaping

Vaping excessively can cause e-juice to leak out of the mouthpiece. When this happens, the easy solution is to vape in a less aggressive manner, allowing the vape to essentially cooldown between puffs.

Tips to Stop Vape Pod Leaks

By being careful and making slight adjustments to your vaping habits, you can quite easily avoid messy and unpleasant leaks. Here are a few top tips:

1. Don’t Drag Too Hard

Taking too hard of a drag on your pod can draw way too much liquid into the mouthpiece. This is true even if the battery is sufficiently charged. It is important to understand that pod systems aren’t necessarily as powerful as vape pens and almost certainly not as powerful as box mods, they are designed for a more subtle and laidback experience. So, if you are going to use one, be sure to only pull hard enough to get some vapour into your mouth---don’t take super hard drags.

2. Keep Your Battery Charged

Remember that a low battery can cause leaks, so never let your battery go too low. How often you charge up your device’s battery depends on how you use your device, but you should certainly be looking at doing it every few days at least. If you find that your battery isn’t able to hold its charge well anymore, it may be time to buy a new one. You can buy replacement pod vape batteries for the Vaper Empire VIGGO from our online store.

3. Regularly Change Cartridges

Disposable vape pods are designed to be changed relatively frequently. The rate at which you should change your cartridges depends on how often you vape. Over time, you will figure this out for yourself by trial and error. When you do figure it out, be sure to stay on top of switching them out to avoid leaky pods and burnt out coils. With our VIGGO Series pod system, it's easy to tell when it's time to replace your pods because all VIGGOpods are designed to allow users to see exactly how much e-liquid is left inside thanks to their transparent design.

4. Make Sure Everything Is Tightened

When you screw in a new pod, make sure that it is tight enough and that nothing is dripping out. Hold the device at a few different angles to test this out. At the same time, make sure not to tighten it too much because this will damage your equipment’s seals and lead to leaks in the long term.

5. Check Your O-Rings

Over time, O-rings can degrade and fail naturally. If you have a leaking problem that you can’t seem to solve with anything else, it could be caused by this. Check your O-rings and if they look a little worse for wear, it’s time to replace them. Make a habit of checking your O-rings often too.

6. Allow Time Between Puffs

Taking rips off your vape one after the other can overload your vape, causing it to leak. By vaping less aggressively, you can avoid potential leaks caused by overuse. If you're not getting enough vapour or if the vapour isn't potent enough, you can try increasing the voltage or wattage if your device is equipped with either of these features. You may also want to consider increasing the nicotine strength of the e-juice that you're vaping.

7. Blow Through The Mouthpiece

If your pod is starting to leak, one trick you may find useful is to gently blow through your pod's mouthpiece after first detaching it from your device battery. Don't worry, e-liquid shouldn't start pouring out the other side when you do this because an airhole on the other end of the pod should allow the air to escape; the e-liquid will simply be pushed back into the pod.

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20 June 2020

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