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  • Where To Buy Vape Juice In Australia

    As vaping has grown in popularity over the last few years, more and more people have decided to give it a go… however, getting started can be confusing at the best of times. Aside from the typical confusion surrounding vaping itself, all the bits of kit and components you need, and the various vape juice types available, there is something else: where to buy vape juice in Australia.

    Australia, unfortunately, is something of an anomaly when it comes to vaping; there have been several attempts at "clampdowns" recently by legislators. This has, unfortunately, confused a lot of folks when it comes to finding out where to buy vape juice in Australia and other vape-related products.

    Although the current legal situation is rather confusing (and is not for us to talk about here at Vaper Empire), it is actually very easy to buy vape juice in Australia.

    Can I Buy Vape Juice from a Vape Store in Australia?

    If you live in Australia and want to buy vape juice that contains nicotine, you cannot just walk into your local vape store and buy it. It's not that simple, unfortunately. This is because of Australia's laws surrounding nicotine.

    Instead, you have to buy your nicotine-containing vape juice online from a seller that operates outside the country. There are some restrictions to this and we have outlined these below.

    You can buy nicotine vape juice in Australia here at Vaper Empire. Simply place your order here on our online store and we'll ship it directly to you with express shipping, ensuring that all of your vaping supplies arrive on your doorstep in just a matter of days.

    Where to Buy Vape Juice in Australia

    As vaping has grown rapidly in popularity in Australia, places where you can buy vapes, vape juice, mods, pens, and other accessories have started popping up quickly. Today, there is a huge variety of sellers, both on and offline, stocking their own range of products… to say you are spoiled for choice would be an understatement.

    By far, however, the most convenient place to buy your vapes, vape juices, accessories, kits, and other vape-related wares is online. Vape purchases, like most other day-to-day purchases, are largely done online. The market is much bigger and there is a wealth of information available to help you gauge a company's (and their products') quality.

    How do you decide where to go, though, with so many different retailers and sellers? It's not as if there's an "Amazon-style" one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs.

    Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You either have two solutions: buy in-store or buy online.

    We would always recommend doing your research and looking for a known and reputable retailer (e.g. us at Vaper Empire) that sells high-quality vaping products. Always check for customer testimonials, reviews, and feedback from customers just to be sure, and check Google for product reviews.

    Can I Import Vapes, Juices, and Accessories?

    Yes, contrary to what some Australians mistakenly believe, it is NOT illegal for you to import vapes, vape juices, and all other vape-related accessories into Australia from overseas.

    NOTE, however, that the total product value must be under $1,000 AUD. This is the original total without discounts applied; if you bought $1050 AUD worth of vape products and applied a 10% discount code, reducing the total to $945 AUD, the value of the package would still be over $1,000 AUD in the eyes of Australian Customs officials.

    Packages with a value of over $1,000 AUD will attract extra customs fees.

    Learn more about importing nicotine vape supplies into Australia here.

    How Do I Know I Am Getting a Good Product?

    We understand that when you buy online, you cannot ever be 100% certain that you are getting a solid product. This is because you will not get a chance to see or inspect (or try) the product before you buy it.

    Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous vaping vendors on the internet who rip customers off with inferior products. The only way to protect yourself against low-quality products is to do your research.

    At Vaper Empire, for example, we do not just vouch for ourselves---we have a reviews system built into our website that enables customers to honestly rate their purchases. In addition to this, our products have been the subject of several third-party independent reviews by everybody from casual bloggers to vaping experts.

    You will be surprised at what a quick Google search can uncover, and this could save you a lot of time and money.

    Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

    At Vaper Empire, we stock one of Australia's largest selections of high-quality e-cigs, vape juices, accessories, equipment, and other devices. We are a trusted, premier seller that has satisfied thousands of customers all throughout Australia and beyond.

    Whether you are an experienced vaper looking for a new vape juice or are a beginner looking for an e-cigarette starter kit, there is no better place to go than our online store.

  • Comprehensive Guide To Atomisers VS Cartomisers VS Clearomisers

    If you are a first-time user, getting started with e-cigarettes and vaping can seem like an impossible task. Not only is there a whole load of lingo for you to get to grips with, but there are thousands of different vaping products, tools, add-ons, accessories, juices, and more.

    One of the biggest (and most difficult) choices for first-time vapers, however, is deciding between atomisers, cartomisers, and clearomisers.

    While all three of these do the same thing---they turn e-liquid into puff-able vapour---there are a few reasons why a person may elect to use one over the other.

    First things first: an overview of these three devices

    Atomisers, cartomisers, and clearomisers are parts that you secure to an e-cig battery to produce vapour from vape juice.

    This is achieved by heating the vapour juice to a temperature point where it changes from a liquid to clouds of vapour that can be inhaled and exhaled.

    So, is one better than the other, then?

    Well, not necessarily "better" per se; it all depends on your individual circumstances and what you want to do with your e-cig. All three of these devices do, pretty much the same thing and all e-cigs need one of them to function.

    How do they work?

    All three devices have a "positive" and "negative" side and a coil wrapped around a wick is attached to each side.

    When vape juice is introduced to the device, the wick absorbs it and holds the fluid in contact with the coil. As the coil's temperature increases, it heats the vape juice to the point where it turns from liquid to vapour and can be inhaled.

    Acting as an intermediary, the wick prevents the coil from being "flooded" by the juice and ensures optimal vapour production.

    The Atomiser

    The atomiser is the earliest (and simplest) vape device that was adapted from use in other products and applications, e.g. perfume bottles and vapour sprays. As mentioned above the atomiser transforms vape juice into vapour for inhalation.

    Used either as a standalone device or built into cartomisers, the atomiser uses a heating element to vapourise e-liquid.

    Typically, an atomiser will be part of a two-piece e-cig. In this case, you won't need to worry yourself with it; it is the three-piece e-cig, where the atomiser is a standalone and interchangeable device, where you will need to think more about it.

    Vapers love atomisers because:

    • They are cost-effective;
    • They are easy to use and refill;
    • They are designed simply; and
    • They can be used with dripping---where different vape juices are dropped on to the atomiser directly bypassing a cartridge or tank. This lets you try lots of different juices.

    Some of the downsides include:

    • The mess created from dripping; and
    • The fact you can't just whip out your vape and start vaping---each time you use it, you need to drop more vape juice on to the atomiser.

    The Cartomiser

    These are sometimes referred to as "extended atomisers". In short, the cartomiser is longer than an atomiser and instead of using wicks, they use a cotton-like fibre known as "poly fill" that is able to hold more vape juice.

    Most cartomisers are dual-coiled though there are single-coiled ones available, too. As you may expect, dual-coil cartomisers use far more battery power than their single-coil counterparts, something to keep in mind if you like your vape's battery to last all day.

    Since they can hold more vape juice, cartomisers give rise to much longer vaping sessions without the constant need to refill.

    Vapers love cartomisers because:

    • They often come pre-loaded with vape juice;
    • They are very easy to refill; and
    • They hold more vape juice when compared to an atomiser.

    Some of the downsides include:

    • High battery power consumption;
    • The poly fill can impact the flavour of some juices; and
    • The poly fill can burn if a vape is pushed to its limits.

    It is often argued that cartomisers are somewhat outdated. As with any other technology, e-cigs and their accessories are always evolving; there are some alternatives to older cartomisers now widely available.

    The Clearomiser

    Clearomisers, also called "tanks", come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Regardless of a tank's form, however, they all do the same thing and can hold substantially more vape juice than both atomisers and cartomisers.

    Some clearomisers can hold as much as 5ml of vape juice. That may not sound like a lot, however, as any veteran vaper will tell you, 5ml goes a very, very long way. This high capacity makes clearomisers perfect for somebody who doesn't want to carry bottles of vape juice about their person all day, or for people who want the convenience of not having to refill all the time.

    If you are somebody with, or who is likely to have, a firm favourite vape juice that you stick to religiously, the clearomiser is your best bet.

    Clearomiser devices are the most commonly used type of vape device. They  are the bigger, bulkier cousin of the slender e-cigarette. Their components include a mouthpiece, a clear tank made of clear glass, and a base that houses the atomiser.

    Vapers love clearomisers because:

    • They can hold much more vape juice than an atomiser or cartomiser;
    • Their transparent tanks make it easy to see how much juice is left;
    • There is no need for carrying vape juice bottles or constant refilling; and
    • The device has more longevity than atomisers and cartomisers.

    Some of the downsides include:

    • The glass tank can be shattered if you are not careful;
    • You have to use a full tank of vape juice before replacing it; and
    • They are much bulkier.

    Have you made your decision?

    We hope that you found this information useful.

    If you have now decided between these three similar, yet very different, vaping devices, why not head on over to the Vaper Empire online store? We have plenty of these devices, and other accessories and vape juices, available for delivery in less than a week.

  • E-Cigarette Flavour Bans Will Drive More People To Smoking, University Professor Says

    At this point, we are all well aware of the wide use and cult following that e-cigarettes and vaping have. From the U.S. to Australia and beyond, millions of people worldwide use vaping not only to quit smoking but for the entertainment value, too.

    In Australia alone, 1.2% of the population, or around 227,000 adults, vape.

    As you will also be well aware---if you are a staunch vaper, that is---the most popular vape juices are the wide variety of flavoured options. Pastries, candies, fruit, food and drink, and chocolate, amongst thousands of others, are used by vapers in their majority.

    Recently, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has moved forward with its plans to "ban" the sales of flavoured e-cigarette juices. This brash move, lambasted by some as being an example of unnecessary legislative intervention, is an effort to curtail what has been called a "youth vaping epidemic" spurred on by the wide availability of flavoured vape juice.

    What exactly brought talks of a "ban" on?

    It all started towards the latter half of last year when the FDA touched on the idea of having all e-liquids, flavoured and unflavoured, formally approved for sale in the U.S. Naturally, news circulated that the FDA was planning to "ban" flavoured e-liquids and one thing led to another.

    Something that should have been forgotten about rather quickly was picked up by Colorado's Democratic representative Diana DeGette---she announced in a March 2019 statement that she plans to introduce legislation, the SAFE Kids Act, that would ban the sale or manufacture of "often kid-friendly" flavours used in e-cigarette liquids.

    Given that Colorado has the highest proportion of teenagers using e-cigarettes, this move hardly seems surprising.

    In her statement, DeGette said—

    “Tobacco use remains one of the greatest threats to our children’s health and we have to do more to protect them from the dangers of e-cigarettes. Most experts agree that the kid-friendly flavours that e-cigarette manufacturers are selling with these products are one of the leading causes of this spike in use among our high school and middle school students. To me, there is no legitimate reason to sell any product with names such as cotton candy or tutti fruitti, unless you are trying to market it to children.”

    What does the "SAFE Kids Act" say?

    It gives e-cigarette companies one year to prove to the FDA that the artificial flavourings in their vape juices are only being used to further the aim of an e-cigarette's use---the quitting of smoking.

    To that end, they must also prove that these flavours do not lead to increased use of e-cigarettes among children and teenagers or cause any sort of harm.

    If they cannot, manufacturers will, in theory, no longer be allowed to sell or manufacture their flavoured products in the U.S.

    Throwing the health of ex-smokers into jeopardy

    In an op-ed published on February 19th, prior to the introduction of DeGette's proposed legislation, Boston University's Professor Michael Siegel argued that such flavour ban will drive more people back to smoking, potentially throwing the health of ex-smokers into jeopardy, and there are millions of them.

    It is argued that whilst eliminating or severely restricting access to flavoured vape juices is a good idea on the face of it---after all, this will prevent youths readily accessing them---it will likely cause more problems than it solves.

    Ex-smokers aside for a second, what are children and teenagers going to do if they are unable to get their "fix" of nicotine from e-cigs and flavoured vape juices?

    They will instead get their hands on far more harmful cigarettes.

    Unfortunately, in approaching this flavoured vape juice "problem", if that's what we must call it, policymakers have gone gung-ho in tying the hands of e-cigarette and vape juice manufacturers in an attempt to get one over on them whilst ignoring the obvious and more problematic impact that such a move will have.

    The irony here is that less harmful, in some cases potentially not at all harmful, e-cigarettes and vape juices will be restricted whereas regular, severely harmful cigarettes will still be just as widely available and easily accessible to adults, teenagers, and children alike.

    All this "ban" would serve to do is provide tobacco companies with a competitive advantage.

    The safety of e-cigarettes

    Although e-cigarettes are not perfect by any means, they are far, far safer than traditional cigarettes that don't just contain nicotine, but all sorts of other nasties, both carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic, that lead to a variety of health problems with long-term use. At least, that's what a growing body of scientific evidence currently suggests.

    Plenty of clinical trials and research projects have proven that e-cigarettes are not only safer than traditional cigarettes, but they play a much bigger role in helping smokers quit than old-school nicotine patches.

    By creating a legislative barrier, former smokers (and teenagers and children!) will be forced to return to or take up the smoking of cigarettes.

    If governments must intervene, there are plenty of other options to explore that will prevent teenagers and children accessing e-cigarettes and vape juices.

    Here, the picture isn't quite so bleak

    Fortunately, here in Australia, vapers have access to a wide range of vape juice flavours thanks to companies like our own. Here at Vaper Empire, we've been serving customers across Australia for years, providing access to premium vaping products through our online store.

    If you want to buy flavoured vape juices---and not only that, but vaping equipment, e-cigarettes, and a whole host of other supplies---why not visit the Vaper Empire vape store? We have a wide selection of ultra-premium vaping products that are certain to fit your tastes.

    Order now and your package could be at your door in as little as 3 to 5 days!

  • How To Prevent Common Side Effects Of Vaping

    Although vaping is far safer and healthier than smoking, there are still a few vape side effects that you need to know about. Some, all, or none of these side effects may or may not be experienced when you use an e-cigarette or vaporiser; it depends entirely on both 1) the individual in question and 2) the e-liquid being used and its ingredients.

    Due to the many variables in both vaping devices and e-liquids, and, of course, how often an individual vapes, it is not possible to create a definitive list, nor is it possible to point the finger at vaping being the direct cause. As a result, vape side effects are purely situational.

    Common Vape Side Effects

    These are some of the more common vape side effects and how you can avoid them.

    1. Sore Throat

    By far, the most common vape side effect is a sore throat. Often, this is caused by using an e-liquid that has too high a concentration of PG and your body cannot tolerate it. It can also be connected to the flavourings used (e.g. you may be sensitive to certain ingredients or additives) or even the device's coil if it is nickel-based.

    The best way to solve a sore throat after vaping is to tackle each problem in turn. First, try an e-liquid that has a higher concentration of VG over PG. If that doesn't work, look at the e-liquid's ingredients and eliminate each one until the problem stops. If that doesn't work, try switching your device.

    2. Dry Mouth

    Unsurprisingly, the second most common side effect also relates to the oral cavity. Dry mouth when vaping is caused by e-liquid base ingredients PG and VG. Although higher concentrations of PG are known to be a bigger cause of dry mouth, VG can also cause it. This is because PG and VG are both hygroscopic and absorb water.

    If you experience dry mouth when vaping, keep yourself hydrated with water or use oral rehydration solutions that you can rinse your mouth out with. If you have a persistent dry mouth, it may be worth speaking to a medical professional---more often than not, vape-related dry mouth is mild and goes away in time.

    3. Constant Coughing Whilst Vaping

    Most of the time, complaints that relate to coughing come from newbie vapers, even those who have a significant history with smoking cigarettes. More often than not, coughing whilst vaping is caused by an incorrect vaping technique---either an e-liquid with too much nicotine is being used (irritating the lungs) or trying to take a cig-like draw on a vaping device that has a high airflow.

    If you are finding yourself constantly coughing when taking a drag from your vape, check to make sure that your device's airflow isn't too high:

    • If the airflow is tight, your device is a mouth-to-lung device designed for e-liquids with higher nicotine concentrations. The vapour first goes into your mouth before being sucked into the lungs.
    • If the airflow is easy (like sucking through a straw) then your vape device is a direct-to-lung one; the vapour doesn't pass through the mouth first and instead goes straight to the lungs.

    In direct-to-lung devices, it is recommended to only use e-liquids with low nicotine concentrations, generally below 6mg/mL. Take a look at our MTL vs DTL vape guide to learn more about mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping devices.

    4. Headaches, Dizziness, and/or Headrush

    Headaches are common in people who have recently quit smoking. This is because nicotine alone does not contain enough alkaloids---a compound that has a physiological effect on long-term smokers---when compared to the amount found in cigarettes where tobacco and other ingredients are present. Dizziness and headrush are common in first-time vapers, and these are caused by the nicotine.

    Headaches, dizziness, and headrush are all symptoms that will go away with long-term vaping. There is very little you can do to ward them off other than by drinking plenty of water. If you have noticed dry mouth alongside your headaches, this is a tell-tale sign that you simply need to be getting more fluids down you.

    5. Nausea and Sickness

    If you are feeling nauseous or sick after a vaping session, whether heavy or light, this could also be down to nicotine, too. Nausea and sickness are common symptoms in popular over the counter anti-smoking remedies including nicotine gums, patches, and sprays. Feelings of sickness can also be caused by an e-liquid if you are sensitive to some of the ingredients.

    If you find that you are always feeling sick after vaping, it is likely down to the nicotine. If you find that you are feeling sick only after using a certain e-liquid, it is likely down to one of the ingredients.

    For nicotine-related nausea, the symptoms will go away over time. For ingredient-related nausea, the only real solution is to use an e-liquid that does not cause you to feel sick. Finding out which ingredients are causing your nausea is often a case of trial and error.

    6. A Feeling of Tiredness or Fatigue

    Nicotine works in two ways---it can be incredibly stimulating, and it can also be incredibly draining. Depending on the individual, nicotine can work in one or both ways, either mildly or to an extreme. Nicotine tiredness and fatigue works a lot like a caffeine crash.

    If you find that vaping makes you sleepy, try playing around with your nicotine strength to find the right one for your body, or eliminate it from your vaping altogether if you do not think that you need it. Tiredness and fatigue with vaping is something often experienced by newbie vapers who have no or little history of smoking because their bodies are not used to the substance.

    Unless you are trying to quit smoking via vaping, there is no reason to use an e-liquid that contains nicotine. Here at Vaper Empire, we sell e-liquids in various nicotine strengths, including nicotine-free (0mg).

    Visit the Vaper Empire Store

    If you think that you need to switch out some of your e-liquids or hardware for something different, check out the Vaper Empire online store. Our huge range of products means that you are guaranteed to find something that is suitable for you and will help eliminate your vaping side effects.

  • How To Buy E-Cigarettes Online In New Zealand

    For New Zealanders, buying e-cigarettes, vape juice, and other vaping products is not much of an issue given that such products can be found at local retailers. But why drive to the store when you can simply stay at home and have all of your vaping supplies delivered straight to your doorstep? At Vaper Empire, we make it easy for vapers in New Zealand to shop from the comfort of their home. Our online vape store is always open and we ship straight to our customers' homes, delivering the vape supplies that they need and want in as little as 3-5 days.

    Just how easy is it to buy electronic cigarettes, vape kits, e-juice, and accessories from Vaper Empire? Take a look at the infographic below to find out!

    How To Buy E-Cigarettes Online In New Zealand

    Shopping For E-Cigs In New Zealand Has Never Been Easier

    For those who would rather read than look at the infographic above, here's a breakdown of what it entails to shop online for e-cigs in New Zealand when you shop with Vaper Empire:

    1. Visit the Vaper Empire vape shop at
    2. Select your vaping supplies and add them to your virtual cart.
    3. Place your order and in 3-5 days your order will arrive.

    In order to shop at our online store, you must be of legal vaping age. We ship to customers across New Zealand, ensuring that every New Zealander of legal vaping age has access to our wide variety of premium vape starter kits, e-liquids, and accessories. We carry everything vapers need and we don't cut corners when it comes to designing and manufacturing our products. This is why you can trust the Vaper Empire brand to deliver only the best that vaping has to offer.

    Vape NZ With Vaper Empire

    So if you live in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Rotorua, Queenstown, Hamilton, Napier, Nelson, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Hastings, Invercargill, Palmerston North, Gisborne, Hawke's Bay, Whanganui, Picton, Wanaka, Blenheim, Lower Hutt, Whakatane, Mount Maunganui, Raglan, Porirua, Timaru, Oamaru, Greymouth, Waitakere, Akaroa, Upper Hutt, Hokitika, Masterton, Ashburn, Kerikeri, Thames, or Cardrona, then the only name you have to remember is Vaper Empire.

    You can click here to start shopping now.

  • How To Get Nicotine Vape Juice In Australia

    Despite the confusing legal situation surrounding the purchasing of nicotine products in Australia, it is easy (and legal!) to get ahold of nicotine vape juice if you live in Australia.

    Unfortunately, you cannot get nicotine vape juice in Australia itself, not even from vape stores. If you want it, you have to order online. At Vaper Empire, we are Australia's preferred retailer of vaping products. Each week, we ship numerous packages to our Australian customers quickly and without issue, delivering vaping products straight to their doorsteps in what is typically just a matter of days.

    You can click here to order our premium vape juices online.

    How to Get Nicotine Vape Juice in Australia

    Despite the regulations on nicotine, e-cigs, and nicotine-containing vape juices that vary throughout Australia, it is still possible to buy nicotine e-cigs, vape juices, and accessories regardless of where you are… even if you are in a territory that regulates e-cigs heavily over and above the laws surrounding nicotine and products containing nicotine.

    In Australia, you can buy nicotine vape juices if you order internationally and a buy a 3 months' supply or less.

    It really is that easy---just because you are based in Australia does not mean that you cannot buy nicotine-containing vape juices.

    Buy Nicotine E Cigarette Liquid In Australia

    When to Use Nicotine Vape Juice

    Generally speaking, it is best to use nicotine vape juice in Australia when you are trying to quit smoking and you are using vaping as a means to an end. Despite being an existing smoker, all the different vape juices and their varying nicotine concentrations can be confusing---there is nothing worse than spending hours deciding on the best vape juice flavour and then having to spend additional time settling on a nicotine concentration.

    Should you start with a lower concentration and work your way up, or would it be better to start on a higher level and work your way down?

    It all depends on what your goal is.

    If you want to switch from cigarettes to e-cigs and aren't particularly bothered about nicotine, then you can always start low and adjust up if needs be to satisfy your cravings. If, however, you want to quit, you may want to start higher and adjust downwards as your nicotine cravings disappear.

    What Nicotine Strengths are Available?

    Nicotine levels in vape juices follow a few general levels:

    • 3mg/mL
    • 6mg/mL
    • 12mg/mL
    • 18mg/mL

    Sometimes, however, you can get concentrations as high as 24mg/mL and 36mg/mL. The concentrations depend on the brand and, sometimes, the flavour.

    Heavy smokers often find that their cravings are satisfied with 6-12mg/mL nicotine concentrations. The higher concentration levels are designed for people with heavy nicotine addictions.

    Vaping is not like smoking cigarettes, so that needs to be taken into consideration too. If you would prefer shorter vape sessions that are similar in duration to cigarette smoking, for example, then you should go for a higher concentration. If, however, you want longer-lasting sessions, go for a lower concentration.

    Should Non-Smokers Use Nicotine Vape Juice in Australia?

    Generally speaking, we do not recommend this; if you are vaping for enjoyment (and not to quit smoking) then there is no reason to use vape juice that contains nicotine.

    Nicotine does not significantly alter the flavour, however, it can make the vapour less smooth (harsher).

    How to Choose the Right Vape Juice Brand

    Choosing the right brand for you requires some research (and, as a newbie, involves a lot of trial and error) but it is something that you need to do for the best overall experience.

    When you choose and stick with a single vape juice brand, you will have a consistent vaping experience and don't need to worry about being let down by subpar juices, pathetic clouds, and dodgy equipment.

    We always recommend reading customer reviews and testimonials as part of the review process, too, however, remember that the overall decision is a personal one that rests on your own wants, needs, and tastes.

    Go with the "flavour first" mentality when choosing a vape juice brand---look for brands and sellers that have the most appealing flavours to you and then try a selection of them. That way, you can't really go wrong. If you are a smoker, make sure that there are plenty of nicotine-containing options available, too, in varying concentrations.

    Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

    Want to buy nicotine vape juice in Australia from a trusted, tried, and tested provider of premier vape products? If so, you have come to the right place!

    At Vaper Empire, we are proud to stock Australia's best selection of vape-related products---everything from basic e-cigs to modified tanks, vape juices, accessories, and other products and kits can be found in our online store.

    With thousands of satisfied customers, we must be doing something right! Visit the Vaper Empire online store today and choose from our huge selection of premium vaping products that will be at your door in as little as 3 to 5 days.

  • E-Cigarettes Nearly Twice As Effective As Nicotine Patches And Gum, New Study Shows

    Vaping nicotine as opposed to "wearing" or chewing it, i.e. through nicotine replacement products such as patches and gum, is almost twice as effective at helping smokers to kick their habits for good.

    This is according to a new study carried out in the UK that included almost 900 smokers seeking treatment.

    The QMUL study

    Funded by the National Institute for Health Research and Cancer Research UK, the study was carried out by Professor Peter Hajek and his team from the Queen Mary University of London.

    During the study, Professor Hajek and his team randomly assigned smokers to two groups---one with a vaping "starter kit" and the other with a regular nicotine replacement therapy product---and the results measured.

    After 12 months, 80 per cent of the vaping group were still smoke-free.

    "We now have clear evidence that vaping with a modern, refillable device and a choice of nicotine e-liquids is an effective quitting aid and could be helpful for Australian smokers who are unable to quit with approved methods," said Professor Robert West from the University College London.

    Although it is accepted that much more research is needed, plenty of studies, use cases, and accounts given first-hand by former smokers point to one thing---e-cigarettes are far more effective at helping smokers to quit the habit and lead a healthier life.

    What were the results of the study?

    Out of all the people who had completed the study, 78.8% completed a follow-up one year on. From this follow up:

    • 18% of people who had been assigned the e-cigarettes were non-smokers still, and 80% of them were still using their e-cigs; and
    • 9% of people who were assigned nicotine replacement therapy products were non-smokers at one year, and 9% were still using them.

    In numbers, this represented an 83% increase in the chance of stopping smoking when provided with an e-cigarette in comparison to nicotine replacement therapy products.

    Study participants who were assigned e-cigarettes also reported less severe urges to smoke within the first four weeks of it.

    Vaping to help you quit smoking

    For those of you who are not familiar and may be considering taking up vaping in a bid to quit smoking, e-cigarettes heat nicotine, often alongside flavourings and additives, to create an inhalable vapour.

    This vapour can then be exhaled, just like regular cigarette smoke, to not only give the same look and feel as smoking, but also provide your body with a "hit" of nicotine.

    As you will see later, e-cigarette flavours (or "vape juices") come in a huge range of different types. Everything from fresh fruits to breakfast favourites and popular snacks to recognisable soft drinks is covered. This makes the vaping "experience" much more favourable to smoking (and it has also created something of a worldwide cult following, too!)

    Since vaping enables your body to get the nicotine it wants, the urge to smoke a cigarette is dampened, sometimes eliminated entirely, meaning that you get the same nicotine rush without having to inhale all the toxic smoke and carcinogenic chemicals that often come with it.

    Whilst we are not by any means saying that nicotine is good for you, smoking an e-cigarette to get nicotine in you is far, far better than smoking cigarettes. This according to a growing body of scientific evidence. You can learn more about the health implications of vaping as they compare to smoking by taking a look at Public Health England's government mandated e-cigarette evidence review.

    Once you have adjusted yourself on to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes properly, you can then focus on slowly bringing down the amount of nicotine you consume in stages. Vape juice nicotine varies from brand-to-brand, with many brands offering juices that contain different concentrations of it. At Vaper Empire, we offer all of our e-juices in multiple nicotine strengths.

    Over time, you can adjust yourself downwards from vape juices with high levels of nicotine to vape juices with little levels of nicotine.

    Doing this has been shown to be a very effective way of kicking the smoking habit; without the nicotine urge, there can be no addiction and, therefore, you will be able to completely eliminate cigarettes from your life.

    What are the long-term effects?

    Right now, e-cigarettes and vaping are still very new. We do not know what the long-term impact of vaping is, if any, and we likely will not for a number of years. The industry itself isn't as heavily regulated like the tobacco industry is, either.

    That being said, there is a strong correlation between e-cigarette usage and the kicking of the cigarette habit; vape juices simply don't contain close to the same numbers and amounts of nasty toxins and by-products that cigarettes do and the same can be said for vapour as it compares to smoke.

    As long as you purchase your e-cigarettes, equipment, and vape juices from a reputable manufacturer, you will have nothing to worry about.

    Ready to kick your cigarette habit?

    Vaper Empire's online shop is packed full of products that you can use to help you quit smoking altogether. From our state-of-the-art vaping equipment and accessories to a massive selection of vape juices available in numerous flavours and nicotine strengths, we have everything you need to set yourself down the right track.

    We recommend reading the resources on our blog to learn more about vaping, what it is, how you do it, and everything it involves to give yourself the best possible start.

  • Best Vape Pen In Australia

    For whatever reason you want to vape, there is an e-cig, vape pen, or another device for that.

    With so many different products available across the market, though, it can be hard to find the one that is right for you. And as the overall popularity of vaping continues to grow, the number of vape pens, vape juices, and other vape-related products will grow alongside it, too.

    What is a Vape Pen?

    Referred to interchangeably as an e-cig or e-cigarette, the vape pen is a convenient, slender, and highly portable device that is user-friendly and delivers a vaping experience just as good as those delivered by their bigger, bulkier vape tank counterparts.

    Vape pens tend to be used more by people who are cutting down on or quitting smoking; the vape pen is more similar in size and structure to a cigarette as the overall physical "feel" of smoking is mimicked alongside everything else.

    Other vaping devices (e.g. modified tanks) tend to be used by people who vape out of pure enjoyment or for the "sport" aspect, for example by playing "vaping games".

    The popularity of e-cigs and vape pens means that there are countless designs and features on offer. As a result, narrowing it down to one can be difficult. Some are adjustable in terms of voltage and temperature. With others, you can control the density of your vape cloud. And, with some, you cannot adjust anything at all.

    With the variety of vape pens on offer, it is important to do your research so that you not only buy the right vape pen for you, but that you buy the best vape pen in Australia that won't let you down.

    How Does a Vape Pen Work?

    Most vape pens have a screw-in atomiser or clearomiser that includes a heating coil and "chamber" for your vape juice.

    To prepare the vape pen for use, you simply fill in the chamber with your chosen vape juice, press the button on your vape pen to turn it on, then press and hold the button to heat up the vape juice.

    While it heats, you draw in the vapour by sucking in, just like when smoking a cigarette. When you have taken a drag, simply blow out the vapour.

    That's it!

    The Best Vape Pen in Australia for 2019

    There are a few contenders here for the best vape pen in Australia. All three of the vape pens listed here are worthy contenders for both newbies and experienced vapers alike.

    1. The V-Twist Series Starter Kit

    Vaper Empire V-Twist Series Vape Pen The V-Twist Series vape pen.

    If you are a newbie vaper then there is no better way to get started than with the V-Twist Starter Kit manufactured and sold by Vaper Empire. Containing all the hardware you need to get started, this vape kit includes:

    • 1 x variable voltage rechargeable battery;
    • 2 x adjustable airflow clearomiser tanks with dual heating coils;
    • 1 x USB power cable; and
    • 1 x Australian USB power adapter.

    This vape pen and kit took our number one spot because of its smart, sleek, and elegant look. It's not all about looks, however---the V-Twist is highly functional and includes all the basic functionality that a newbie vaper could need.

    With the push of a button, you can change battery voltage and fine-tune airflow intake. This lets you take full control of your vaping experience and helps you get to grips with everything at your own pace. The V-Twist's tank is a refillable one with 1.7ml capacity and the battery is 900mAh with five different power outputs.

    There is no doubt that this is the best vape pen in Australia right now.

    Want to sample some vape juices with your kit, too? Then go for the V-Twist Deluxe Starter Kit.

    2. The "Vantage Series" Starter Kit

    Vaper Empire Vantage Series Vape Pen The Vantage Series vaporizer pen.

    Another fantastic starter kit is the Vantage Series Deluxe.

    Exuding class and elegance, the Vantage Series of products from Vaper Empire is renowned as being one of the simplest vaping products to use anywhere on the market. With a 1.6ml clearomiser and 650mAh battery, it's a fantastic "mid-level" product.

    The Vantage Series Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

    • 2 x rechargeable batteries;
    • 2 x clearomisers;
    • 1 x USB power cable;
    • 1 x Australian power adapter;
    • 3 x 10ml Classic vape juice;
    • 1 x 10ml Artisan vape juice; and
    • 1 x leather-bound accessory pouch.

    Compact and stylish, the Vantage device has been the recipient of several rave reviews across the web with many satisfied customers commenting on how easy the Vantage has made it to help them kick their smoking habits, likely due to Its "tube style" that delivers one of the most cigarette-like vaping experiences.

    3. The V-Pack II Series Starter Kit

    Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit The V-Pack II e-cigarette kit.

    The V-Pack II is the closest thing you will get to a "real" cigarette in an e-cigarette. One of Vaper Empire's most unique products, the V-Pack II is ideal for people who are just beginning to dabble in vaping who are making the switch from cigarette to e-cigarette.

    The "cig-a-like" design is reminiscent of traditional cigarettes; the product itself is shaped exactly the same as their cancer-causing counterparts and they are stored in a charging case that resembles a packet of cigarettes.

    The V-Pack II Starter Kit includes:

    • 1 x V-Pakc II portable charging case at 1,200 mAh;
    • 2 x V-Pack II battery stems;
    • 1 x USB power cable;
    • 1 x wall adapter; and
    • 4 x V-Pack II cartomiser e-cigarettes.

    This cig-a-like device works with pre-filled cartridges and each one has a 170 mAh battery. Whilst the V-Pack II will not perform at the same level as your typical vape pen, it has been specifically designed for people who want to do nothing other than stop smoking and do so in the easiest and safest way possible.

    Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

    Want to find out what else we have to offer here at Vaper Empire?

    Our online store is any vape enthusiast's dream come true. Featuring a full range of vaping hardware products alongside cutting-edge accessories, a library of classic and original flavours, and starter kits designed for all levels of vaper, you can't go far wrong.

  • How Much Nicotine Is In A Cigarette Compared To A Vape?

    Vaporizers were made with the intention of providing a healthier alternative to smoking. Nicotine is the psychoactive ingredient found in tobacco, and in order to make vaping a viable alternative to smoking tobacco, e-liquid mixers usually add nicotine to their e-liquids. Although the vast majority of e-liquids contain nicotine, some of them are made nicotine-free for those that like to vape without it. At Vaper Empire, we carry both nicotine-infused and nicotine-free e-liquids. You can find our complete collection of e-juice flavours on our e-liquid store.

    Comparing the amount of nicotine in a cigarette to the amount found in e-liquid can be tricky. There are a few variables that can make the answer vary widely. One such variable is the e-liquid’s nicotine strength. One bottle of e-liquid can contain a lot more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes, or it can contain close to the same amount.

    It’s also a tricky comparison to make because the amount of nicotine that you actually consume when smoking a cigarette can vary widely. The average cigarette contains about 12mg of nicotine, but not all of that nicotine actually makes it into your body.

    Cigarettes are a pretty inefficient way to consume nicotine because a lot of it just burns away while you’re not puffing on it. In fact, it’s said that when you smoke a cigarette, you’re probably not getting any more than two or three milligrams of nicotine. With vaping, it tends to be a lot easier to measure the amount of nicotine you’re consuming because your vape should only be firing when you want it to.

    How Much Vape Juice To Replace One Cigarette?

    It really depends on the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. Because one cigarette only gives you a couple of milligrams, it doesn’t take a lot of e-liquid to match a cigarette’s nicotine content. As an example, let’s look at Vaper Empire’s 24mg Vanilla e-liquid. This flavour, like all of VE’s flavours, comes in several nicotine strengths, but for the sake of the example, we’ll be looking at the 24mg bottle.

    On every bottle of e-liquid, it should give you a nicotine strength. It’s almost always measured in milligrams, and that number of milligrams depicted is the number of milligrams per millilitre. So a 24 mg bottle of e-liquid actually has 24mg of nicotine in ever millilitre.

    With a 24mg bottle of e-liquid, you should only have to hit your vape one or two times to get the same amount of nicotine that you’d get from a cigarette. With a 12mg bottle of e-liquid, two or three hits should replace the amount of nicotine that you’d get from a cigarette, but it all depends on how big of a hit you take. If you get a 6mg bottle of e-liquid, you’ll be vaping a little more to replace a cigarette. Three or four big hits might get you there, but you’ll probably need closer to five or six.

    What Do You Need To Start Vaping?

    There are only a few essential things that you need to start vaping. First, you’ll need a vape battery. Some vape batteries come with refillable e-liquid tanks, while others use replaceable cartridges (or cartomisers) instead. In addition to a battery and a tank, you’ll need some e-liquid. Luckily, Vaper Empire has some of the best e-cigs and e-liquids available.

    You can even save yourself some cash by getting one of our deluxe starter kits. It’ll include your e-cig and everything else you'll need to start using it, including e-liquid. You end up paying a lot less for all of that than you would have if you purchased the e-cig and e-liquids separately.

    Do E-Cigarettes Contain Tobacco?

    E-cigs use something called e-liquid. E-liquid is a liquid mixture that often contains nicotine, and it’s used in conjunction with a vaporizer as an alternative to smoking tobacco. People often assume that e-liquid gets its nicotine from tobacco, but tobacco often has nothing to do with the e-liquid’s creation process.

    E-liquid mixers very often use freebase nicotine (nicotine made in a lab) in their e-liquids. There are devices that vaporize dried tobacco, which are known as heat-not-burn devices, or HNB for short. These are not the same as vapes and where they differ is in the fact that they heat actual tobacco, as opposed to e-liquid.

    What’s In E-liquid?

    E-liquid is usually made with at least two of the following ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring, and nicotine. E-liquid is mostly composed of either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.

    The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are used as the base of the vape juice. E-liquid is usually made with a combination of the two, but some only use one or the other. Most e-liquids contain nicotine, but there are nicotine-free e-liquids made specifically for those that prefer to vape without it. At Vaper Empire, we offer both.

    How Much Does Vaping Cost Compared To Smoking?

    The initial purchase of a vaporizer can seem like a lot, but e-cigs quickly pay for themselves. Vaping is generally a lot less expensive than smoking. Switching will likely save you some money, but the amount that you’ll save depends on how much you smoke.

    The average pack of cigarettes in Australia costs around $25, and if you’re smoking a pack per day, you’re spending about $750 on cigarettes every month. A month's supply of e-liquid, for someone that smokes a pack per day, will only cost around $60. That means that switching could potentially save you about $690. The savings will be different for everyone. Luckily, Vaper Empire has a savings calculator that’ll tell you how much you’ll save every month by switching to vaping.

    How Much Does an E-cigarette Cost?

    E-cigarette prices can vary depending on what kind of vaporizer you want to buy. One of Vaper Empire’s premium e-cigs can cost anywhere from $85 to $125. You’ll end up paying less for one of our more basic pen-style vaporizers such as the Vantage Series, but a more powerful unit like the Vibe Series will cost about $125.

    If you’re looking for a new e-cig or a new bottle of e-liquid, Vaper Empire carries the best premium e-cigs and premium e-liquids online. Browse our luxurious selection of e-liquid flavours and e-cigs options on our online store.

  • Australian Researchers Link E-Cig Availability To Public Health Gains And Cost Savings

    Recently, the journal Epidemiology published a study carried out by researchers across Australia and New Zealand titled “Potential Country-level Health and Cost Impacts of Legalizing Domestic Sale of Vaporized Nicotine Products."

    Vaping Legality in New Zealand

    While adult vapers in New Zealand can buy e-liquid with nicotine from our online store, the restrictions in place in the country tend to make vaping less convenient than it could be. That's why this study set out to determine how the lifting of these restrictions might affect New Zealand.

    To determine how this change might affect New Zealand, the researchers behind the study looked at a couple of factors: the potential cost savings and the potential health benefits.

    How The Study Was Conducted

    It's been determined in prior studies that e-cigs can increase a converted smoker's quality of lifeSmoking causes a number of diseases that haven't been linked to vaping. Consequently, public health could also see significant financial benefits due to the probable decrease in health-related expenses.

    In this study, these statistics are applied to the New Zealand population in order to determine how the lifting of e-liquid restrictions might benefit the country. So, what were the results?

    Health Benefits

    Regarding New Zealand's potential health benefits, the study concluded that the lifting of e-liquid restrictions would result in an average of 19 extra days being added to the life of every New Zealander.

    The probable benefits were averaged out among all living New Zealanders, but the increased quality of life here is due exclusively to the results observed in smokers that switch to vaping.

    If the health benefit results were limited to and averaged among those that were likely to switch to vaping, that number would almost certainly be significantly higher.

    Financial Benefits

    Because it can help some former smokers avoid potential smoke-related diseases, vaping can potentially help former smokers avoid the costs of these smoke-related diseases, benefiting the public financially.

    The study attempted to predict what those cost savings might look like for New Zealand by using calculations based on reasonable assumptions. Nation-wide public health cost savings were estimated to be $3.4 billion in New Zealand dollars (or 3.27 billion in Australian dollars.) 

    What Could This Mean for Australia?

    The researchers conducting this study went out of their way to add that these results could be applicable to Australia as well, were the country to lift its e-liquid restrictions.

    Tony Blakely, professor at the University of Melbourne and senior study author, commented on the study: “New Zealand and Australia are reasonably similar in disease and smoking rates. The New Zealand best estimate of health gain is equivalent to 19 days of healthy life per person alive over the remainder of their lives – a measure we can probably transport across the Tasman.”

    It seems that researchers believe that the lifting of e-liquid restrictions in New Zealand and Australia would benefit both countries in very similar ways. Only time will tell whether or not the respective countries will see their current laws updated for the better.

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