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Tips For Keeping Your Vape Battery Charged

E-cigarette and vape batteries are not like your standard double- and triple-A batteries that you find in a remote control: they are generally far more powerful. And because they are more powerful, they need to be handled carefully to prolong their lifespan. One way to do this is to ensure that you are looking after them and keeping them properly charged, among a few other things.

Looking After Your Vape’s Batteries

Not only does looking after your vape’s batteries improve safety (after all, batteries are sensitive chemical systems) but it improves the overall vaping experience, too. Here are a few ways you can look after your vape’s batteries to keep them charged and lasting longer.

Don’t Leave Batteries Unattended

There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, leaving a battery unattended while charging for a prolonged period of time can, in rare circumstances, prove to be a fire hazard. Now, this is incredibly rare, but it is important to remember that batteries are electronic devices, and any electronic device can malfunction and fail. Although the chances are slim, it is something worth mentioning.

Secondly, leaving a battery on charge when you don’t need to (i.e. when it has already charged) can stress and damage the battery cells. This will degrade the battery and over time, it will die quicker between charges. Subsequently, you only want to charge your vape batteries when they need to be charged and should remove them from their charger once they've been fully charged.

Avoid High Temperatures

Although most good quality batteries can tolerate temperature extremes at either end of the scale, you don’t want to test their limits and push your luck!

High temperatures strain your batteries and make them degrade faster, so make sure that you avoid using them in extreme direct sunlight and that when you are not using them, they are stored in a cool, dark place… and never in your car where temperatures might exceed their safety range.

Don’t Let Batteries Get Too Empty

You recharge batteries when they’re empty, right? Well… not exactly.

If possible, avoid letting your batteries get completely empty before you recharge them. The further that you let lithium-ion batteries discharge, the more capacity they lose. Most batteries of decent quality will come with some form of battery level indication, and we recommend keeping an eye on this so that you can charge them when they are almost empty but not quite. Doing this will help prolong their lives.

Use Married Batteries

If you are using a device that requires more than one battery, always make sure that you are using the same batteries… never use two different ones. In other words, keep them married in pairs and always together---this is a safety practice that makes sure the cells get the same number of charge cycles, helping delay capacity and performance problems.

We also always recommend using a battery developed by the manufacturer of the device you are using for the very best performance.

Replace Your Old Batteries

No matter how well you look after your vape’s batteries, they will grow tired with age. A battery that may have lasted for days with heavy use when you first bought it will eventually struggle to get through half a day of the same type of use. Lithium-ion batteries, the type used by e-cigs, vapes, and most electronics, degrade over time and there is nothing you can do about this. Although looking after them will get more time out of them, you are simply delaying the inevitable.

So, when you start noticing that your battery is not lasting for as long as it once did and it is becoming an inconvenience, perhaps it is time to start looking for a replacement? We recommend battery replacements roughly every six months to one year depending on how frequently and intensely you use your device.

Use The Right Battery

Just like there are many different types of vaping devices, there are many different types of batteries. This is because different vapes have different power requirements depending on their features and power requirements. For example, basic e-cigs and pens will require much less power and thus much smaller and simpler batteries than large tanks for sub-ohm vaping.

When you are choosing batteries for your device, ensure that it has the appropriate specs. Don’t just pick a random battery and hope for the best; this is a great way to waste your money!

If you find that your battery isn’t lasting as long as you’d like or that your device isn’t giving you what you think it should, you could always choose a bigger and better battery with more power. Obviously, bigger batteries have a higher capacity last for longer, and more power means that it will be able to produce more vapour. A good example is the 2000 mAh rechargeable battery seen in our very own Vaper Empire Vibe Series. Of course, the onus is on you to make sure that the battery is OK to use with your device---you can’t just go ahead and plonk a powerful battery in a standard vape pen.

Use The Right Device

Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Pod Vape The VIGGO Series pod vape is the latest e-cigarette from Vaper Empire. Easy to use, ultra portable, and long-lasting with a fast recharging time. The perfect vape.

If you think your vape experience is sub-par, perhaps you’re not using the right device?

Are you constantly on the move and running out of power? If so, you may benefit from a device that comes with a portable charging case like our V-Pack II system. Although the device itself is discreet and relatively simple, it is highly comparable to a cigarette and delivers just as much nicotine, plus there's the added bonus of being able to carry an extra battery stem and always being able to recharge your batteries using the case, which acts as a portable charging station.

Which brings us to our next point. You also have the option to carry extra batteries with you for your favourite type of device, whether it's a cig-a-like like our V-Pack II or a vape pen like our Vantage Series.

We recommend taking a look at our new pod system, the Viggo Series, which offers a powerful battery that's long-lasting and fast charging.

Buying Spare Batteries

Buying spare batteries can be a bit hit and miss. That is because batteries are much easier to manufacture than the rest of the components generally found in e-cigarettes and vapes. Naturally, some will be better than others. We always recommend buying from a vendor that also manufactures their own e-cigarettes and vapes because this is an indicator of better quality.

At Vaper Empire, we do just that. We design and manufacture our own range of high-quality vaping products. Widely recognised as an industry leader in Australia, none of our products, including accessories like batteries, compromise on quality. We offer only the best vaping supplies to our customers.

If you would like to find out more, check out the Vaper Empire online store.

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