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A Numbers Game Of Blowing Smoke

So this is an absolutely great article and one that is very poignant right now as vaping starts to become popular within Australia. The Australian public is confused – Why is it ok to sell tobacco but against the law to sell nicotine e-liquid through retail channels? Here might be the answer.

It gives a very clear indication of revenue made through tobacco sales and actual tangible costs to the government health system (those that are documentable). This makes for very interesting reading – it appears to be only $1.84 bn, a very small amount of money compared to the $8.85 bn the government is set to make from taxing cigarettes in 2013.

The Australian website doesn’t let you read the full article without being a subscriber but you can read the piece by typing in ‘A numbers game of blowing smoke’ into Google. From there you can read the article.

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