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Proposed 80% E-Cigarette Tax?!

CASAA (Consumer Advocates from Smoke-Free Alternatives Association) has sent out a call to arms to the vaping community to speak up for the rights of people that vape in the American state of Rhode Island. The Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo, is currently trying to organise their state budget plan which aims to change the definition of “other tobacco products”. This change would create an 80% wholesale tax on e-cigarettes.

Originally planned to be discussed and debated on the 21st of March, weather in the area has forced the hearing to be pushed back to a later date which has not yet been set. This allows the vaping community time to speak out and share written testimony to express opposition to a wholesale tax.

This could set in motion large taxes across other states and areas on vaping, so as a whole we should be fighting for our rights and not being taxed for our choices. The CASAA have a simple form to fill in some details and send a message to the correct officials in charge, so please join us in supporting the community in Rhode Island!

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