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  • Are You A Stealth Vaper?

    Vaping is beginning to take off now in Australia and becoming more ubiquitous. But is there a code of conduct? This is what this article is all about, a code of conduct when vaping.

    Should we be taking advantage of the fact that there is no ban on smoking e-cigarettes inside or should we try and be discrete? Obviously vaping isn't prohibited so what are your thoughts?

    Many states in the U.S are considering placing a ban on Vaping indoors in public establishments. The reasoning seems to be mainly to prevent re-normalising smoking but this argument is of course inherently flawed because vaping should not be placed under the same banner as smoking. These are 2 entirely different processes.

    The article does identify that being a respectful vaper and being discrete could be way forward. Unlike smoking, we really can Vape in such a way that it is almost unrecognisable to bystanders. Tips include: Holding in the Vaper longer after inhalation which reduces exhaled vape; taking a breath after drawing on the vape; concealing the lit tip of the e-cigarette or button.

    For stealth vaping tips, read this article.

  • Big Tobacco And E-Cigarettes? The Game Of E-Cigs

    The sudden rise of electronic cigarettes has seen huge interest by Big Tobacco over the last 18 months. The huge international firms are scrambling to establish their own brands of e-cigs after the explosion of sales in the United States and Europe.

    Lorillard bought Blucigs last year for $157 million Dollars whilst BAT and Phillip Morris are due to bring out their own versions next year. Although this may appear like a positive that Big Tobacco is embracing change, there is certainly scepticism over their intention. This could be a move to gain a monopoly over the e-cig market by forcing regulation (creating expensive licences only attainable by these Billion dollar firms) or possibly to get a stranglehold on the industry then effectively wipe it out bringing cigarettes back into the forefront. Only time will tell.

    Read more here.

  • E-Cigs Gain A New Powerful Advocate

    Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona, who was a top public health official under George W Bush, has joined the Board of U.S. E-Cig firm NJOY. The fact that the former Surgeon General, a passionate anti-smoking campaigner that called for a complete ban to smoking tobacco during his years of influence within the US political system, is now an E-Cig director is further validation that those within the medical profession see the benefits of this newfound industry.


  • Are Conflicts Of Interest Influencing Press For E-Cigs?

    So not everyone is happy about the rise of electronic cigarettes and Big Pharmacy firms are grappling with the reduced sales of their smoking cessation products as cigarette users begin to embrace vaping. Dr Micheal Siegel provides us with evidence that Pfizer (makers of the hugely profitable Chantix) fund anti-smoking groups in the U.S. to the sum of over 2.5 million dollars. This obviously provides a conflict of interest and organisations are releasing statements vilifying e-cigs despite their obvious benefit to the health of smokers that are unable to quit. It's a sad reality but PLEASE try to understand the facts before processing the scaremongering that will continue over the next few years.

    You can read more about this topic here.

  • Will MEP's See Sense On The Future Of E-Cigs

    The decision regarding the future of E-Cigarettes is impending and the European Commission are meeting soon to decide how E-Cigs will be regulated. Many Members of the European Parliament see the huge public health benefits that E-Cigs and Vaping devices potentially offer.

    The danger is that the product could be regulated as a medicine, which could result in firmer controls and people will no longer be able to use their trusted vaping devices (only those that meet strict criteria). This, in turn, could drive people back to conventional smoking. The upside, on the other hand, would be standardized quality control over the nicotine that some e-cigs and e-liquids use as an ingredient.

    Many feel that e-cigs should not be regulated as a medicine nor tobacco product but as a third entity on its own merits. What do you think?

  • A Positive E-Cig Study From Italy

    An article from the archives, this NYT column highlights one of the first studies to be carried out in Italy promoting e-cigs as a potential tool for quitting smoking. The results of the study showed that out of 40 participants, over 50% had reduced their cigarette consumption significantly while a quarter had quit completely.

    It is interesting to see the Royal College of Physicians take on the e-cigs, denouncing the 'irrational and immoral' pursuit of regulation over effective nicotine replacement aids. We can only assume that they were referring to special interests waging a direct assault against the 'best' interests of the smoking population by attacking the e-cigarette industry.

  • Dr David Baron At The Santa Monica Hospital Explains Advantages Of Using E-Cigs

    Featured is a very clear and concise discussion with Dr David Baron M.D Chief of staff at the Santa Monica Hospital about the advantages of using e-cig's as opposed to smoking. Dr Baron goes to lengths to dissect many peoples concerns about vaping, how it works, the ingredients in e-liquid and the comparisons with smoking. The medical professional is promoting an American E-Cig brand that uses exactly the same technology as Vaper Empire.

    Part 1)

    Part 2)

  • Letter To MEPs On The EU Parliament ENVI Committee

    In a fabulous letter written by Professor Gerry Stimson, who has an impressive resume lecturing and working for imperial college London running large sociological and epidemiological studies into addiction, to the European Commission, the professor gives a very clear and rational account of the impact of electronic cigarettes and the way the product should be regulated.

    In his letter, Professor Stimson observes the fact that E-cigs have already surpassed sales of Nicotine Replacement Therapies in Europe (this year) and the disruption it is creating for those small number of multinationals who either supply the nicotine or supply the cure to its addiction. He sees the very obvious dangers of regulation as opposed to free-market capitalism deciding the destiny of the e-cig.

    In his view, regulatory medicinal action will create limitations on nicotine-containing products, making them less attractive relative to cigarettes, limiting availability and increasing the price while severely impacting innovation that would flourish if consumers were given access to uninhibited choice.

  • Citi: These 10 Technologies Are Completely Changing The Way The World Does Business

    In an article by Business Insider Australia highlighting the top 10 technologies that are completely changing the way we do business, Citi highlights the products from several industry types that have only just begun to surface and although relatively unheard of at the moment will be ubiquitous in a few years. Examples include 3D printing, Genome designed medicine and of course Electronic cigarettes.

    The magazine column shows how in the United States the E-Cig industry is gaining 50% compound growth every year, which is astonishing. In 2012, the industry managed to gain a billion dollars in sales. This is expected to increase to 3.5 billion in sales by 2015.

  • A Journalist's Perspective On Vaping

    A Business Insider Australia article chronicling an E-Cig user who has been vaping for 1 year and 4 months offers new insight into the world of vaping.

    The column, written by Chris C Anderson, provides insight from the perspective of personal experience. It details Anderon's journey moving away from cigarettes and embracing its electronic counterpart, the e-cigarette. It is a fair discussion on the benefits and teething issues that still mar e-cigs as a new technology.

    In the article, Anderson waxes lyrical about some of the life-changing impacts that he feels vaping has added to his life. He talks about no longer feeling guilty about smoking around people and escaping the stigma. He also mentions the improvement to his health and the reduced staining to his teeth. However, it appears his most satisfying change is that he now receives more kisses from his wife and no longer smells out his house whilst smoking. If you're contemplating moving away from smoking take a read of this very frank article.

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