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Posts tagged 'Celebrity vapers'

Celebrity Vaping Profile: Katy Perry
2 September 2018

Katy Perry, the international superstar pop singer who hails from the US, is known for her hits “Dark Horse", "Teenage Dream" and "Firework" is a proud vaper. Katy was born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, but is mainly known as her stage name. She was allegedly one of the earliest celebrity adopters of vaping. Katy has been spotted vaping on numerous occasions but most commonly, tends to be using a bright purple device. She was also spotted vaping at a party she held at her estate, leisurely holding her beer and enjoying her vape. Katy has a net worth of more ...

Celebrity Vaping Profile: Johnny Depp
10 August 2018

Ol' Johnny boy is quite the vaper and has been spotted at many prestigious events with his vape in hand in the past few. He took up vaping after a scene in his 2010 film "The Tourist" where his character vapes on a train while sitting across from actress Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp was born in 1963 and has had a huge career since he shot to stardom in 1987. He developed a real friendship with director Tim Burton and has since starred in many collaborations with the director. Depp resides in France, Los Angeles, and a secluded private island in the Bahamas. ...

Celebrity Vaping Profile: Katherine Heigl
5 August 2018

Actress and former model Katherine Heigl is well known for her starring roles in Knocked Up, Grey's Anatomy and 27 Dresses.  Heigl was born in Washington on 24 November 1978 to parents Nancy Engelhardt and Paul Heigl. She's one of four children. She's been married to Josh Kelley, American singer-songwriter, since 2007, and the pair now have three children together. Along with her highest profile small screen success to date, Grey's Anatomy, she starred in comedy film Knocked Up alongside Hollywood comedian Seth Rogan which brought her a lot of media attention. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Heigl called the movie "a little ...

5 Celebrities That Are Actually Vapers
18 July 2018

We all know that Leonardo DiCaprio is a vaper, but there are a few celebrities that you may not realise are actually vapers. Katy Perry: The ultra-famous pop star is one of the most surprising on the list of vapers. She was spotted smoking an e-cig at her own party. Lindsay Lohan: This party girl (or ex.. party girl) is known for her bad habits, but she has since swapped for a vape pen. She's been seen using a vape since 2011, which makes her one of the first super celebs to use a vape. Katherine Heigl: The Greys Anatomy star ...