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VE Society News

  • Addiction Specialist And Doctor Says That Vaping Benefits Outweigh Risks

    A doctor and addiction specialist, David Outridge, from the Hunter Valley in NSW has stated that the benefits of vaping far outweigh the risks.

    The Senate has recently been examining e-cigarettes as part of an inquiry: "Following a referral on 25 May 2017 from the Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, the Committee will inquire into and report on the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) and personal vaporisers in Australia." (

    The general practitioner, David Outridge stated that there is sufficient evidence to show that e-cigarettes are vastly safer than smoking tobacco products: "there is little doubt in my mind that would be a big step forward in relation to harm minimisation, both as a way to help people reduce their harm from smoking and in some cases stop smoking," he said, according to ABC Newcastle.

    Doctor Outridge says the balance of risks and benefits leans heavily towards enabling the availability of nicotine liquid for the tobacco consumer market.

    "I think it's an addiction that is going to be with us for some time."

    "We have been fighting against the tobacco companies and they've got plenty of resources and so if they're willing to do things in a safer way I think it is a step forward."

  • Introducing Our Newest Device: The Vibe

    You asked, and we delivered: A brand new, bigger device, with a huge tank and a long life battery.

    Introducing, The Vibe. You can get it in both a starter kit and a deluxe starter kit.

    If you're considering upgrading your hardware or buying your first kit, then the Vibe deluxe kit is perfect for you. It has everything you need to start your vaping journey.

    The enhanced, curved lines produce an incredible hit, so we recommend selecting a lower nicotine strength when ordering nicotine e-liquid & with your new coils, allowing e-liquid to soak in for approximately 10 minutes.

    The Best

    CP left a review for the Vibe: "I received my Vaper Empire Vibe today and just wanted to say.. you guys got it right! It's awesome and I am one very happy customer. I have tried so many different appliances.. and all have been plagued with battery problems, leakage problems, coil issues, etc. I have been vaping for about 3 years now, and the Vibe is the best appliance I have used."

    Device Features & Stats

    The Vibe boasts a rechargeable 2000 mAh battery, which offers an all-day vaping experience for many users. In order to recharge the battery, simply plug the device into a USB outlet via the USB charging cable that ships with every kit.

    The Vibe's large 4.5-millilitre vape tank allows for a considerable amount of e-liquid to be loaded at one time, and its advanced dual coil atomiser provides large clouds of vapour.

    This is one powerful vape.

    Shop for Vibe Series vape kits here.

  • Vaping Could Save 6.6 Million American Smokers

    A recent study that has come out of Georgetown University in the United States has found that the potential benefit of switching to vaping could mean a total of 86.7 million extra years to the lifespans of 6.6 million people.

    The findings of the research will allegedly “help the (United States) Surgeon General and the public health community develop a strategy to reach the ‘endgame’ for cigarette smoking,” the scientists said, according to

    “Old policies need to be supplemented with policies that encourage substituting e-cigarettes for the far more deadly cigarettes,” said David Levy of Georgetown University Medical Center.

    The research projected possible outcomes, and in the best case scenario, the study projected that 6.6 million cigarette smokers could avoid premature death by switching to vaping.  Additionally, even in the worst case scenario, a huge 1.6 million people could avoid premature death by quitting smoking and vaping instead.

    “In addition (to lives saved), there would be tremendous health benefits including reduced disease disability to smokers, reduced pain and suffering, and reduced exposure to second-hand smoke,” Levy said.

  • How Often Do You Need To Change Your Coils And Clearomisers?

    If you just started vaping, it may be tricky to get your head around all of the new terminology, the huge subculture and all of the unfamiliar products at your disposal. 

    Or, if you've been vaping for a long time but just got a new vaporiser, don't fear, we've made it as simple as possible for you to know when to change your coils and clearomisers for all of the Vaper Empire models.

    Basically, coils and clearomiser wicks both degrade over time. And although they will still work, they will not produce vapour as effectively as if they're replaced as often as needed, and will produce a burning taste and can make it harder to inhale the vapour. Ideally, you should be changing your clearomiser wicks and coils regularly to avoid these.

    Here is our guide on when you should be replacing your coils and clearomiser wicks for each Vaper Empire product:

    Vantage Clearomisers

    • CE4 Disposable Clearomiser - Change every 3 - 4 weeks for optimal use
    • Vantage V5 Clearomiser Coils – Change every 3 - 4 weeks for optimal use

    The Viva Titanium Clearomisers

    • Change every 4 – 5 weeks for optimal use

    V-Twist Clearomiser Coils

    • Change every 3 - 4 weeks for optimal use

    Venture Clearomiser Coils

    • Change every 3 - 4 weeks

    Vibe Clearomiser Coils

    • Change every 2 - 3 weeks

    Note – The V-Pack uses disposable cartomisers that contain 300 puffs each. The carts are discarded once their e-juice supply has been depleted.

  • Scottish Health Body States That E-Cigs Are 'Definitely' Less Harmful Than Smoking

    E-cigarettes are "definitely" less harmful than smoking tobacco, health bodies in Scotland have stated for the first time, according to BBC.

    NHS Health Scotland said it wanted to "clarify" confusion around the harms and benefits of vaping devices.

    More than 20 organisations have signed up to the consensus, which was led by NHS Health Scotland.

    But health chiefs said that using e-cigarettes while still smoking did not provide any health benefits.

    The consensus statement, published by Scotland's national health education and promotion agency, was agreed by the Scottish government, health boards, academia and charities such as the British Lung Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

    Dr Andrew Fraser, director of public health science at NHS Health Scotland, told BBC Scotland: "E-cigarettes have been around for a number of years now and we are learning more and more about them but I think it is safe to say that they are a lot safer than cigarettes.

    "If we are trying to help people make a decision about giving up smoking tobacco then e-cigarettes are a good option to consider."

    Dr Fraser said vaping was not available on NHS prescription, unlike some other treatments, but it was an option for those trying to give up smoking cigarettes.

    "We would encourage people to consider them and we would encourage people providing smoking cessation serves to offer them as an option to people who are willing to pay for them," he said

    Dr Fraser said he wanted to deliver a "positive" message for e-cigs, saying they "weren't anything like as dangerous as cigarettes".

    He said there had been reports that likened the risk of vaping to smoking tobacco but this was not the case.

    However, he added that e-cigarettes were not risk-free.

    "They contain nicotine, which is addictive in itself, and they contain and a number of other combustible materials," Dr Fraser said.

    "But if you take it all in the round and compare it with the alternative they are a lot less harmful than cigarettes."

    He added that ideally vaping would be used a way to give up smoking entirely and he advised against "double running" - taking both tobacco and e-cigarettes.

    Last year, Scotland's largest health board ruled that e-cigarettes could be used within the grounds of its hospitals.

    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde decided to allow restricted use of the devices after new evidence that they helped tackle tobacco smoking.

    Tobacco smoking was banned across all health grounds in Scotland in April 2015, but health boards were given discretion over the use of vaping devices outside buildings.

    Cancer chemicals

    Sheila Duffy, chief executive of Ash Scotland, a charity aiming to reduce the harm caused by tobacco, said the joint statement on e-cigarettes brought "clarity" to the issue.

    "There is now agreement that vaping e-cigarettes carries less risk than smoking tobacco," she said.

    "Although we still don't know the long-term health effects of vaping, we can be confident that any smoker switching entirely to e-cigarettes will be taking in far fewer cancer-causing chemicals.

    "Tobacco is lethal and I'd encourage anyone who smokes to find a way of quitting that works for them, which could include using e-cigarettes, and to make use of the free NHS stop-smoking support available to help."

  • Our Favourite E-Liquid Combinations

    Here at Vaper Empire, we love to mix our deliciously flavoursome e-liquids together to make unique flavour combinations. Here are some of the best combinations we've tried so far:

    Watermelon and Apple
    Combining two of our favourite fruity flavours seemed like a great idea. And it was. It tastes like a refreshing cocktail on a cruise ship. It's divine! If you love sweet, fruity e-liquids, then you need to try this.

    Coffee and Vanilla
    It almost seems too obvious to combine everyone's favourite caffeinated beverage with a dash of sweet, sweet vanilla goodness. The result is like a delicious vanilla latte, a coffee hit with a sweet finish.

    Vanilla and Coconut
    Fancy a tropical getaway? This delicious combination of sweet vanilla and tropical coconut together will instantly remind you of paradise.

    Apple, Watermelon and Mango
    Thinking of going a little more complex? Why not mix three fruity flavours together and try this irresistible blend? The combination of mango, apple and watermelon is sensational.

    Vanilla and Butterscotch
    This combination is like warm butterscotch pudding with classic vanilla ice cream! The result is absolutely delicious.

    Tobacco RY4 and Vanilla
    Tobacco RY4 is already a lovely blend of Tobacco, caramel and vanilla, so adding some vanilla e-liquid would be a nice, sweet hit.

    Coconut and Cherry
    Who doesn't love a sweet Cherry Ripe? The fusion of coconut with cherry will instantly remind you of the sweet chocolate bar.

    Butterscotch and Coconut
    This sophisticated dessert blend is unbeatable for when you want something sweet but unique. This is definitely one of the best flavour combinations to try.

    Tobacco and Vanilla
    Tobacco fan but want something a little different to the classic hit? Try mixing it with vanilla for a sweet twist!

    Coconut and Mango
    If you're a fan of tropical flavours, try the coconut e-liquid with mango. It's a really nice tropical combination.

    Cappuccino and Butterscotch
    Enrich your delicious cappuccino e-liquid by adding a dash of sweet butterscotch. The classic flavour enhances the smooth, coffee flavour. 

    Cola and Red Energy
    Like Red Bull and Coke? Then you will love this flavour combination together.

    Cola and Cherry
    More of a cherry coke fan? Then mixing cherry e-liquid with cola will be perfect for your taste.

    Cherry and Blueberry 
    If you fancy a rich and dark fruit blend, try cherry and blueberry e-liquids together. You may be pleasantly surprised by this combination.

    If you love menthol, then we recommend trying these combinations together for a fruity twist on the cool menthol hit:

    Menthol and Apple
    Menthol and Watermelon
    Menthol and Cherry
    Menthol and Blueberry
    Menthol and Mango

    E-Liquid Flavour Combinations

    When it comes to vaping e-liquid, there are those who prefer their e-liquid straight, and then there are those who prefer to mix things up. Combining different e-liquid flavours is tantamount to creating new flavours, which offers vapers who try it a unique vaping experience.

    When mixing, some vapers like to start by mixing two different e-juice flavours at a ratio of 1:1, half one flavour and half the other. From there, if the combined flavour is good but not quite right, some vapers will choose to adjust their ratios in a bid to achieve the perfect combination. Of course, there also exists the possibility of mixing more than two e-juice flavours at a time, offering vapers countless opportunities to try new flavour combinations.

    Does anyone else have any amazing combinations they've tried? We'd love to hear them.

  • How To Beat "Vapers Tongue"

    You may or may not have heard of Vapers Tongue before. This recent Vaping phenomenon is the temporary dulling of the taste buds which can be a bit frustrating when you want to get the most out of your delicious E-liquids. If you’re experiencing your own little bout of ‘Vapers Tongue’ here are some tried and proven methods to get your taste buds brimming with flavour!

    Cure For Vapers Tongue

    1. Change the flavour of the e-liquid you're vaping
    Something as simple as changing out the e-liquid you're currently vaping can ease vapers tongue.

    2. Scrape your tongue
    Use a tongue scraper! You can buy them from supermarkets, chemists and online. Having a few of these handy may prove useful!

    3. Use a stronger, cleansing flavour
    Try a stronger flavour like Spearmint or Spring in Siberia! The strong menthol flavours can be very cleansing to the palette.

    4. Hydrate
    Drink your daily quota of water, this should help you to beat vapers tongue a lot faster.

    5. Smell some fresh coffee beans
    In perfume shops, there are often coffee beans to smell to cleanse the nostrils and similarly, when you have vapers tongue this can help to beat it and get your taste buds back in working order.

    6. Suck on a lemon wedge
    The shocking lemon wedge sourness may wake up your taste buds. Many vapers have said that this method works. If you don’t want to screw your face up this much try adding a good squeeze of lemon to your water for a more gradual solution.

    7. Chew some mint leaves
    Similar to lemon wedges, the strength of the flavour of mint leaves may help ease the effects of vapers tongue.

    8. Mouth wash
    This is one you are most likely to already have in your home. To beat vapers tongue, grab some mouthwash and use it as much as possible until the effects of vapers tongue wear off.

    9. Allow time
    Time is an effective healer because ‘Vapers Tongue’ is only a temporary thing. If you can make do without the lemon, mint, tongue scrapers and other quick fixes, rest assured your taste buds will bounce back soon enough.

    What Is Vapers Tongue?

    Vapers tongue, as it is commonly called in the world of vaping, is a condition in which the taste buds on the tongue no longer detect the flavour of e-liquid vapour to the same extent they normally would. When the senses are dulled in this fashion, it causes some vapers to find that their e-juice just doesn't taste quite as potent as it used to. The 'cures' above are intended to resolve this pesky condition, which is known formally as olfactory fatigue.

    Vapers Tongue Cause & Prevention

    The cause of vapers tongue is believed to be repetitive exposure to the same e-liquid flavour or flavours. The constant exposure can cause By switching up flavours regularly or creating an e-liquid rotation of three or more flavours, vapers can help avoid the dreaded vapers fatigue.


    We hope you find our advice useful towards pesky Vapers Tongue. If you have success with any of these methods or have some other ideas to get your taste buds firing, we’d love to hear it in the comments. Happy vaping!

  • Editor's Choice: Our Favourite E-Liquids

    Looking for some new e-liquid or something for your first order with Vaper Empire? These are our top picks, our favourite e-liquids here at VE. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We'd love to hear all about your favourites:


    VANILLA E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

    Vanilla, a classic flavour, works perfectly as an E-liquid. It's subtle, sweet and is an obvious choice to start with if you're not sure where to begin. It has that deliciously familiar taste of french vanilla ice cream. Yum! Perfect for with your coffee in the morning, after dinner or anytime you need a hit of something sweet.


    VELVET ELVIS - Artisan Collection

    This unique flavour combination is unforgettable. The combination of bubblegum, skittles and gummi bears will take you back to being a kid in a candy store! You will adore this sweet sensation as you vape in.


    BLUEBERRY E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

    If you like juicy blueberries and fruity flavours, then the blueberry e-liquid is the perfect choice for around the clock. Perfect for with an afternoon cup of tea. It instantly brings back memories of a pavlova at Christmas or an apple and blueberry danish from the bakery. A beautifully fruity e-liquid.


    SPRING IN SIBERIA - Artisan Collection

    If you're looking for something super refreshing, then the combination of menthol and mint in the spring of Siberia e-liquid will do just that for you. Perfect for when you need a blast of something icy fresh.


    COCONUT E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

    If you love the tropical taste of coconut, then this flavour will be the perfect addition to your collection. It's sweet and bright and will instantly remind you of palm trees, warmth and beaches! If you are in need of a mid-winter pick me up, then this is it.


    DEATH VALLEY NECTAR - Artisan Collection

    Perfect for midsummer, this refreshing combination of kiwi, pear, bilberry with the unique flavour of cactus. Reminiscent of midsummer festivals in the middle of nowhere, this flavour will surely impress you.


    COLA E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

    One of the most classic flavours of drink is now an e-liquid. Paying homage to the sweetness of the original cola, this flavour is sure to take you back.


    BUTTERSCOTCH E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

    This beautifully buttery e-liquid is the perfect replacement for your post-dinner cigarette or dessert. If you want something healthier than those alternatives, the classic butterscotch will be the perfect fit for your e-liquid collection.
  • Some Of Our Favourite Vaping Success Stories

    It's no secret that vaping has helped countless people kick a lifelong cigarette addiction. Here are some of our favourite vaping success stories:


    Adrian, a smoker for 50 years

    Vaper Empire customer Adrian Coatman was a smoker for 50 years before trying vaping two years ago after watching a documentary on television. His documentary led him to Google search vaping, and he stumbled upon Vaper Empire. Since making his first order, he's never looked back. He feels "100% better health-wise". Prior, he had tried endless marketing ploys to quit smoking, and nothing worked until he tried vaping.

    Rick, saved a lot of money vaping

    Rick Simmons was a smoker for 10 years before finding Vaper Empire online via a Google search. He decided to make an order and has since been vaping for three years. He's noticed a huge difference in his savings and feels a lot more healthy since he's been vaping. He also has a lot of positives to say about Vaper Empire products and customer service.

    Richard, whose son got him into vaping

    Richard Shillabeer's son found Vaper Empire online and convinced his dad to try it. Richard had smoked for almost all of his life before. Now, Richard rates Vaper Empire products and customer service as 100% and has been vaping for over 2 years.

    Marian, who has smoked 50 of her 69 years

    Marian was a long-time smoker before her daughter introduced her to Vaper Empire after finding the website online. After four years of using Vaper Empire E-liquids and E-cigarettes, Marian feels so much better in her physical health.


    These personal stories were gathered by our customer service team. If you have a vaping success story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it! If you have friends or family who you think could benefit from vaping as these people have, consider sharing Vaper Emire with them so they can perhaps realise a success story of their own.

  • 1.5 Million People Quit Tobacco By Using Vaping!

    The public health group, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), in the U.K, have found that e-cigarettes have been a huge success in converting people from Tobacco to less harmful e-liquid. The study also found that a further 1.3 million people are currently dual users (vaping and smoking) but haven't completely quit (yet). These are astounding figures considering Vaping has only become popular in the last few years.

    Read the full article here:

    As the article explains, certain segments of the population are still confused about the benefits of Vaping and the huge harm reduction of e-cigarettes. This is mainly due to irresponsible media reporting. There is now overwhelming evidence that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than tobacco but some smokers are not aware of this fact. Despite these unbelievably encouraging figures, Australia still maintains its prohibition on the domestic sale of nicotine e-liquid which is a disastrous public health policy. Let's hope to see a change and easy access for Aussies who want to explore a less harmful alternative to tobacco.

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