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Single Coil VS Dual Coil Vape

The number of coils that you use will have a pretty significant impact on your vaping experience. New vapers will often wonder how many they should use, and because single-coil and dual-coil atomizers are so common, the question is often reduced to "should I use a single-coil atomizer or a dual-coil atomizer?"

It's a worthwhile question to consider, but we should tell you that these aren't the only options. While a lot of atomizers have only one or two coils, many have four, six, or even eight. To understand which coil setup is ideal for you, you need to understand how increasing or decreasing the number of coils in an atomizer affects the overall vaping experience.


We'll jump into the nitty gritty details, but first, let's briefly preface the discussion by going over the advantages of each coil setup.

Single-Coil Advantages

    • More power efficient (longer battery life)
    • Increased Portability

Dual-Coil Advantage

    • Superior performance (better vapour production)


The disadvantages of single-coil vapes and dual-coil vapes are basically just the inverse of their advantages, but let's go over it for the sake of clarity.

Single-Coil Disadvantage

    • Inferior Performance (Vapour Production)

Dual-Coil Disadvantages

    • Not as power efficient (shorter battery life)
    • Not as portable

Performance, Efficiency, and Portability

In the previous section, we brought up the three factors that you should consider when choosing your coil setup: performance, efficiency, and portability. Performance refers to your vape's vapour production, efficiency refers to your vape's battery life, and portability refers to the amount of space that your vape takes up.

These three factors affect each other. Understanding the relationship between them is important if you want to understand what happens when you increase or decrease the number of coils that you're using. Basically, performance has an inverse relationship with portability and efficiency.

If you want to increase your vapour production, you'll need to increase the number of coils in your vape. When you think about it, it makes sense, right? More coils result in more surface area, and your coil's surface area is one of the defining factors when it comes to vapour production.

However, extra coils take up extra space and draw extra power from your battery. This means that when you increase the number of coils in your vape setup, you end up with either a larger vaporizer, a shorter battery life, or both. 

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: Performance

Increasing the number of coils in your vaporizer increases your overall performance. You'll need a battery that can supply enough power to take full advantage of your coils, but given you're using the right setup, more coils mean better vapour production or increased performance.

That being said, we've established that a dual-coil atomizer is superior to a single-coil atomizer in terms of performance. Now, you should ask yourself "how much does performance matter to me?" Performance matters to everyone. When you make any purchase, you're likely trying to get the product with the best performance within your price range.

As we've established, when it comes to vaporizers, portability and efficiency mostly work against performance. If performance is the most important factor for you, you'll likely prefer the dual-coil experience, but just remember that your battery life will take a hit. Sometimes, more coils will even result in a larger vaporizer, as you'll need a larger battery to power both coils.

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: Efficiency

Efficiency, in this case, refers to the relationship between your atomizer and your battery. Naturally, two coils are going to draw more power from your battery, causing your battery life to drop. That's why performance and efficiency are almost always going to have an inverse relationship. When one gets better, the other gets worse.

That's why single-coil setups are better for your vape's battery life. If you care most about your vaporizer's efficiency (battery life,) you'll probably prefer a single-coil vape. Of course, you could always make up for the additional power drain with a better battery, but this will affect your portability. That brings us to the next point.

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: Portability

Portability simply refers to your vaporizer's size. A single-coil atomizer will often take up less space than a dual-coil atomizer. For this reason, a single-coil vape will be better for those that care more about portability. 

If you prefer larger clouds, you'll have to compromise a little in terms of portability, and the opposite is also true. If you want an ultra-portable vape, you'll have to compromise in the performance category.

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: How Much Does Performance Matter?

Now that we've discussed how all of these factors work in relation to one another, you should again ask yourself "how much does performance matter to me?"

Remember that increasing your coil count will result in either a shorter battery life or a larger vaporizer, but it'll do wonders for your vapour production.

If performance matters more to you than efficiency and portability, you'll be happier with a dual-coil atomizer than you'd be with a single-coil atomizer. Dual-coil vapes provide superior vapour production, but they're often larger and have a shorter battery life. 

On the other hand, a single-coil vaporizer won't be as powerful, but it'll be smaller and more battery-efficient. This principle is consistent in vaping. If you move up to three coils, your vapour production will continue to improve, but your vaporizer will either get larger or its battery life will decrease.

Single-Coil vs. Dual-Coil: Which is for you?

Finding your ideal coil setup is all about finding the balance between portability, efficiency, and performance that works for you. So which is best for you?

Would you prefer a long-lasting, ultra-portable vape with average vapour production or a slightly larger cloud machine with a shorter battery life? If you prefer the first, you'll want to take a look at your single-coil options. If the latter appeals to you, you should consider getting a dual-coil vaporizer.

At Vaper Empire, we offer customers the opportunity to choose between a single coil and dual coil vape. For a single coil vape, we suggest taking a look at our compact and convenient Vantage Series vape pens. For those who prefer dual coils, we suggest taking a look at our V-Twist Series vape, which offers users the ability to adjust both the airflow and the voltage.

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