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The Top Rated Vape Pens On VE

If you're after a new vaping device to add to your collection or just decided to start vaping, be sure to check out the reviews on each starter kit on Vaper Empire. We have a huge range of e-cigs and e-liquids and are happy to help you find the perfect vape pen for you.

The Vibe Series vape pen is the future of vaping with its powerful battery, a huge tank and a strong hit. The sleek design is a tribute to our signature style. The Starter Kit comes with a huge 2000mAh battery and  4ml tank which means fewer refills.

"Fantastic product, have tried other products but nothing beat's the VIBE" - Jamie. 

The V-Pack II:
The V-Pack II isn't so much of a vape pen, per se, but it's one of our most iconic vape devices in that it is designed to feel like a more comfortable switch from tobacco cigarettes. The 'cig-a-like' design and portable charging case that resembles a traditional packet of cigarettes, it's easy to see why many choose to transition with the V-Pack II.

"A fantastic way to save a fortune without those dreaded cravings. Vaper Empire is by a long shot the best E-Vaping store I've seen." - Mick.

The Vantage:
This compact and sleek vape pen is the perfect way to start your vaping collection. A lot of customers choose the Vantage for their first device and find it really simple to use and start their vaping journey!

"The Vantage vape is so easy to use, even for someone like me who has never done it before. Also, the customer service and help with questions I had were fantastic." - Amanda

The V-Twist:
The V-Twist is a truly unique vaping experience. The cutting-edge variable airflow intake and adjustable voltage functions mean that you are in control of every puff. The design is perfect for a seasoned vaper who still wants the sleek and stylish design that is synonymous with Vaper Empire.

"Very easy to use. Battery does last me 2 full days. Quick recharge as well. Feels very well built. Recommended to my friends and they have bought this product too. Highly recommended." - NK

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