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New York Times Dismisses Propaganda Over E-Cigarettes

So there’s this study that’s been flying around on Formaldehyde in E-Cigarettes…it’s been quoted and printed all throughout the world and almost every article has had a headline along the lines of ‘E-Cigarettes worse than smoking’ or even more disturbing ‘E-Cigarettes 10 X worse than smoking’ as one Japanese paper displayed in their headline. This is propaganda at its most abhorrent and has involved twisting an interesting study to meet the agenda of certain interests that clearly do not value scientific findings nor the public's health.

Joe Nocera highlights the injustice in this article printed in the New York Times that explains that the results of this study are very promising and actually in favour of E-Cigarettes. No formaldehyde was found in E-Cigarettes that use a standard voltage (essentially all E-Cigarettes including our models). Only very high voltages (not typically used) produced any form of formaldehyde.

To interpret this finding to suggest that E-Cigarettes are worse when cigarettes is scaremongering and very damaging to people’s perception. E-Cigarettes could be the single biggest public health prize in history and these type of articles need to stop.

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