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VE Society News

  • How Long Has Vaping Existed?

    These days, it seems as though everybody is vaping. In recent years, it is a trend that has well and truly taken off, going from something that was relatively obscure and unknown to an activity that has its own dedicated, worldwide community and following.

    The History of Vaping

    While vaping may have only properly taken off in recent years, it is far from being a new "hipster" fad that will die an almost certain death. In fact, vaping as a practice can be traced all the way back to ancient times and the modern way of doing it, using an e-cigarette, to the 1960s.

    "Vaping" in Ancient Times

    Many different tools, methods, and practices have all had their role to play in the shaping of vaping as we know it today. Whilst it is difficult to trace "vaping" back to its ancient roots with absolute certainty, it is clear that certain activities---for instance, Indian shisha or the Egyptian practice of using hot stones to extract vapour from herbs---are points of origin.

    The Invention of the E-Cigarette

    Herbert Gilbert, an American inventor, filed a patent for the first electronic cigarette in 1963. And, with that, came the e-cigarette as we know it today, sort of---the technology behind it has gotten miles better, however, the premise remains the same.

    Gilbert's dislike and wary view of cigarette smoke formed the basis for his invention of the so-called "smokeless non-tobacco cigarette". Indeed, his goal was to create a way for people to enjoy tobacco without combusting it, thereby eliminating the problem smoke entirely.

    Unfortunately, despite his patent being filed, no major manufacturers entertained his idea.

    The idea of an e-cigarette, for the time being, would lay dormant for several years. Whilst there were several new products and patent attempts between the 1930s and 2000s, none were successful.

    A Chinese Revival

    40 years later, in 2003, a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik created the world's first commercially-successful e-cigarette. Lik reportedly created the device after his father, a very heavy smoker, developed lung cancer and died as a result. This, however, is pure speculation; Lik made no such assertion in his patent applications.

    Lik's device was later developed by Golden Dragons Holdings and taken to market but it wasn't until 2006, following several years' worth of testing, that it hit the European market. It was from this point that vaping took the world by storm.

    Within the first few years, several new manufacturers had appeared out of nowhere. Each one had their own devices, vaping kits, vape juices, charging systems, and more. Around this explosion grew a community with a worldwide following and, with this growing community, came a higher demand for more---better equipment, tastier juices, and devices that weren’t just for vaping, but for playing games and performing tricks with, too.

    Vaping as We Know It Today

    Today, vaping is a worldwide phenomenon and millions of people enjoy it day-to-day. It's not just smokers who do it for the health benefits, either---there are plenty of people who vape just for the flavour or the entertainment value.

    Although the question of "How long has vaping existed?" is difficult to answer with certainty, vaping's origins in its more modern form go back to the 1960s with the invention of a "smokeless non-tobacco cigarette".

    What is certain, however, is that several key developments and events have made vaping what it is today. As we look toward the future, it is exciting to think just what may be waiting around the corner.

    Whether you are a seasoned vaping enthusiast or a newbie doing his or her research, why not try out some of our premium e-cigs and liquids? We may be a little biased in saying this, but we don't think there is a better place for you to start than here at Vaper Empire!

    Check out the Vaper Empire store to see our full range of products.

  • MTL vs DTL Vape Guide

    Vaping seems simple enough on the surface. It's a straightforward process: the vaporizer makes vapour and its user inhales it. While it was once this simple, vaping has evolved. Over the years, different devices started to gravitate towards different styles of vaping. That's where MTL vaping and DTL vaping come in.

    MTL VS DTL: What's the Difference?

    The style in which you vape will always either fall under MTL vaping or DTL vaping. MTL stands for "mouth to lung" and DTL stands for "direct to lung." The meaning is in the name. MTL vaping is a style of vaping in which you first pull the vapour into your mouth and then into your lungs, while DTL vaping refers to the style in which you pull vapour directly into your lungs.

    While it might just seem like two slightly different ways to inhale vapour, different vaporizers are actually designed to gravitate towards one or the other. Each style is intended for a different kind of user, and each style works best with vape gear that's made specifically for it.

    MTL Vaping

    First, let's talk about mouth-to-lung vaping. There are a few defining attributes that can help you identify an MTL vape. MTL vapes tend to have more restricted airflow and lower vapour production compared to DTL vapes.

    Because MTL vapes don't need to produce as much vapour, they require less power. Consequently, the batteries that they use tend to be a lot smaller. MTL vapes tend to be far more compact, portable, and power-efficient. 

    You might be wondering why this exists. After all, MTL vaping is DTL vaping with an extra step. Instead of pulling vapour directly into your lungs, you initially pull it into your mouth. Why add this extra step?

    Who Is MTL Vaping For?

    This extra step allows vaping to more closely emulate the draw style of a traditional cigarette. Quite often, those that have spent a lot of time smoking will prefer mouth to lung vaping. It's just a motion that they've gone through many times, so they take to it naturally. However, MTL vaping isn't just for former and current smokers. There are vapers that have never touched a cigarette, and they still prefer MTL vaping. The feel is drastically different from that of DTL vaping, and some people just naturally gravitate towards it.

    Some vapers prefer MTL vaping because MTL vapes tend to produce more flavourful vapour. You've likely heard of cloud chasing: a style of vaping in which you aim to get the largest possible clouds.  Cloud-chasers use the direct-to-lung method. Mouth-to-lung vaping exists on the opposite side of the vaping spectrum.

    Vapour production isn't quite as important with this style of vaping. Preferences vary from person to person, but many vapers enjoy MTL vaping because it's more casual and laid back. 

    Which E-liquids Are Best For MTL Vaping?

    Quite often, MTL vapers will use e-liquid with a higher nicotine concentration. This way, a small MTL cloud can provide effects more similar to those of larger, DTL clouds.

    While high nicotine e-liquids are more popular among MTL vapers, it's by no means the only option. Some vapers even prefer to use nicotine-free e-liquid. You're free to choose what suits you with most MTL vapes.  There are, however, a few exceptions to this.

    One such exception is our V-Pack II Series: one of the most recognizable MTL vapes on the Australian market.

    There are a lot of e-liquids out there that come in a variety of flavours, high-nicotine and otherwise. Furthermore, there are a lot of ultra-portable MTL vapes that can utilize these e-liquids. At Vaper Empire, we offer our V-Pack II Series cartomisers in a variety of nicotine strengths, which span from nicotine-free (0mg) to very heavy (24mg). We also offer our V-Pack II cartomisers in a variety of different flavours, giving our customers the freedom to choose what's right for them.

    Which Vapes Are Best For MTL Vaping?

    MTL vapes don't require a lot of power to function efficiently, so they often come in the form of "ultra-portables" or "all-in-one vapes." Our V-Pack II Series is a popular example of an ultra-portable MTL vape. It's by far one of the most popular MTL vapes on the Australian market, and this has been the case for years.

    For instance, our V-Twist Series is similar in size to our V-Pack II, but it's more powerful. Plus, it holds more than twice as much e-liquid. It even features a variety of voltage settings, while the V-Pack II doesn't offer any kind of voltage control at this time. Pair the V-Twist with any e-liquid that you prefer and experience MTL vaping at its finest.

    The V-Twist, like the V-Pack II, has all of the classic MTL attributes. It's extremely lightweight and compact, and it produces vapour with flavour that's out of this world. Additionally, its battery life is nothing short of superb. It's a lot like the V-Pack II, but it's an improvement in various regards.

    DTL Vaping

    Direct-to-lung vaping is a style of vaping in which you pull vapour from your mouthpiece directly into your lungs. Compared to MTL vapes, DTL vapes tend to have looser airflow and a higher rate of vapour production.

    DTL vapes will often use sub-ohm coils. These coils allow you to produce more vapour without getting too hot. These coils require more power than the coils found in MTL vapes.

    Consequently, DTL vapes tend to be larger than MTL vapes. They sacrifice some portability for increased performance, but DTL vapers consider this a small price to pay. Your DTL vape won't be as compact as an MTL vape, but you can't beat a DTL vape's clouds.

    Who Is DTL Vaping For?

    While an MTL vape's design is usually centred around flavour, DTL vape's are built around vapour production. MTL vapes more closely emulate the draw style of a cigarette, but DTL vapes aren't designed to emulate anything. They're simply designed to produce large, satisfyingly smooth clouds of vapour.

    DTL vaping is in a class of its own. You'll either enjoy it, or you won't. Due to how unique the experience is, you really have to try it before determining whether or not you like it.

    Which E-liquids Are Best For DTL Vaping?

    Previously, we mentioned that MTL vapes often use e-liquid with a high concentration of nicotine. High-nicotine e-liquids like this are not recommended for use with DTL vapes. Such a high concentration of nicotine combined with a DTL's level of vapour production could be very overwhelming or even dangerous.

    MTL e-liquids can contain up to 50mg of nicotine, while most DTL users won't surpass 24mg. Even 24mg is considered extremely high for DTL vaping. While 24mg e-liquid is an okay strength to use, most DTL vapers stay within the 0-12mg range. With large clouds, 12mg e-liquid will provide you with more than enough nicotine. That being said, the most common nicotine strengths for DTL vaping are actually 3mg and 6mg.

    E-liquid with 6mg of nicotine provides noticeable effects, and the nicotine concentration is so low that it barely affects the flavour of your vapour. 12mg provides an effect that's noticeably stronger. While this nicotine concentration doesn't negatively impact your vapour's flavour too much, the flavour is noticeably altered when compared to 6mg e-liquid. Here at Vaper Empire, we offer e-liquids in both 6mg and 12mg concentrations.

    Which Vapes Are Best For DTL Vaping?

    While MTL vapes often manifest in the form of ultra-portables and all-in-ones, DTL vapes usually manifest in a form that's quite the opposite. They can almost never be considered "ultra-portable." Compared to MTL vapes, DTL vapes tend to be somewhat large.

    DTL vapes are still portable and often fit comfortably in your pocket, but a DTL vape's portability factor usually just doesn't compare to that of an MTL vape. Additionally, DTL vapes abandon the idea of an all-in-one design. Rather, DTL batteries and tanks are usually sold as separate units.

    For those that don't want to put the time into researching various tanks and batteries, most DTL vape batteries have kit options that include an atomizer from the same company. Starter kits come with everything you need to start vaping, making your shopping experience a lot less stressful.

    Because these kits include components that are made to work well together, the pairing usually provides a very satisfying vape session. That's certainly the case with Vaper Empire's Vibe Series Deluxe Starter Kit. The Vibe is an awesome DTL vape because it brings you the best of both worlds.

    It's a lot smaller than most DTL vapes, and its superb flavour quality is more like that of an MTL vape. That being said, it still retains the attributes that define a DTL vape. For instance, it features a modular design, and the vapour production is plentiful enough for a direct-to-lung hit.

    It's slightly larger than most MTL vapes, but it's a lot smaller than most DTL vapes. It's as flavorful as an MTL vape, but it's capable of vapour production that MTL vapes only dream of.

    While it's technically categorized as a DTL vape, the Vibe is more like the perfect melding of the two styles. If you're not into that, there's no shortage of traditional DTL batteries and tanks to choose from.

    MTL Vapes vs. DTL Vapes: Which One's For You?

    Now that we've discussed the differences between MTL vapes and DTL vapes, maybe you have an idea of which one would suit you best.

    Are you drawn to the lightweight, ultra-portable mouth-to-lung vaporizers? The vapour production isn't the best, but the flavour can't be beaten.


    Has the direct-to-lung vaporizer's massive clouds captivated your interest? These vapes are larger, but if clouds are what you're about, a slight decrease in portability certainly won't stand in your way.

    Really, you can't go wrong with either. In our opinion, chill, flavourful MTL sessions are just as satisfying as intense cloud-chasing sessions.

  • 7 Smart Ways To Save Money Buying Vape Supplies

    Most vapers know that vaping can save you a lot of money. Compared to smoking, vaping is cheap. If you're currently smoking, this might be news to you, but it's true. If you're interested, you can use this helpful tool on our homepage to calculate your potential monthly savings.

    The technological aspect of vaping causes a lot of people to automatically assume that vaping is expensive. It's true that the hardware side of vaping can be pricey, but once you've paid for your vaporizer, e-liquid is going to become your primary expense.

    Because e-liquid is so much less expensive than cigarettes, your brand new vape will actually pay for itself in no time. Once you get a taste of the savings, you can't help but wonder "what else can I do to save money?" We're here to tell you that you're on the right track. The savings don't stop with the purchase of a vape. Let's talk about a few ways to cut your vaping expenses.

    1. Shop for Vape Supplies Online

    There's definitely something to be said for supporting local businesses. That is if you can afford to. If you're on a tight budget, your finances will greatly benefit if you take your business to the web as the best deals are almost always online. The fact of the matter is that competition drives prices down. Your local vape shop is competing with a few other vape shops down the road, while online vape shops are competing with other online vape shops from all over the world.

    Naturally, the competition is fierce, and it keeps prices low. Whether you need a new vape, e-liquid, wick, coils, etc., you'll likely find it cheaper online than you will at a physical vape shop.

    2. Starter Kits

    If you're in the market for a new vaporizer, you should consider buying a starter kit. Buying a starter kit will initially cost more than buying a vaporizer by itself, but the starter kit will actually save you money in the long run.

    Starter kits usually come with an assortment of items that you'd end up buying anyway. It might come with extra cartridges, e-liquid, etc. The included items are usually essentials. Starter kits are great because they typically cost less than the sum of their individual products.

    Typically, the included items are things you'd just end up buying separately anyways. You may as well take advantage of the discount. Plus, if you're ordering your vape online, you'll save a ton just because you were able to avoid paying for each item's individual shipping.

    Vaper Empire's line of premium vaporizers is one the best on the market, and all of our vaporizers happen to come in a variety of different kits. Check out our starter kits and save some money in the process.

    3. Buy Bottles of E-liquid in Bulk

    E-liquid is rather inexpensive, especially when compared to cigarettes. In fact, e-liquid's tendency to be inexpensive is primarily what makes vaping so cost-effective. This is common knowledge among vapers, but a lot of people don't know that e-liquid can become even cheaper when you buy it in bulk.

    Instead of buying one bottle of e-liquid at a time, look into e-liquid companies that reward bulk purchases with discounts. You'll be surprised by how much you save. You'll often end up with a free bottle of e-liquid or two.

    Granted, most people don't want twelve bottles of the same e-liquid. That would get old pretty quickly. Luckily, Vaper Empire offers several e-liquid assortments appropriately called "E-liquid Value Packs," and they're sold with a bulk discount that can save you a good chunk of cash.

    That's right, you get an array of different flavours, and you don't even have to pay the full price for them. This is an incredible value. Usually, buying e-liquid in bulk means using the same flavour for months at a time. The option to buy a variety of e-liquids with a bulk discount is an absolute godsend.

    4. Use the Honey Chrome Extension

    You may or may not be familiar with Honey, the user-powered, coupon-finding web extension. It has a massive user base, and anytime someone with Honey uses a coupon online, that coupon is stored in Honey's database.

    When you make a purchase on a website for which Honey has stored coupon codes, it automatically tries every coupon at checkout and keeps the one that gives you the biggest discount.

    You might be thinking "can this extension really get me discounts on vape supplies?" Yes! We can't promise that it will, but it certainly can. We included this tip because this extension has actually helped some vapers save on vape supplies more than once.

    We've heard of vapers getting up to 50% discounts on e-liquid orders thanks to coupons automatically applied to their orders by Honey. It only takes a minute to install, and according to some users, it's well worth the minute of your time. Nothing feels better than thinking you're going to pay one price, and then only having to pay half as much.

    Honey pops up in the corner of your web browser when you come to a checkout page, so you don't even have to remember to use it. It'll remind you. Honey can save you money when you buy vape supplies as well as a wide variety of other items.

    5. Buy Cartomizers in Bulk

    This tip is in the same vein as the bulk e-liquid tip, but it needed to be included. A lot of vapers know about bulk e-liquid discounts, but you don't hear about bulk cartomizer discounts nearly as often.

    The V-Pack II is an awesome cig-a-like vape with a portable charging case that almost looks like a cigarette box. You can tell that it isn't really a cigarette box, mainly because it looks a lot more luxurious and has a digital display.

    It'll keep your e-cig charged, and it even has room for spare cartomizers. With your e-cig constantly charging and a spare cartomizer around at all times, there's nothing standing between you and a full day of vaping.

    Seriously, the unit itself is nothing short of innovative, but that isn't why it's been mentioned here. We brought it up because you can save a ton of money by ordering its cartomizer replacements in bulk. We're about to do some math, so go ahead and launch your phone's calculator app.

    The basic cartomizer package comes with 5 cartomizers, which only cost $14.95: already a great price. Then there's the bulk option: a package that comes loaded with 80 cartomizers. That's equal to 16 packs of 5 cartomizers.

    To find the retail value we just multiply $14.95 by 16, and we end up with $239.20. However, instead of the bulk option costing $239.20, this package of 80 cartomizers only costs $149.50. That's what we call a discount! If you're interested in instantly saving about $90 on vape supplies, this is the way to do it. 

    6. Invest in a Dependable Vaporizer

    Buying that off-brand vape clone to save $20 might seem like a good financial decision right now, but the idea won't seem as good when your vaporizer stops working a couple of weeks after arrival. If you initially spend more money on a dependable vaporizer, you won't have to replace your not-so-dependable vape in the future.

    Honestly, which sounds better? Buying three $50 off-brand vaporizers, each breaking one after the other, going weeks without a vaporizer waiting for your replacement, all while never even getting good vapour quality in the first place, or spending $150 on a high-quality unit that functions well and lasts a lifetime? The answer should be obvious: go with quality and save money in the long run.

    You end up spending the same amount of money on the $150 vape, but you actually get a satisfying, stress-free user experience. Now, those prices were obviously pretty convenient. We admit that we made them up for the sake of making a point.

    Still, it's more or less what happens when you spend money on cheap vaporizers that randomly stop working. The example may have been exaggerated, but the general dynamic is all too real. If you're looking for a truly dependable vaporizer, we recommend checking out the Vibe. Its construction is very solid, and it was built with high-quality materials.

    The Vibe will hold up very well over time, and it's extremely compact. Despite its small form factor, it performs like an absolute boss. You simply won't find another vape like this one. It strikes a perfect balance between portability and performance that no other vape has managed to pull off.

    7. Save Money on Vape Supplies

    These are just a few of the ways that you can save money when buying vape supplies. A lot of these tips involve spending more money initially, but, quite often, that's the best way to save money in the long run. Try to get your supplies online unless you come across a better deal at your local vape shop, and avoid wasting money on low-quality vaporizers that won't last.

    It's better to spend more money on a vaporizer that will last because it'll keep you from having to buy another vaporizer in the future. Additionally,  get bulk discounts whenever possible, and go with money-saving bundles such as value packs and starter kits when the option is available.

    This one should go without saying, but understand what you're buying before you buy it. Unresearched impulse buys can really set you back if you make a habit of it. Keep these things in mind, and you can rest easy with the peace of mind that comes from being an efficient shopper.

  • This Vape Store Robbery Video Will Make You Laugh

    We have something a little different for you today, and you'll want to stick around because it's absolutely hilarious. There's no shortage of "Top 10 Dumbest Criminals" videos online, but this video that we're about to show you features a couple of masterminds that really raise the bar.

    Before you watch this, let us set the scene for you. The date is March 11, 2019, in Winnipeg. At 1 AM, the Flamingo Vape Shop is robbed by a couple of low lives.

    Of course, the shop owner, Cam Rochon, was properly peeved about this turn of events... until he saw the security footage. After all, he'd been robbed, but when you see this video you'll understand why he couldn't help but crack a smile.

    Okay, we're sure you've already noticed it, but we still really feel the need to point out the reflective, neon yellow jacket. Hard to miss, right? Yeah, that's the point of jackets like that.

    Joggers and road workers wear them when the sun goes down. That way, even in the pitch black darkness of night, any nearby person WILL see them. What would inspire someone to wear this during a robbery?

    While we've never stolen anything nor do we ever plan to, so strictly hypothetically speaking, if we were to do this, we'd probably be decked out in full ninja garbs. What is he wearing? A jacket that may as well scream "look at me" and a pair of Uggs.

    We're assuming that, like us, you're already starting to get a grasp of this guy's mental framework, and the video is only seconds in.

    At this point, our perp seems to be looking for valuables. Pretty standard thief move, right? Believe it or not, that's as close as he comes to competency for the duration of this video.

    The first thing he does in his search for valuables is walk right past all of the unopened products, and he then reaches out towards a display filled with half-used bottles of sample e-liquid.

    He becomes noticeably frustrated with himself and gives the display stand a little shove. Because if you don't show the half-used sample e-liquid bottles who's boss, you lose all of your dignity. He caught himself slipping, but he really came back and managed to maintain his thug status.

    This next part is perhaps our favourite. If you thought asserting dominance over e-liquid samples made him look stupid, just wait until you witness his epic struggle with the laptop charger. If that sounds mind-boggling to you, get this... he loses to the laptop charger.

    He comes upon a laptop that's plugged in and charging, and rather than unplug the charger from the laptop, he tries to unplug it from the wall by yanking on it. It doesn't work at all. At no point does he successfully remove the laptop charger from the wall.

    He's definitely trying. In fact, he's putting so much effort into the charger that upon viewing this part of the video, we started to become unsure of what it was we were seeing. Even if the charger was embedded in the drywall, it should've come right out with that amount of force. This is seriously like the Excalibur of laptop chargers. Only the worthy can remove this charging cable.

    After he struggles and struggles to rip the cord from the wall, it looks like he just temporarily loses his mind. Because mid-struggle, still holding the laptop, he just tries to walk away, like the cord was never even there.

    Maybe the situation was just too absurd, and in the hysteria of the moment, he really thought that this laptop charger couldn't actually be real.

    He eventually detaches the charger from the laptop's charging port, possibly because he suddenly remembered how cords work, but after that, he was absolutely done with that laptop charger.

    He just left it there. It legitimately seems as though he'd rather have no way to charge the laptop than be humiliated by this laptop charger again.

    By the way, we really hope that this laptop charger knows that it was never the underdog of this story. If you saw this guy rocking a reflective jacket and Uggs and thought for even a second that he could overpower a laptop charger, that might be on you.

    The bizarre nature of this video doesn't stop with the abused e-liquid samples and the laptop charger that decided to fight back. No, from here until the end of the video, the robbers are outsmarted by pretty much every nonthinking object in the room, and it's really something to behold.

    The edited footage now cuts to the neon shirt guy's partner in crime, but we like to think that he's still in the other room yelling at some office supplies. While he comes off as little neurotic, the other one is more bumbling than anything. She doesn't seem to know why they're there or what they're doing.

    Remember the aforementioned e-liquid samples in the display stand? She picks that stand up and moves it to the other side of the counter, dropping nearly every bottle on the way there. She didn't seem to have any reason for doing this, but we honestly feel that at this point in the video, reason is an unrealistic expectation.

    Really, there was nothing beneath or behind this display that she was trying to get to. She doesn't even check. She just picks it up, moves it to the other side of the store as haphazardly as possible, and continues with her robbery as though what just happened made perfect, logical sense. Again, just a mind-boggling thing to see. It's so funny that you even begin to think that it's staged, but you really can't make this stuff up.

    On that note, the other man rushed back into the room. We couldn't help but notice that as the guy in the neon jacket attempts to break into a glass display box, he tries to use the crowbar to pop the top off like it's a wooden crate.

    He's really putting a lot of energy into this display box, and because of how he's trying to open it, you can tell he was expecting the top to just fly off, as though it weren't made of glass. Otherwise, he would've just smashed it, right?

    Obviously, instead, the entire case just shatters in front of him. We feel as though the essence of this robbery was really captured at that moment. We've actually never witnessed such an accurate visual metaphor.

    Neon shirt guy is out of the picture again, and we witness his partner perform the worst sledgehammer swing of all time. We're not just saying that to be critical; it is laughably uncoordinated. If her effort were any lower, the hammer would just fall out of her hand, one would think.

    She's swinging the hammer at a glass display case, which doesn't even shatter. It just falls out of its frame. After a moment, it falls on her head, further validating the fact that the shop is, indeed, fighting back.

    She starts throwing valuables into a trashcan that she's holding, and you can clearly see them falling from the bottom of the trashcan onto the floor. At first, this caught us off guard.

    We weren't sure what was happening. For just a moment we thought she was just missing the trashcan, but then quickly realized that the bottom of the trashcan was just gone. This brings up several new questions, but really, there isn't a lot in this video that doesn't.

    Whatever happened to the bottom of the trashcan happened off-camera, so we may never know. That isn't even the most confusing part of this footage. Seriously, what's up with that laptop charger?

    This is where they make their escape, basically just running out of the shop carrying whatever they can. They seemingly forgot their backpacks, and the trash can plan fell through. Again, our apologies for that truly awful wordplay.

    To be honest, we don't even know what to think of this footage. If the owner hadn't filed a police report, we would seriously think that it was a joke. Not only are they just extremely bad at this, but there are just so many bizarre, unexplained circumstances at play in this video.

    How you muster up the will to rob a store and manage to be this bad at it? How was this laptop charger endowed with such otherworldly power? What happened to the trash can? Why doesn't neon shirt guy know what glass is? Will the e-liquid samples receive the psychotherapy that they'll surely need to fully recover from this traumatic incident?

    We'll likely never have the answers to these questions, but we'd be shocked if this video doesn't blow up more than it already has. It's just such a kick in the brain for so many reasons, and we can honestly see people dissecting it frame by frame for months to come.

    We want this video to go viral, and we want to see essay videos, theory videos, and analysis videos. We have to make it happen for the e-liquid samples. They deserve to have their story told.

    On a more serious note, we obviously recommend that all robbers consider an alternate career path. It's an extremely immoral act in which you victimize the innocent, hard-working people out there. We would give the same advice to our perpetrators, but with a few extra reasons.

    Guys, you are so genuinely bad at this. Theft just isn't your thing. You gave it a shot, and the shop decor almost managed to stop you. What if a person had caught you? Hopefully, the widespread criticism of their work will inspire them to explore different hobbies, but for some reason, we have a very strong feeling that this won't be the case.

    Wearing a neon shirt during a robbery, trying to open a glass case like a wooden crate, and rearranging the furniture mid-heist are all actions that kind of allude to the fact that these people aren't good at recognizing their current situation and adapting to it. If they continue to do this, at least we can assume that they'll get caught pretty quickly.

    Buy Vapes Online

    Want to buy vapes online from a store that robbers don't break into in the middle of the night wearing reflective vests? Visit the Vaper Empire vape store and choose from our wide selection of premium vaping products. We sell e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories, and our customer service can't be beaten. Order now and receive your shipment in as little as 3-5 days.

  • How Many Adults Vape In Australia?

    The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released the findings of its National Drug Strategy Household Project, in which over 22,000 people were surveyed. So, what did this data tell us? To find out, continue reading below.

    Adult Vaping Statistics In Australia

    The National Drug Strategy Household Project told us a lot about vaping in Australia. It was a rather comprehensive survey that was conducted with a wide variety of Australians, so we can assume that these results, while not perfect, may offer a pretty good idea of how many Australians vape.

    Additionally, this report will provide us with other vape-related details regarding the Australian population. So without further ado, let's jump into all the details.

    How Many Australians Vape?

    This report concluded that 1.2% of the Australian population over 18 years of age was vaping at the time of this survey in 2016. That means that roughly 227,000 adults vape in Australia. 

    So, what else does Queensland's vape report tell us? A big point of interest for many was the number of Australian vapers that had managed to kick the cigarette habit.

    How Many Vapers Smoke Cigarettes In Australia?

    According to the report, 57% of the vapers in Australia did not smoke at the time of the survey. For a lot of smokers, there's a transition period in which they smoke and vape, which could potentially explain the other 43%.

    On that note, this report also concluded that dual-users were statistically more likely to quit smoking than smokers that didn't vape. Additionally, smokers that wanted to quit were found to be more likely to vape on a daily basis.

    This report also provides some insight on which Australians were statistically more likely to vape.

    Which Australian Groups Are More Likely To Vape?

    According to Queensland's Addictive Behaviors journal, indigenous Australians were found to be 3x more likely to vape than non-indigenous Australians.

    This might suggest that indigenous Australians largely see vaping as a means of quitting cigarette smoking, considering indigenous Australians are also 3x more likely to smoke than non-indigenous Australians.

    This report also concluded that younger Australians were more likely to vape than older citizens, which isn't shocking considering the fact that vaping is a relatively new phenomenon.

    The National Drug Strategy Household Project survey also revealed that male Australians were more likely to vape than female Australians.

    Unsurprisingly, it also found that smokers and ex-smokers are far more likely to vape than those that had never smoked. Lastly, it found that vaping is more likely to be adopted by those dealing with psychological stress. 

    Australia's State Of Vape

    The National Drug Strategy Household Project provided a lot of useful data that Queensland's Addictive Behavior journal used to conduct the report that gave us the information above.

    Considering the restrictions, the rate of vaping in Australia might be surprising to some. However, many assume that these statistics allude to the idea that vaping rates would skyrocket were those restrictions lifted.

    Additionally, many Australians suspect that lifting these restrictions could greatly benefit the Australian smoking population.

    Australia, like many countries, is still coming to terms with the legal implications of vaping. It's new territory for everyone, and only time will tell whether these restrictions will be lifted, left alone, or expanded upon.

    At Vaper Empire, we provide adult Australians with access to premium vaping products through our online store. We carry premium e-liquids in various flavours and strengths, vaping accessories like cartomisers and batteries, as well as a variety of starter kits. To visit our online vape shop, click here.

  • Landmark Study Fails To Find Evidence That Vaping Is A Gateway To Youth Smoking

    There have been a handful of studies in recent years that set out to prove that vaping is a gateway to smoking among youth, but this idea is typically not reflected in the resulting data. One of the most recent is a study from PATH (Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health), which attempted to prove the existence of this link, but actually ended up doing the opposite as the study failed to find any evidence to support the theory.

    Study Details

    We'll get into the details surrounding the results of the study soon, but first, let's discuss exactly how this study was conducted. First of all, it's very important to remember that this was the largest ever study of youth smoking initiation. Consequently, the data is likely the most accurate regarding the subject to date.

    This study was conducted in two waves, the first starting in 2013 and ending in 2014 and the second starting in 2014 and ending in 2015. This was a survey-based study that included questions about smoking and vaping, and it included questions regarding the subject's frequency of use with each.

    PATH's Results

    PATH stated that their study's main finding indicated that regular e-cigarette use was a risk factor in regular cigarette use. Because of that wording, it looks like PATH has proven that vapes are an actual gateway to smoking among youth, right? Well, no, not really. Here's why.

    PATH's claim that e-cigarette use is a gateway to cigarette use is based purely on correlation, and it doesn't have any real data to support it. In other words, they assumed that because there was an overlap in youth that smoked and youth that vaped, vaping was causing the youth to start smoking.

    In order to prove causation, they'd at least have to prove that a number of these youth started vaping before they started smoking.

    Their study simply doesn't show this. In fact, it shows the opposite. While emphasizing the correlation between smokers and vapers, they put little to no effort in emphasizing a much more significant finding.

    Out of 12,000 participants, they couldn't report a single instance of a non-smoking, regular vape user later becoming a regular smoker. In other words, those that regularly vaped were shown to be less likely to regularly smoke.

    PATH's Most Substantial Evidence Shows That Vaping Is NOT A Gateway

    A non-smoking vaper turned smoker is what PATH would need in order to ethically indicate that vaping is a gateway to smoking. However, it seems that this hasn't even happened often enough for it to reflect in the largest study of youth smoking initiation in the world.

    The aforementioned overlap between vapers and smokers clearly exists, but the vast majority of the participants that were dual-users were already smoking before they were vaping.

    The overlap between vapers and smokers isn't even that surprising or significant, as it makes sense that two of the most common methods of nicotine consumption would share a lot of the same user base. However, PATH chose to emphasize this as opposed to the much more significant finding.

    The fact that they couldn't show even a single instance of an individual regularly vaping and later regularly smoking is extremely significant. It disproves a very commonly accepted myth.

    After all, how could vaping have inspired someone to smoke when they'd never even vaped upon lighting their first cigarette?

    PATH's Main Findings

    These studies are conducted in order to inform, but with this groundbreaking data at their disposal, PATH's main finding was basically that e-cigarettes have an impact on cigarette use and should, therefore, be targetted in early tobacco prevention among youth.

    Obviously, young people should be prevented from vaping, as the legal age limit is 18. I don't think that most vapers would disagree with this. That isn't really the problem. The problem is that in their short conclusion, PATH said that vaping had a "differential impact on subsequent cigarette smoking uptake or reduction."

    In lamens terms, that means that vaping may increase or decrease an individual's likelihood to smoke, and this just isn't reflected in their data. They lack any evidence supporting the idea that vaping could increase someone's likelihood of regular cigarette use.

    For vaping to have a "differential impact," they'd need proof that vaping can increase or decrease an individual's likelihood to use cigarettes, and they would, therefore, need at least one documented instance of a regular vaper turning to regular cigarette use. However, their results don't show even a single example of this.


    This is a very blatant example of how bias can sway people, even those that are committed to being fact-driven. In this case, PATH's bias became evident when they focused on the correlation between smoking and vaping as opposed to focusing on the far more significant finding.

    They should focus on the aforementioned finding because it is often rumoured that vaping causes people to smoke, and the lack of even a single instance of this occurrence among 12,000 participants is extremely significant.

    Numbers as significant as these should really catch their eye and demand more attention, but it doesn't seem that PATH is interested in focusing on what the evidence strongly suggests: that vaping isn't a gateway to smoking.

    For smokers who are looking to quit, Vaper Empire offers a range of vape starter kits, e-liquids, and accessories. You can visit our online vape store here.

  • Group Calls For Vaping Restrictions To Be Lifted In Hospitals

    Here's an issue that vapers and smokers alike are likely to have strong opinions about: vaping and smoking on hospital grounds. Awareness of the issue has been raised by a pro-smoking group called Forest, which is calling for restrictions on the use of vapes on hospital grounds to be lifted.

    According to the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco's report, 55% of The National Health Service won't allow e-cigarettes to be used outside.

    According to Forest, this isn't right, and it's made all the worse by the fact that Public Health England has explicitly stated that it should be easier for vapers to use e-cigarettes on-site.

    The group is calling for more freedom for smokers as well. They want patients, staff, and visitors to be able to smoke at the hospitals.

    In the interest of collecting relevant information on this situation, Forest made Freedom of Information requests to 200 NHS trusts in England regarding their policies on e-cigarettes and cigarettes. Only 170 responded.

    According to the responses collected between July and December of 2018, 45% of the trusts allowed e-cigs to be used outside, while 11% allowed e-cigs to be used indoors. 

    It does seem that NHS trusts are beginning to take the advice of Forest and Public Health England to heart, as 14% plan to allow the use of e-cigs outside, in shelters, or in wards in 2019. 

    According to the responses that Forest received, 76% of NHS trusts did not allow the use of cigarettes anywhere on hospital grounds. Additionally, 22% of the NHS trusts provided smoking shelters. 

    The director of Forest, Simon Clark, commented: “We welcome the fact that some trusts are reviewing their policies on the use of e-cigarettes, but adopting a more sensible approach to vaping shouldn’t come at the price of a complete ban on smoking.”

    According to Forest, smoking should be permitted by hospitals in all of their outdoor areas. Clark goes on to say, "Banning smoking on hospital grounds demonstrates a staggering lack of compassion for smokers who may be stressed, upset and in need of a comforting cigarette. A reasonable policy would lift restrictions on vaping, but give those who prefer to smoke the option of sheltered smoking areas.”

  • Single Coil VS Dual Coil Vape

    The number of coils that you use will have a pretty significant impact on your vaping experience. New vapers will often wonder how many they should use, and because single-coil and dual-coil atomizers are so common, the question is often reduced to "should I use a single-coil atomizer or a dual-coil atomizer?"

    It's a worthwhile question to consider, but we should tell you that these aren't the only options. While a lot of atomizers have only one or two coils, many have four, six, or even eight. To understand which coil setup is ideal for you, you need to understand how increasing or decreasing the number of coils in an atomizer affects the overall vaping experience.


    We'll jump into the nitty gritty details, but first, let's briefly preface the discussion by going over the advantages of each coil setup.

    Single-Coil Advantages

      • More power efficient (longer battery life)
      • Increased Portability

    Dual-Coil Advantage

      • Superior performance (better vapour production)


    The disadvantages of single-coil vapes and dual-coil vapes are basically just the inverse of their advantages, but let's go over it for the sake of clarity.

    Single-Coil Disadvantage

      • Inferior Performance (Vapour Production)

    Dual-Coil Disadvantages

      • Not as power efficient (shorter battery life)
      • Not as portable

    Performance, Efficiency, and Portability

    In the previous section, we brought up the three factors that you should consider when choosing your coil setup: performance, efficiency, and portability. Performance refers to your vape's vapour production, efficiency refers to your vape's battery life, and portability refers to the amount of space that your vape takes up.

    These three factors affect each other. Understanding the relationship between them is important if you want to understand what happens when you increase or decrease the number of coils that you're using. Basically, performance has an inverse relationship with portability and efficiency.

    If you want to increase your vapour production, you'll need to increase the number of coils in your vape. When you think about it, it makes sense, right? More coils result in more surface area, and your coil's surface area is one of the defining factors when it comes to vapour production.

    However, extra coils take up extra space and draw extra power from your battery. This means that when you increase the number of coils in your vape setup, you end up with either a larger vaporizer, a shorter battery life, or both. 

    Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: Performance

    Increasing the number of coils in your vaporizer increases your overall performance. You'll need a battery that can supply enough power to take full advantage of your coils, but given you're using the right setup, more coils mean better vapour production or increased performance.

    That being said, we've established that a dual-coil atomizer is superior to a single-coil atomizer in terms of performance. Now, you should ask yourself "how much does performance matter to me?" Performance matters to everyone. When you make any purchase, you're likely trying to get the product with the best performance within your price range.

    As we've established, when it comes to vaporizers, portability and efficiency mostly work against performance. If performance is the most important factor for you, you'll likely prefer the dual-coil experience, but just remember that your battery life will take a hit. Sometimes, more coils will even result in a larger vaporizer, as you'll need a larger battery to power both coils.

    Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: Efficiency

    Efficiency, in this case, refers to the relationship between your atomizer and your battery. Naturally, two coils are going to draw more power from your battery, causing your battery life to drop. That's why performance and efficiency are almost always going to have an inverse relationship. When one gets better, the other gets worse.

    That's why single-coil setups are better for your vape's battery life. If you care most about your vaporizer's efficiency (battery life,) you'll probably prefer a single-coil vape. Of course, you could always make up for the additional power drain with a better battery, but this will affect your portability. That brings us to the next point.

    Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: Portability

    Portability simply refers to your vaporizer's size. A single-coil atomizer will often take up less space than a dual-coil atomizer. For this reason, a single-coil vape will be better for those that care more about portability. 

    If you prefer larger clouds, you'll have to compromise a little in terms of portability, and the opposite is also true. If you want an ultra-portable vape, you'll have to compromise in the performance category.

    Single Coil vs. Dual Coil: How Much Does Performance Matter?

    Now that we've discussed how all of these factors work in relation to one another, you should again ask yourself "how much does performance matter to me?"

    Remember that increasing your coil count will result in either a shorter battery life or a larger vaporizer, but it'll do wonders for your vapour production.

    If performance matters more to you than efficiency and portability, you'll be happier with a dual-coil atomizer than you'd be with a single-coil atomizer. Dual-coil vapes provide superior vapour production, but they're often larger and have a shorter battery life. 

    On the other hand, a single-coil vaporizer won't be as powerful, but it'll be smaller and more battery-efficient. This principle is consistent in vaping. If you move up to three coils, your vapour production will continue to improve, but your vaporizer will either get larger or its battery life will decrease.

    Single-Coil vs. Dual-Coil: Which is for you?

    Finding your ideal coil setup is all about finding the balance between portability, efficiency, and performance that works for you. So which is best for you?

    Would you prefer a long-lasting, ultra-portable vape with average vapour production or a slightly larger cloud machine with a shorter battery life? If you prefer the first, you'll want to take a look at your single-coil options. If the latter appeals to you, you should consider getting a dual-coil vaporizer.

    At Vaper Empire, we offer customers the opportunity to choose between a single coil and dual coil vape. For a single coil vape, we suggest taking a look at our compact and convenient Vantage Series vape pens. For those who prefer dual coils, we suggest taking a look at our V-Twist Series vape, which offers users the ability to adjust both the airflow and the voltage.

    To shop our complete line of Vaper Empire vapes, click here to visit our vape store.

  • What Is In E-Liquid?

    When it comes to vaping, there are a few essentials. You need a battery, you need an atomizer, and you need e-liquid. Of all the essentials, vapers are typically most familiar with e-liquid. Usually, hardware purchases are infrequent compared to e-liquid purchases. Buying e-liquid is the best part of vaping for a lot of people. Choosing a new flavour can be exciting, especially with so many flavours to experiment with.

    As cool as e-liquid is, many vapers don’t really know what’s in it. That’s why we’re going to break it down for you. This is an in-depth look at all the ingredients found in e-liquid. In addition, we’ll be answering a few pressing questions posed by the vape nation about e-liquid. Without further ado, let’s jump into the explanation.

    What’s in the E-liquid?

    Most e-liquids have at least two of the following ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavouring. Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol act as the base of the e-liquid, meaning they make up the majority of the e-liquid. Some e-liquids only contain one of the two, while others mix them in order to achieve a certain consistency or flavour.

    Nicotine is the psychoactive ingredient contained in some e-liquids. It’s the same psychoactive ingredient found in tobacco. Most e-liquid utilizes a form of nicotine called freebase nicotine, which is typically manufactured in a lab. The last ingredient is flavouring, which is pretty self-explanatory. Without it, the vapour wouldn’t taste so great!

    What’s the Difference Between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin?

    We now know that propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used as the main ingredients in e-liquid, but what are they? Well, propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid. It doesn’t occur in nature. Like freebase nicotine, it’s typically made in a lab. On the other hand, vegetable glycerin is a natural liquid that’s extracted from various plants.

    Vegetable Glycerin has a naturally sweet flavour, while propylene glycol is flavourless. A lot of people prefer the sweetness of vegetable glycerin, but it doesn’t suit every flavour. Sometimes, it can distort the flavour by making it too sweet. In this case, e-liquid mixers will add propylene glycol to dial sweetness back a little. Propylene glycol also tends to be a better agent for added flavour due to the fact that it has no flavour of its own.

    Vegetable Glycerin produces thicker vapour than propylene glycol. For this reason, most cloud chasers prefer VG-dominant e-liquids. Mixing vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol can achieve the ultimate balance between flavour and vapour production.

    A popular ratio that many vapers seem to like is 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol. It offers the thick clouds that you’d expect from a VG-dominant e-liquid without being unbearably sweet. Many vapers find that the flavour also tends to be better than that of e-liquids made with 100% vegetable glycerin.

    Is There a Difference Between E-Juice and E-Liquid?

    It goes by many names: e-liquid, e-juice, vape juice, vapour liquid, etc. But no, there’s absolutely no difference. They all contain the same base ingredients and mean the exact same thing.

    How Long Does Vape Juice Last? Is it Bad to Vape Expired Juice?

    Most e-liquid has a pretty long shelf life. Typically, the shelf life of a bottle of e-liquid is around four years. We’re not sure who’s buying e-liquid and vaping it four years later, but we’re here to answer your questions. There’s no evidence suggesting that vaping e-liquid past its shelf life is harmful. Depending on how it’s stored, the flavour of the e-liquid is likely not going to be drastically different. The expiration date is more of a suggestion.

    Does E-Liquid Contain Nicotine?

    Most e-liquids contain nicotine, but this isn’t always the case. E-liquids and e-cigs were introduced as an alternative to smoking, but since then the culture has evolved. Vaping to many is now a hobby. Cloud chasing competitions aren’t at all uncommon, and enthusiasts often build their own vape batteries (or mods).

    Vaping, to some, is now less about the consumption of nicotine and more about the culture that surrounds vaping itself. Although most use e-liquid for the consumption of nicotine, this is simply not always the case.

    How Much is Vapour Liquid?

    While the cost of e-liquid can vary widely in Australia, Vaper Empire premium e-liquids cost a little more than $10 per 10ml bottle. While it is possible to find less expensive e-liquids, the quality of the e-liquid may not be as high. We recommend only buying e-liquid from reliable, well-known sources that adhere to high standards in quality control. At Vaper Empire, all of our e-liquids adhere to EU standards and are made in multi-million dollar clean room facilities. We take the quality of our e-liquids seriously and so should you.

    What is the Highest Nicotine E-Liquid?

    E-liquids are available in several nicotine strengths. Most e-liquids top out at 24mg, although higher nicotine strengths aren’t unheard of. To many, 24mg e-liquid is too harsh to vape comfortably. E-liquids with higher concentrations of nicotine often utilize nicotine salts as opposed to freebase nicotine due to its smoothness.

    Now you know everything you need to know about e-liquid! If you’re running low on e-liquid, you’re in luck! At Vaper Empire, we offer some of the best premium e-liquids on the market. Our e-liquids come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to accommodate all of our customers.

    If you want to switch to vaping, or if you’re just looking for a new vaporizer, Vaper Empire has the best line of premium e-cigs available! We have something for everyone. If you’re looking for something large and powerful, or if you’re looking for something small and stealthy, we have you covered! Check out the Vaper Empire store for all the best in vaping.

  • New Study Finds Vaping Does Not Normalise Smoking For Young People

    A new study has found that electronic cigarette use has not led more youths in the United Kingdom to take up smoking or look at cigarette use as normal. The study's findings throw a wrench in the theory that vaping's boom might lead to the normalisation of smoking among today's youth.

    The study, which was led by researchers from Cardiff University and published in the journal Tobacco Control, found that the percentage of U.K. youths who reported that trying cigarettes was "OK" dropped dramatically from 1999 to 2015. In 1999, the percentage that indicated that it was "OK" to try a cigarette was recorded at 70%. By 2015, this figure had dropped to 27%.

    As for the percentage of U.K. youths that had smoked, the researchers found that for children between the ages of 13 and 15, the percentage who had smoked dropped from 60% to 19% during the period of time stretching from 1998 to 2015. In other words, the percentage of youth smokers has continued to decrease while e-cigarette use has risen, bringing into question the theory that e-cigarette use might normalise smoking among today's youths.

    Dr Graham Moore with the Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement was quoted by The Guardian as having said that the study "demonstrates the success of public health efforts in reducing smoking among young people in the last 20 years and provides no evidence that e-cigarettes are reversing this."

    Switching From Smoking To Vaping

    Public Health England's latest e-cigarette evidence review has found e-cigarettes to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Beyond the potential health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, there are also the cost savings for smokers to take into consideration. In many cases, smokers who make the switch will save money, which you can learn more about here.

    For smokers who are ready to make the switch, Vaper Empire offers a range of premium vaping products, including electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette liquids. Our vape store is always open and our Australia-based customer service team is available to answer any questions. To start vaping today, click here to visit our online store.

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