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VE Society News

  • Vape Force One: Cory Bernadi's Vaping Law Protest

    The government is under more pressure to change the laws banning retailers to supply nicotine for vaping devices, following a stunt by senator Cory Bernardi today.

    Bernardi took a stand on the vaping law issue, spending his Valentine's Day (also appropriately known as V-day) protesting the current laws by taking a van called "Vape Force One" on a lap around parliament house in Canberra. The stunt has definitely raised a few eyebrows, but hopefully, it's put pressure on the government to move in the right direction.

    “Vaping is a much safer way for people to satisfy their nicotine addiction and cravings.” Stated Senator Bernadi today. “The Government’s position is illogical".

    Image by Patrick Griffiths, via AAP.

  • Valentine's Day Guide From Vaper Empire

    Need some ideas for v-day with your partner (or alone)? We've got some tips for ideas of things to do with your love or get for them as a gift.  And if you're not interested in v-day, you can always save these ideas for their birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts:

    A ticket to a show
    Whether your partner likes music, theatre, festivals or something else, there is bound to be a show that your partner would love to see. Present them with a couple of tickets to something they'd love to see.

    Go out for dinner and a movie
    A classic and (underrated) date night combination. Pro tip- go to the movie FIRST so that you have plenty of time to chat about the movie during dinner.

    A gift voucher for their favourite store
    Whether your partner loves stationary, gaming, tea, or books, there is a gift card for everyone!

    An e-liquid value pack
    An e-liquid value pack is a great way to show your partner that you love them! The range of flavours is sure to go down a treat.

    Try a different kind of date night
    Try a Zombie VR experience, try Bubble Soccer, go out to high tea or even go panning for gold! There are so many cool activities that you can try that are a bit out of the usual comfort zone.

    Do a degustation
    Not for someone with a small appetite or a simple palate, a degustation is a sampling of many different types of incredible dishes in one sitting. There are many types to choose from all over Australia, from Japanese paired with saké through to Peruvian and Greek.

    A dessert box or doughquet
    What's a doughquet you ask? It's an arrangement of doughnuts in the shape of a flower bouquet! Something a little different for the people who aren't so interested in flowers. Or a dessert box, a box of sweet treats like doughnuts, mini Nutella jars and m&ms. Yummo.

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, everyone! 

  • Editor's Choice: Our Favourite Summer E-Liquid Flavours

    These e-liquids are ideal all year round, but in summer, they are particularly refreshing. Here are 10 of our favourite e-liquids that we love for summer as chosen by the editor. 

    Red Lemonade

    This delicious e-liquid has all the amazing features of a classic, homemade lemonade but with a hit of extra sweetness. The naturally sweet strawberry base has a hint of grapefruit for an extra citrus hit.


    Castaway is as exotic as it sounds. It's a blend of exotic tropical fruit. The tantalising flavour combination will sweep you off to a place you’d rather be with the summery blend of Pineapple, Grapefruit & Coconut. Give your taste buds a delicious holiday to a tropical island.

    Velvet Elvis

    Gummi bears, bubblegum and skittles make this epic combination unforgettable. Bold and unforgettable. You can't help falling in love with this candy store combination featuring the flavours and aromas of three sweet treats.

    The Amazonian

    This refreshing jungle juice, crafted from exotic mango and passionfruit with orchard fruit and a twist of citrus, is ideal for anyone with a taste for something unique and summery.

    Death Valley Nectar

    The fruity combination of kiwi, pear and bilberry is infused with cactus to create the perfect taste of Death Valley Nectar. The uniquely cool taste of cactus creates an unforgettable vaping experience.


    Classic coconut is the pinnacle of summer in a flavour. The bright, fruity flavour makes for an ideal sweet hit if you love the nutty flavour of coconuts. It will make you feel like you are on a tropical island.


    The sweet, classic taste of cola will make you feel instantly refreshed, just like the classic soft drink flavour. It's perfect for any summers day.


    This deliciously sweet e-liquid will take you away to a strawberry field, picking fruit directly from the crop. The natural, fresh flavour is ideal in the Australian summer heat for a sweet hit.


    One of our most loved e-liquid flavours, mango is always a hit. It brings the taste of the tropics right into the palm of your hand! The e-liquid is so fresh and juicy that it will bring you the ultimate satisfaction.


    The ideal choice for any time of day our Watermelon E-liquid will have you coming back time and time again with its delicious, lush flavour. One taste and you’ll feel like you’re tucking into the perfect fruit salad on a hot summers day.

    Click here to see all of our e-liquids.

  • Cancer Research UK Advertising Vaping As Smoking Alternative

    The UK is at it again. The Cancer Research UK group is buying advertising space in an appeal to UK residents to quit smoking once and for all. 

    The signs are emblazoned with messages in favour of vaping as a smoking alternative, such as: "Research shows vaping is far less harmful than smoking. Find out more at".

    The group is dedicated to beating cancer, raising money for their cause and developing government evidence-based policy to help beat cancer and funding research.

    In the page linked in these advertisements, the group explains what vaping is, and how much less harmful e-cigarettes are when compared to cigarettes, due to the lack of the "dangerous cocktail of chemicals found in tobacco smoke".

  • The Top Rated Vape Pens On VE

    If you're after a new vaping device to add to your collection or just decided to start vaping, be sure to check out the reviews on each starter kit on Vaper Empire. We have a huge range of e-cigs and e-liquids and are happy to help you find the perfect vape pen for you.

    The VIBE:
    The Vibe Series vape pen is the future of vaping with its powerful battery, a huge tank and a strong hit. The sleek design is a tribute to our signature style. The Starter Kit comes with a huge 2000mAh battery and  4ml tank which means fewer refills.

    "Fantastic product, have tried other products but nothing beat's the VIBE" - Jamie. 

    The V-Pack II:
    The V-Pack II isn't so much of a vape pen, per se, but it's one of our most iconic vape devices in that it is designed to feel like a more comfortable switch from tobacco cigarettes. The 'cig-a-like' design and portable charging case that resembles a traditional packet of cigarettes, it's easy to see why many choose to transition with the V-Pack II.

    "A fantastic way to save a fortune without those dreaded cravings. Vaper Empire is by a long shot the best E-Vaping store I've seen." - Mick.

    The Vantage:
    This compact and sleek vape pen is the perfect way to start your vaping collection. A lot of customers choose the Vantage for their first device and find it really simple to use and start their vaping journey!

    "The Vantage vape is so easy to use, even for someone like me who has never done it before. Also, the customer service and help with questions I had were fantastic." - Amanda

    The V-Twist:
    The V-Twist is a truly unique vaping experience. The cutting-edge variable airflow intake and adjustable voltage functions mean that you are in control of every puff. The design is perfect for a seasoned vaper who still wants the sleek and stylish design that is synonymous with Vaper Empire.

    "Very easy to use. Battery does last me 2 full days. Quick recharge as well. Feels very well built. Recommended to my friends and they have bought this product too. Highly recommended." - NK

  • Popular 2018 New Year's Resolutions From Our Community

    We spoke to a whole range of our customers and fans over the first couple of weeks of 2018, and collectively, these were the five most popular new years resolutions.

    Whether or not you agree with new years resolutions or have any for yourselves, we firmly embrace every opportunity to improve ourselves, so we wanted to share the top five resolutions from our amazing community:

    1. Travel more
      Many people wanted to go overseas this year for a good old holiday! Some of the most popular spots were Bali, Europe, Japan and USA. Sounds like a great time to us!
    2. Buy your first house or a new property
      Many of our clients have hopes this year to secure a first home or a new property, which is always a huge investment.
    3. Focus more on health
      Whether it's getting fitter, losing weight or quitting a bad habit, many of our clients are hoping to improve their physical health this year.
    4. Learn more
      Whether it be learning a new skill, doing a course or undergoing some training, a lot of our clients want to give themselves an edge in their careers this year.
    5. Focus on relaxation
      Interestingly,  many of our clients cited that they would like to be less stressed this year, and cited meditation and making more time for themselves as their resolution for 2018.

    Whatever your resolution is, we wish all of our clients a happy and healthy new year.

  • NZ's Ministry Of Health Tells MP's That Vaping Works

    New Zealand's Ministry of Health has long been endorsing vaping, but recently in a briefing at parliament, the Ministry of Health told MP's that vaping is "much safer" than smoking. 

    Studies have documented that the risks of second-hand vapour are small. There's also a lot of evidence that vapour doesn't kill cells nearly as aggressively as cigarette smoke, the Ministry reported to parliament as part of their briefing.

    This briefing was held as part of a plan to change the laws in New Zealand around how e-cigarette sales will be regulated in the country, including the way the sales are displayed.

  • Bill Nye Predicts That Vaping Will Still Be Around In 150 Years

    In a video series called Future or Forgotten, run by science-based online publisher Inverse, Bill Nye has predicted that Vaping devices will be around in 150 years in one form or another. He states that although the technology may change, they will still be around.  

    In the episode, Bill Nye discusses whether certain things will still exist in 150 years, or whether they will be forgotten- lost to new technology. Vaping, it seems, will last the test of time, according to Bill Nye (also known as "The Science Guy").

    There is something truly unique about seeing Bill Nye hold an e-cig! What are your thoughts? Will vaping stand the test of time?

  • Vaper Empire's Five Tips For A Great Christmas

    Ready to celebrate the Christmas break? Here are some tips on how to have a very merry Christmas and avoid having a regrettable Christmas break! 

    1. Stick to one type of booze
      Avoid a messy Christmas by sticking to one type of alcohol. You might end up drinking a lot over the course of the day, so minimise your chance of a hangover.
    2. Swap your cigs for a vape
      Put down the cigs, stop "social smoking" and turn over a new leaf and vape instead! Your body will thank you.
    3. Boxing day brunch
      Pre-plan a boxing day brunch that will ease any hangover you may still end up with (if you don't follow tip #1). Get those hashbrowns out, stat!
    4. Get organised
      Leave the car at home! Plan ahead and stay over with family or friends, or get a lift home with a designated driver.
    5. Do a Kris Kringle
      Don't buy a gift for everyone you know! In larger groups, why not do a Kris Kringle or a stealing Santa instead? That way, you will be saving money and not be buying gifts for the sake of buying gifts.

    So that's it! Our tips for the best Christmas break. Do you have any tips for a great Christmas? Leave them in the comments below.

  • How Leonardo DiCaprio Became A Celebrity Vaping Icon

    Since Leonardo DiCaprio was caught vaping at the Screen Actors Guild awards back in 2016, the very same night that he won a SAG award for his role in The Revenant, his vaping use has been well publicised! Throughout the night, Leonardo was spotted vaping in the audience in his dapper tuxedo.  Previously, Miley Cyrus was famously quoted as having said that Leo refused to pass around his vape pen during a filming of Saturday Night Live.

    The images of Leo vaping at the SAG awards sent waves throughout the paparazzi and through the media, with many quick to judge Leo and his use of a vaping device. Since Leo has been spotted out and about in elite New York City restaurants vaping inside (and as we know, research has suggested that secondhand vapour is not harmful), as well as vaping while riding his bike, during fundraisers and while strolling through NYC.

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