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Editor's Choice: Our Favourite Summer E-Liquid Flavours

These e-liquids are ideal all year round, but in summer, they are particularly refreshing. Here are 10 of our favourite e-liquids that we love for summer as chosen by the editor. 

Red Lemonade

This delicious e-liquid has all the amazing features of a classic, homemade lemonade but with a hit of extra sweetness. The naturally sweet strawberry base has a hint of grapefruit for an extra citrus hit.


Castaway is as exotic as it sounds. It's a blend of exotic tropical fruit. The tantalising flavour combination will sweep you off to a place you’d rather be with the summery blend of Pineapple, Grapefruit & Coconut. Give your taste buds a delicious holiday to a tropical island.

Velvet Elvis

Gummi bears, bubblegum and skittles make this epic combination unforgettable. Bold and unforgettable. You can't help falling in love with this candy store combination featuring the flavours and aromas of three sweet treats.

The Amazonian

This refreshing jungle juice, crafted from exotic mango and passionfruit with orchard fruit and a twist of citrus, is ideal for anyone with a taste for something unique and summery.

Death Valley Nectar

The fruity combination of kiwi, pear and bilberry is infused with cactus to create the perfect taste of Death Valley Nectar. The uniquely cool taste of cactus creates an unforgettable vaping experience.


Classic coconut is the pinnacle of summer in a flavour. The bright, fruity flavour makes for an ideal sweet hit if you love the nutty flavour of coconuts. It will make you feel like you are on a tropical island.


The sweet, classic taste of cola will make you feel instantly refreshed, just like the classic soft drink flavour. It's perfect for any summers day.


This deliciously sweet e-liquid will take you away to a strawberry field, picking fruit directly from the crop. The natural, fresh flavour is ideal in the Australian summer heat for a sweet hit.


One of our most loved e-liquid flavours, mango is always a hit. It brings the taste of the tropics right into the palm of your hand! The e-liquid is so fresh and juicy that it will bring you the ultimate satisfaction.


The ideal choice for any time of day our Watermelon E-liquid will have you coming back time and time again with its delicious, lush flavour. One taste and you’ll feel like you’re tucking into the perfect fruit salad on a hot summers day.

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